King of Cups as Feelings (Upright, Reversed, & Combinations) -

King of Cups as Feelings (Upright, Reversed, & Combinations)

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King of Cups as Feelings (Upright)

Someone’s Feelings For You

If you’re curious about someone’s feelings, they feel satisfied. You may have a connection with someone who is a good provider.

This means that this person is financially successful and stable. They’re now at a stage where they can have everything they need.

Because they work really hard to earn money, they wouldn’t stand before you if they couldn’t give you anything.

This person feels confident that they can provide what you acquire. They’re willing to reach your standards and give you genuine love.

Because this person is family-oriented, they already treat you like one. So perhaps their family already knows about you and this connection.

Your Lover’s Feelings For You

If you’re curious about your partner’s feelings, they feel open. You’ve been together for a long time, yet they still haven’t changed.

They’re still the same person, and they continue to prove it. So they’re always consistent on what they usually do for you.

Because they don’t want you to feel sad or disappointed, they don’t want you to notice a sudden change of mood from them.

When conflict arises, this person is always willing to work things out. They increase their empathic skills in order to communicate genuinely.

They don’t want you to go to sleep with a heavy heart. So they make sure that they give you enough assurance no matter what.

Your Ex’s Feelings For You

If you’re curious about your ex’s feelings, they still love you. Their care and affection for you are still existing in their heart and mind.

So reconciliation may be possible for this connection. They’re willing to give you what you deserve and win you back despite the circumstances.

This person is finally releasing all the heartaches from the past. They don’t want to hold grudges or continue to live with a cold heart.

Because deep down, they know it will always be you. They don’t want to spend the rest of their lives loving someone else.

So they’re willing to work on themselves to be better for you. Expect them to offer a higher form of commitment through financial stability.

King of Cups Reversed as Feelings

Someone’s Feelings For You

In reverse, someone still feels stubborn to admit their wrongdoings. They always try to trace their mistakes back to you, even if you’re not to blame.

This person continues to manipulate you with their actions. Their words contradict what they’re showing, making you exhausted.

Because you feel confused about what you should do with them, you know that once you let them go, you’ll be able to achieve peace in your life.

As long as they’re in your life, you’ll continue to feel uneasy. You’ll continue to overthink and ask questions about your worth.

But this is a gentle reminder that you’re worth it, with or without them. Your worth should not be dictated according to what they show you.

Your Lover’s Feelings For You

In reverse, you’re currently engaging in a toxic relationship. You feel vulnerable because your partner continues to have the upper hand.

They’re always thinking of ways to ruin your day. They’re too arrogant and selfish to admit that what they do is wrong.

Because they’re too focused on their pride which continues to grow every day, they’re too stubborn to listen to your point of view.

They make this relationship ALL ABOUT THEM, when in fact, it’s not. You two should be working together to solve challenges in this relationship.

You shouldn’t be the only one who makes an effort. They should also reciprocate the same time and energy you give.

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Your Ex’s Feelings For You

In reverse, your ex continues to be a nuisance in your life. You feel disappointed whenever they don’t align their words with their actions.

So right now, you don’t want to believe in empty words anymore. Instead, you want to see how they put effort into their actions to get you back.

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You don’t want to waste your time and remain in sadness because you have your individual life that’s entirely out of this connection.

If you’re going to give them a second chance, THINK ABOUT IT FIRST because they may be feeding you with false hopes and expectations again.

Don’t let yourself be a fool for someone who doesn’t deserve you. If they can’t act right and fulfill their responsibilities, find someone who can.

King of Cups and Queen of Cups as Feelings

This combination completes each other for genuine love's sake. You may be in a relationship wherein your goals align with your partner.

Because you're both willing to work things out together, you've been trying to create a stable and healthy connection for the long run.

This combination seems promising because you both look happy. You're always at your best whenever your partner supports you in your goals.

So success wouldn't be possible without the support of your partner. And you also do the same for them; that's why everything feels surreal.

This may be a sign to say that you're finally with the right person. So you shouldn't overthink too much because this relationship deserves you more.

King of Cups and the Devil as Feelings

This combination wants you to be at your happiest. Even if you’re working hard, remember that you deserve a long break from stress.

Because you’ve been working so hard almost every day. You barely have enough time for personal time and adequate sleep.

You often choose to get the job done and increase your productivity. But it wouldn’t hurt your ego if you put down your paperwork for a while.

Remember, you can go out and have fun with your friends. You’re not prohibited from living the best life while you’re working.

You deserve to manifest the life that you’ve always wanted. However, remember that balance is essential to a successful life.

King of Cups and the High Priestess as Feelings

This combination is specifically directed toward relationships. You may feel comfortable whenever you express your thoughts with your partner.

Because they may have the King of Cups or High Priestess energy, they’re capable enough to listen and understand your concerns to know you better.

They want to create a safe space where both of you can communicate. Not just bluntly communicate but be transparent about your thoughts and feelings.

This person feels comfortable listening to your perspective. Moreover, they feel proud whenever they get to contribute an effective solution to your problem.

Because they’re willing to be of much help as you need. They don’t want you to suffer alone because they can carry your burdens.

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King of Cups and Queen of Pentacles as Feelings

This combination is made explicitly for romantic connections. If you’re in a relationship, you must settle unresolved issues.

Perhaps you and your partner are still holding on to the past. This isn’t necessarily about a past lover but traumatic experiences you don’t want to encounter.

You’re both having difficulty speaking up about what matters. You may be someone who chooses to apply a practical approach to managing life.

While your partner is a certified good listener who is willing to listen, both of you feel hesitant in showing your struggles.

It’s okay if you don’t want the other to feel worried. You don’t like the idea of someone carrying the same burden as you.

But it wouldn’t hurt if you choose to be open to your partner. Trust them that they will understand your reason for vulnerability.

King of Cups and the Page of Cups as Feelings

This combination shows that you're too caught up in your head. You may think about this connection's potential rather than acting on it.

Because you refuse to confront the issues that are at hand, you refuse to take accountability and take the initiative to work things out.

No one will happen in your reality if you don't do something. You may feel devastated now, but you still need to fight for what you love.

Don't let yourself feel lost and confused about what steps to take. If you genuinely love your partner, you will stop whining and make an effort.

Show them that you're deserving of their love and trust. If you want to make this work, make sure it's not for short-term purposes.

King of Cups and the World as Feelings

This combination shows your development in terms of career. You feel confident because you’re now grabbing several opportunities.

These opportunities will require you to explore more wonders. So you’re willing to travel to pick up new ideas and lessons about life.

You feel satisfied because you have everything you prayed for. As a result, you’re willing to work harder to achieve your long-term goals.

Be someone who is capable of achieving a balanced life. You may have work on your hands, but don’t forget to rest.

Don’t also forget that your support system is waiting for your arrival. Take this time to feel thankful for their constant support and acceptance.

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King of Cups and the Tower as Feelings

King of Cups and the Tower as Feelings combination is specifically related to a romantic relationship. Perhaps you’ve been in love with someone for a long time now.

You and this person are almost at the epilogue of your book. You’re expecting a happy ending that will lead this relationship to grow.

But a fallout happened, and you need to go on separate ways. You still feel devastated and discouraged because of what happened.

Because you treated this person as your first and last lover, you’re already creating a future with them that you’ll cherish forever.

But now you feel lost and don’t know which way to go. And you still haven’t decided whether to let go or move forward.

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