The Tower Yes or No? (Upright, Reversed & Love) -

The Tower Yes or No? (Upright, Reversed & Love)

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The Tower is part of the Major Arcana and represents a time of transition in your life. It symbolizes bringing down the old to make room for the new.

While many fear that the Tower is a card of destruction, this card delivers a more profound message. There is a higher meaning to this card than just plain destruction.

The Tower card has a looming church spire perched atop a foreboding mountain. The image is set against a dark and ominous backdrop. These elements represent the impending danger and lies.

Lightning has struck the Tower. The Tower caught fire, and people desperately tried to escape, avoiding destruction.

A crown is seen floating atop the Tower. This crown represents one's aspirations as well as the material world.

The Tower is a symbol of ambition. However, ambition is not built according to logic or hard work. Thus, it needs to be demolished so that it can be rebuilt from scratch on a significantly stronger foundation.

The thunder and lightning represent the truth. There are truths to be revealed hidden behind the gloomy clouds.

The lightning movement represents a sudden and unanticipated spiritual awakening. The lightning represents the subconscious mind fusing with the conscious mind. Together, these elements signify the emergence of a higher spiritual self.


The Tower sends a message of precaution. This card typically signifies a residual sense of destruction.

You might probably be going through a painful process, but you must be strong and overcome it. It's helpful to be reminded that every end also signifies a new beginning.

The Tower is a sign of solid turbulence that might shake your life. There is a forthcoming disruption that will challenge the foundation of you as a whole. This turbulence can also point to an establishment or someone connected to you.

This card should also be interpreted as a warning you should face whatever it is you have avoided for the longest time.

You can no longer avoid facing unfavorable aspects of life. It's time to face it head-on. Avoiding is only a way to delay it and does not solve the problem.

The current circumstances are challenging. In the long run, you will see that the adjustments have been for the better.

You'll come out of it much smarter, and it will improve the way you see and respond to challenges along the path of life.

This card encourages you to use your time wisely. Do not waste your time attempting to repair the eroding bricks. There's no use in trying to put back together broken glass.

It's time to build a new tower, this time, a stronger one. Create a place where you are free to process your emotions in a healthy manner. This card answers YES to your question.

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In reverse, this card delivers a similar message to that of its upright counterpart. There is an impending problem in your near future, and you will not be able to prevent its occurrence, no matter how hard you attempt.

On the other hand, this card in reverse can signify a considerable change coming your way. The difference can either be positive or negative.

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There is a possibility that a person will enter your life, or perhaps there will be a beneficial shift occurring in your life. This card does not hold a specific and firm side of the spectrum. The changes can either be positive or negative.

All you can do is be prepared for anything that may come your way. Things will be pretty shaky, but having enough trust in yourself is a game-changer.

Stepping outside of your comfort zone is sometimes very beneficial. Even though it could seem strange and even a little terrifying at first, offering a firmer grip will help you get through it.

Besides, to be successful, you must push yourself a little out of your comfort zone. This card, in reverse, offers the answer, MAYBE.


In reading about love, the Tower is rarely a good omen. More often than not, it indicates an unstable relationship characterized mainly by tension.

If you are in a relationship, this card is a sign that your relationship is in a bad place right now. You can be having too many fights, and it's not helping your situation any better.

This card can also tell you that you are holding on to a relationship bound to fail. Perhaps you are in denial and are not ready to let go because of your attachment to your partner.

You will soon realize that you'll feel much better after you let go of whatever is holding you back. Perhaps this relationship has been preventing your natural growth.

The Tower may indicate your abandonment issues if you have never been in a committed relationship. Perhaps you developed this due to a past relationship or so.

You may be experiencing feelings of emptiness and loneliness, which you need to address in a healthy manner.

For these reasons, the answer to your question is NO. You will know when the right time will come, but you have to wait for now.


This card, in reverse, can be a message of letting go amid fear. You know you need to let go, but you are stuck at the moment, afraid of letting go.

The Tower, in reverse, firmly advises you to stop denying the truth and quit the relationship. You know in your heart that things will never improve, even if you keep hoping, and you are setting yourself up for a bigger heartbreak.

You are doing yourself a tremendous amount of damage by refusing to acknowledge the facts. Keeping up with your fantasies will only cost you the opportunity of finding true love.

If you may, this card is a slap of truth. You must get together to live a happy life with someone you love. The answer to your question is YES, especially when it involves letting go of unhealthy relationships.


In a career reading, this card indicates danger in your line of work. Perhaps you have quite a risky job like police, firefighter, and others.

This card is a reminder to always take care of yourself. It's good to do an excellent job at work but also to look out for yourself.

The Tower could also mean that you may lose your job or fail to get into the field that you want in the first place.

It also foretells the impending occurrence of an intense emotional shift in the workplace. You and your workmates may not be getting along well.

This might require you to reach out and be more confrontational about the situation. Letting it be may result in an even more toxic workplace which could suffocate you soon.

For your inquiries, The Tower offers the answer YES.

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The Tower is a message that your employment is in jeopardy, yet you are managing everything competently despite the challenging conditions.

This card, in reverse, shows how much you have learned from your past mistakes. Your job is demanding, even more so now that issues have arisen.

This card suggests you take a chance and look for a new line of job. Keep in mind that going out of your comfort zone can frequently serve as a source of motivation to explore opportunities.

Even if they are challenging, these paths often have a tendency to lead to gratifying outcomes. Who knows, this different path will give you the satisfaction you need and deserve.

The answer to your question is also a MAYBE. It pays to look carefully at the situation before making a move.

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