Two of Cups as Feelings (Reversed, Upright, & Combinations) -

Two of Cups as Feelings (Reversed, Upright, & Combinations)

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Two of Cups as Feelings (Upright)

Someone’s Feelings For You

If you’re curious about someone’s feelings, they feel interested. They’re starting to believe that your connection serves a higher purpose.

Maybe you’re destined to meet in order to know your true purpose because this person can be your companion in terms of achieving your goals.

They feel curious about what lies ahead for this connection. They have a strong urge to invest themselves in you.

They feel more confident knowing that you’re improving daily because they need someone to be on the same page.

This person is always focused on their individual goals. As their companion, you’re willing to be successful alongside them.

Your Lover’s Feelings For You

If you’re curious about your partner’s feelings, they feel confident because every day seems to be another reason to work harder.

They believe that your relationship is also a strong partnership. This involves business wherein you both work together to aim for success.

Perhaps you and your partner land on the same page. You both opened up a business in order to provide for one another.

Nothing feels more fulfilling than knowing that you both have the same goals. Because you feel like someone will always be right behind you.

You feel safe knowing that you’re not alone in this battle because your partner is always willing to stay and hustle with you.

Your Ex’s Feelings For You

They still feel connected if you’re curious about your ex’s feelings. A part of them is still attached to you, and they strongly feel it.

This person continues to realize every day how much they miss you. They finally understood the fact that your connection was a blast.

Because it’s not only a connection filled with fun and excitement but also a connection that tries to lift each other’s spirits.

This was a connection that attempted to create a concrete road toward success. You and your ex helped each other to rise to the top.

They believe they couldn’t find someone like you. And they also regret the missed opportunities they chose not to take.

Expect this person to approach you in order to reconcile. They’re willing to provide more stability and security for you.

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Two of Cups Reversed as Feelings

Someone’s Feelings For You

In reverse, someone feels like they want to rely more on you. They feel small and afraid whenever they deal with things on their own.

This can come out as someone who implements codependency. You need to keep in mind that this is a negative action.

Because this person can’t stand on their own two feet, they feel powerless every time they can’t express their thoughts to you.

This person believes that you’ll always catch them if they fall. So they don’t feel worried whenever they face complex challenges.

Because they believe someone will do it for them. But you aren’t born to catch a bullet for someone you genuinely care about.

They need to learn how to solve their problems on their own.

Your Lover’s Feelings For You

In reverse, the state of imbalance is evident in your relationship. Your partner feels the need to depend on you when times get tough.

Not to be disrespectful, but they feel like a child in this relationship. They wait for things to be offered to them instead of making an effort.

You need to speak up when this relationship is slowly draining you. Remember, you don’t have to put in all the hard work.

Your partner needs to play their part because it’s the right thing. A romantic relationship does not only work for one person.

You should be working together whenever challenges occur. You need to stop being the bigger person for someone who puts in little effort.

It’s time for you to realize that your partner needs to grow. You’re not the only provider in this household; both of you should work together.

Your Ex’s Feelings For You

In reverse, your person feels content that they’re on their own. Take this as a good sign because they’re finally free from codependency.

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They feel sorry for the way they treated you in the past. They used to depend on you often in terms of managing their individual responsibilities.

They feel like what they gave you was below the bare minimum. You were always the one who would choose to spend countless hours working.

While they chose to stay indoors and wait for your return, they picked up the “housewife” figure, which isn’t good for the relationship.

They’re now feeling confident that they can offer something. But you need to understand that they’re still learning by themselves.

Reconciliation is possible for this past connection. This person still needs to take some time to gather their goals.

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Two of Cups and Temperance as Feelings

This combination shows that there’s more than what meets the eye, which means that your current connection has the potential to develop.

You finally found someone new who feels interested in you. They’re willing to turn things around for this connection to work.

You and this person should try to discover different things. Don’t feel shy about coming out of your comfort zone with them.

Now isn’t the time to hold back from expressing your desires. The key to harvesting a healthy relationship is good communication.

Through good communication, you and your person are on the same page. Therefore, you need to communicate your goals, desires, thoughts, and interests to them.

This is to ensure that this person is willing to take notes of what you’ll say. So you must also do the same for them and think of something unique.

Two of Cups and Justice as Feelings

This combination shows that there have been positive energies lingering. Take this as a good sign that your relationship is slowly progressing.

You and your partner have been through many ups and downs. During these times, you both made an effort in order to resolve situations.

Communication as the key is starting to resonate in this connection. There was never a time when you both didn't choose to check on each other.

This connection looks promising to the point that it has potential. If you're both willing to understand each other, this will work in the long run.

Every time you communicate, you would weigh the pros and cons. Compromise and acceptance are essential factors to consider in communication.

Because this relationship isn't supposed to be a one-time thing, it was made in order for both of you to realize that you're a match.

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Two of Cups and Judgement as Feelings

This combination shows that you’re inclined with yourself lately. As a result of your detachment from people, you’re implementing self-awareness.

Your emotions feel heightened the moment you reflect on your actions. It feels like a long time ever since your last self-reflection.

So you’re taking this solitude as an opportunity to discover your purpose. You have a strong urge to be aware of your strengths and weaknesses.

Because no one knows you best other than yourself, at the end of the day, you need to get back on track again.

You feel fulfilled to know that you’re making time for yourself. In the past, you used to adhere to other people’s needs before yourself.

Two of Cups and Knight of Cups as Feelings

Two of Cups and Knight of Cups as Feelings combination shows you're doing great in your progress. You've been trying to get things done in order to achieve your goals.

You feel grateful because you're still here after everything you've been through. Life continues to show you the hard way, but you won't give up.

Because you're someone who believes you can conquer the world. Not literally every inch of the world, but the challenges of it.

So you feel confident that nothing will stand in your way. Despite the struggles and confusion in the past, you chose peace.

Even if small milestones are showing up, you still feel grateful because that means your efforts and sacrifices are not in vain.

Two of Cups and the Star as Feelings

This combination shows that you’re feeling astonished because it feels like the first time to be with the right person.

This person shows nothing but genuine love and affection to you. They believe it’s their primary duty to show that you deserve nothing but the best.

With the Two of Cups, you’re in a healthy connection that’s also a partnership because both of you are working towards achieving your goals.

You both know that this isn’t an easy road to take. Sometimes, it feels comfortable every time you choose to work alone.

But bear in mind that TEAMWORK MAKES THE DREAM WORK. So whatever happens, rest assured that your partner will help you.

Feel free to inflict optimism in every opportunity you take.

Two of Cups and the Moon as Feelings

This combination shows that there are still issues that need to be solved. Perhaps you and your partner fail to notice what’s really important here.

Or you’re both neglecting that something needs to be discussed. The essence of openness to communication is slowly tarnishing.

Perhaps you’re starting to feel anxious because your partner may be hiding something. But this isn’t the truth, and you’re overthinking the situation.

You and your partner need to engage in an open conversation. It’s the only choice to resolve hidden issues.

Don’t be afraid to speak up about what bothers you. Don’t keep your feelings hidden because you’ll only feel suffocated.

Two of Cups and the Fool as Feelings

This combination shows that you’re in a happy relationship. You and your partner are risk-takers, and nothing can stop you from thriving.

Circumstances don’t matter as long as you have them together. Perhaps you’re both trying out new opportunities to intensify your knowledge.

Consider this to be a positive movement for the relationship. Because it just shows how you’re both willing to improve for the better.

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