The Wheel of Fortune Yes or No? (Upright, Reversed & Love) -

The Wheel of Fortune Yes or No? (Upright, Reversed & Love)

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The Wheel of Fortune is the ultimate representation of luck and chance. This card denotes change, both positive and negative.

The Wheel of Fortune is Major Arcana's tenth card and serves as a gentle reminder that sometimes we have little control over our luck and must wait for it to improve.

At the center of the Wheel is the symbol of chance, fortune, and the flow of life. In the card's four corners are depictions of the four evangelists, namely, an eagle, a lion, a man, and an ox. These Evangelists are parallels of the four astrological signs: Taurus, Scorpio, Aquarius, and Leo.

 Each person is seen reading a book meant to convey intellect and awareness of one's own identity.

A sphinx sits atop the Wheel and is a symbol not only of the gods and monarchs but also of the significance of maintaining equilibrium in the face of change.

The serpent represents the Greek god Typhon, who is making his way as evil makes its way into the physical world.

Anubis stands at the Wheel's hub as he spins alongside the Wheel and the sphinx. He is a metaphor for the recurrent pattern of both good and ill fortune.

This card represents the uncertainty of life. As uncertain as it is, this is something that makes life meaningful.


If you see the Wheel of Fortune in your spread, it's the Universe telling you that it has a plan for you. These things will come to fruition shortly.

Your life will see a positive shift due to one of these changes. This card tells you that everything happens in cycles. 

You should be ready for a hit and understand that both good and bad fortune are transitory. Nothing Is permanent, and this is both good and bad news.

This card exudes a robust sense of exhilaration and optimistic energy. It's a card of excitement and energy.

It's a sign of optimism and an invitation to try your luck. If you are looking for a positive sign, this card could be it.

Let things unfold organically and without too much interference from you. Think positively, and let the Universe determine the best course of action for you to take.

Have faith in yourself and your abilities. This card reminds you that you can do everything you set your mind to. For these reasons, the answer is YES.

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When the Wheel of Fortune appears upside down, it foretells chaos and an impending downturn. There might be unexpected changes and not in the best of your interest.

In reverse, this card can signify that outside factors have negatively affected your life. These factors have led you astray and away from your intended course.

This card indicates that you must learn to realize that some things are beyond your control. During those moments, you must know to react accordingly.

Even though you have no control over the situation, you still need to move and do things that would benefit you. Reacting accordingly does not mean getting stuck.

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Doing nothing may cause things to take even longer to improve. However, if you deliberately break the pattern, you will launch onto an exciting new road and achieve exactly what you desire.

The disruption this may cause in the near term may not be ideal, but it would be worth it in the long run.

Taking chances is not the most significant thing to do right now. You will need to be patient and wait for the Wheel of Fortune to stop at the right spot. And so, the answer to your question is NO.


Ultimately, the Wheel of Fortune represents a turning point in your romantic life. It represents progress and hope.

This could be a significant new person in your life or mark a significant shift in a relationship you already have.

If you are single, someone may soon enter your life and change the course of your love life completely. This could be the blooming relationship you have been waiting for. Because of this, it may be time for you to put yourself out there in the dating world.

It's a sign that you and your significant other are going through a challenging time together. However, things will soon begin to shift for the better.

You and your partner can work on your communication skills to strengthen your relationship, or you're headed for a breakup. Talk to your partner about your plans and determine whether your aspirations align.

Even though nothing seems to work for your benefit, everything that happens is. The time for pessimism and resistance is over; now is the moment to be optimistic and roll with the punches.

You might get it if you tell the world and yourself precisely what you want from romantic partnerships. The answer to your question is YES.


Reversed Wheel of Fortune represents an opposition to change and breaking cyclical patterns.

Even if your romantic life isn't progressing as you had hoped or planned, this could still be a very encouraging indication.

On the other hand, This card in reverse can indicate falling apart. Perhaps, a past partner is weighing on your mind and keeping you from engaging in activities that bring you joy.

The best you can do is to move on. Any effort to revive the flame will fail. If you don't feel happy in a relationship anymore, it would be better to stop it than force it.

For these reasons, the answer to your inquiry is NO. It may not be the best time to start a romantic relationship, and it would be better to wait.


For your career, this card is a call to press ahead. You will experience an influx of wealth, prosperity, and good fortune.

The lesson here is mainly about taking responsibility for one's fate. You will be able to see your path unfold if you are taking active steps to achieve the financial and career goals that you have set for yourself.

The Wheel is also a positive omen for switching careers. Now is the perfect moment to launch a side project or submit an application for the job of your dreams. This card may also indicate that a promotion is on the way to you.

It does not mean that someone will give you money for doing nothing but that possibilities will present themselves.

This card brings good news only if you work hard and put in the effort. Opportunities are coming, and the answer to your question is YES.

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The card in reverse indicates impending difficulties, but there is hope. If you're ready to take the necessary steps to end the pattern keeping you from success, there's still hope.

Try to recognize the possibilities in the longer term rather than getting caught up in the day-to-day struggles. Getting caught up may keep you from seeing the more essential things in life.

If you play your cards right, the flipped Wheel of Fortune could point to an unexpected promotion or a shift in your work path that you hadn't even considered.

Spend some time reconsidering the decisions you've made throughout your life. There must be something that's keeping you back and keeping you down.

You should think about where you want your job to take you, but you shouldn't make any significant life changes just yet.

Just be calm and hopeful as you wait for the Wheel to get momentum before you jump. The answer to your question is more or less a NO.

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