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Temperance Yes or No? (Upright, Reversed & Love)

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The Temperance is part of the Major Arcana and is also widely considered one of the Tarot deck's most attractive cards. This card mirrors a high emotional intelligence level and a solid relationship with one's Higher Self.

The card depicts an angel and a body of water. The angel has one foot in the water and the other on land as she performs a careful inspection.

The scenery in the background is verdant. It includes elements that depict the ups and downs and the intricacy of life. There stand perilous mountains and flowering flowers.

The water is the focal point of the scene. This card's overarching theme conveys a sense of serenity and balance.

The angel holds two cups while water drips down the middle. This ethereal being, who wears a white robe with a black triangle in the middle, stands for healing, harmony, balance, and finding common ground in any circumstance.

The angel maintains a steady equilibrium between the two worlds, material and spiritual, as she steadfastly fulfills her mission.


As a card that exudes calmness and harmony, The Temperance card is a message of peace to your situation. It's a message that you are someone who holds so much tranquility.

When things are stressful, you can keep your cool and have your wits about you. You are someone who has the patience and flexibility to go with the flow.

Even though your feelings push you to respond rashly, this card calls for you to exercise patience and great attention.

Your situation can be challenging, so that you would need a strong and balanced mindset about it. It calls for careful assessment of things around you and the case.

In reality, Temperance is a skill. Just like any other skill, it can be improved by repeated practice. If you want to master it, take your time before passing judgment. Despite how tempting it may seem, refrain from reacting right away.

This card shows you have so much potential to be the best version of yourself. Perhaps you need to find some areas in your life that need extra help and start to improve yourself.

Finding peace and love in everything you do is not a problem for you. This card answers YES to your inquiries. However, do not rush things. This card is a YES but with caution and timing.

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When in reverse, Temperance can point to the necessity of starting over. You may have lived beyond your means or engaged in more than you can manage.

This card represents the impending collapse of current conditions. You may feel downcast as if your life has no meaning. Perhaps you are having a crisis directing your focus.

In reverse, Temperance warns that the bearer is indulging in risky activity. These things come with consequences, and this card tells you it will return to you.

It's a sign that you've lost touch with who you are and need to take some time to reconnect with your inner self.

This card encourages you to practice patience and give yourself some time to get your bearings. You need a solid foundation to face the difficulties that life throws at you.

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You don't have to revamp the way things are done completely. Take into account what is in your own best interest, and begin making minor adjustments. The answer to your question is a NO but slowly and surely.


Temperance love is one of the best cards you can get during a love reading. Temperance is a symbol of harmony, which is followed by just good things.

If you are single, this card indicates that an amicable and mutually successful partnership is just around the corner. You are about to find someone that values and respects you.

So get ready to meet the person who effortlessly completes your life. This card signals a healthy and loving relationship is coming your way.

Temperance is the best possible relationship card to be dealt with. It represents the utmost harmony between two people regarding their love for one another and their dedication to one another.

This card also signals that your relationship is approaching a new era. Do not fret, as this era is good for you and your partner. You will find new areas to improve and strengthen your relationship.

If you happen to be experiencing any issues or problems, Temperance tells you that you will overcome any difficulties. You will talk it out peacefully and continue growing with each other.

For these reasons, the answer to your question is YES.


Temperance in reverse imbalance or recurring conflict in the relationship. You should address some serious issues for the relationship to achieve harmony.

If you are in a relationship, Temperance in reverse suggests that there have been a lot of arguments in the recent past.

These fights are due to an imbalance in your relationship. Perhaps one or both of you has the impression that the love you are offering is not being returned to you in the same measure.

Maybe you need time to introspect. Center yourself so you can better solve your relationship issues. When you do, you'll be in a far stronger position to resolve problems and make sound choices.

If you are single, this card tells you to be more relaxed in finding love. Do not give your all to someone you are unsure of.

Please take time to pause and inhale deeply. You have the opportunity to realize the enormous potential, but only if you approach it in the right way. The answer to your inquiry is a soft NO. Take time before deciding on anything.


In terms of career, this card tells you that you are currently in a position where you have the patience and perseverance to realize all of your professional aspirations. This is an ideal moment to make new professional plans for yourself.

You won't merely have things handed to you without any effort. The only way to get there is by putting in a lot of effort and working with the people around you.

This card indicates that your hard work has paid off, and you are ready to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Temperance is an excellent card showing your growth in your field as well.

If you are waiting for a promotion, this card reminds you to be patient as it will be handed to you at the right time.

Despite being a positive card, Temperance warns you to avoid being impulsive. Do not be lenient because of the hard work you put off. Instead, work harder for your improvement.

This card offers you the answer YES. This is a time of balance and growth in your working life. Grab the tremendous change and nourish yourself.

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This card, in reverse, tells you that it's not the right time to operate independently in terms of work. This card calls for you to be part of a team and a team player.

Interacting and working together are needed in a workplace, so you must improve in that career area.

The Temperance card in reverse is also a comfort card. It reminds you that your efforts and hard work are not unnoticed.

There is still a lot to improve, and you are capable of growth. It's important to remember that you don't have to be alone to grow.

Temperance also emphasizes balance in work life. Make sure you are not overexerting! Make time for yourself and relax now and then.

This is a card of waiting and patience. Know that your efforts will be rewarded at the right time. For these reasons, the answer to your inquiry is NO and is better phrased as NOT YET. Waiting is worth it.

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