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Eight of Cups as Feelings (Upright, Reversed, & Combinations)

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Eight of Cups as Feelings (Upright)

Someone’s Feelings For You

If you’re curious about someone’s feelings, they’re overthinking this connection. They’re trying to weigh the pros and cons of this relationship.

The future is unknown, so they’re trying to think about the outcome of this connection. They’re uncertain if they can see themselves with you in the long run.

So you must ask yourself,Am I helping this person grow?” Because maybe someone is already helping them, or you’re oblivious to this.

You also must reflect if you want them to remain in your life. You need to think LONG TERM instead of choosing to SAVOR THE MOMENT.

Because what matters is the potential of your connection. Both of you must be on the same page about making this work.

Your Lover’s Feelings For You

If you’re curious about your partner’s feelings, they feel philosophical. They’re trying to keep an open mind on future possibilities.

Which also means they’re thinking about the future of this connection. Because they seem uncertain if this will work out in the long run.

Of course, both of you have yet to determine what the outcome will be. You must make this relationship work to the best of your abilities.

This person is currently on their journey toward self-awakening. They’re slowly making time to connect with their inner self.

As a result, this makes them realize many things about their life. They believe life will offer them so much more in the long run.

Your Ex’s Feelings For You

If you’re curious about your ex’s feelings, they feel confident. They believe in their abilities and that they will achieve their goals.

This person is currently working on themselves. They feel free because they finally managed to let go of this relationship.

In the past, they used to linger on what could have been. They want to prove themselves even if they aren’t willing to improve themselves.

This person has finally realized the importance of self-love. They’re on their journey towards self-awakening as they reflect on their choices.

Because of this, the possibility of reconciliation is slim. They have to focus on themselves, so they don’t plan to reach out soon enough.

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Eight of Cups Reversed as Feelings

Someone’s Feelings For You

In reverse, this person feels dependent on the decision of others because they can’t make up their mind about a specific choice.

Several options are laid out in front of them. But they’re having trouble choosing what’s the best choice for them.

They’re afraid to move on because the past is a necessity to them. They still cling to the memories and challenges of the past.

They’re anxious to let go because they don’t think they can handle it. Perhaps they have abandonment issues when it comes to people.

They continue to run away from their responsibility of making a choice. Instead, they want someone to do the honors and decide for them.

Your Lover’s Feelings For You

In reverse, your partner feels stagnant in terms of this relationship. You both have been encountering several misunderstandings recently.

They feel confused about what action they should take. Sometimes they feel the urge to leave you, but they’re still afraid to do so.

Because they believe they can’t bear to experience the pain. But what’s happening in your relationship is already painful.

So they need to be sure of what they really want. The remedy for your misunderstandings is to engage in healthy conversations.

Don’t hesitate to show your transparent feelings to your partner because they deserve to know the truth from your perspective.

So you also need to think about what you want. Some of you want to keep holding on, but you also want to leave.

Your Ex’s Feelings For You

In reverse, your ex feels confused about what choice to make. Yet, they still want to return to fix things before it's too late.

But they also feel uncertain if they want to do it. They're feeling overwhelmed with the variety of options they have at hand.

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They need to make up their mind about the right path for them. So they're not trying their best to exert effort to improve themselves.

This person still has unresolved issues they need to manage. It's not your responsibility to be the one to give advice.

So you shouldn't make yourself convenient to the person. Remember, your separation needs to happen so they can lessen their codependency.

They need to learn how to manage their issues on their own.

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Eight of Cups and the Magician as Feelings

This combination shows your ability to create change in your life. You must stop sitting around and wandering because you have work.

Don’t submerge yourself in a sea of distractions. Remember, you need to undergo a transformation to achieve your goals.

And the starting point in making this happen is hard work. You need to exert more time and effort in your current job.

Because you have roles to fill for future purposes, you don’t want to enter a new beginning while still empty-handed.

So now’s the time to create the life you want for yourself. The necessary tools are already available; all you need is your GO SIGNAL.

Eight of Cups and the Tower as Feelings

This combination shows that you’re in a perplexing situation. You may be having a headache because you have too many responsibilities.

You feel frustrated because some of your efforts led to failure. Perhaps a project didn’t come out as successful as you thought it would be.

So now you’re trying to move on from the disappointment you felt. You’re trying to put things back in order to get back on track.

But you need to know that these instances need to happen. Sometimes, you need to fall apart to rebuild yourself.

From the struggles you experienced, you’ll always rise again. This time, you’re stronger and wiser than yesterday.

Eight of Cups and the Hermit

This combination shows your journey towards achieving solitude. You recently decided that you’ll detach from people and situations.

So you’re taking this time to engage in a journey to discover yourself. You feel anxious about what you’ll discover, but you know it’s for the best.

You’re taking this as an opportunity for deep introspection. You have the free will to engage in philosophical and practical ideas.

Nature is with you as you dive deeper on this journey. You’ll be able to discover extraordinary things along the way.

These ideas may change your perspective about how you view life. At the end of the day, being alone can make you comfortable.

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Eight of Cups and the Devil as Feelings

This combination shows someone who is feeling hesitant. This person continues to hold back from whatever opportunity is presented to them.

Because they feel obligated from the responsibilities they’ll leave behind. They don’t think it’s a good idea to grab an opportunity without proper evaluation.

They don’t know what to decide because they rely on other people. When it comes to their decisions, they need to know what other people want.

So they’re finding difficulty in analyzing the essence of this opportunity. They know it will make them successful, but they’re stuck with their responsibilities.

This person will soon realize the importance of choosing what they want. Therefore, they need to stop choosing what others want for them.

Eight of Cups and the World as Feelings

This combination shows someone is ready for change. This person continues to crave change and the possibility of being successful.

They feel free more than ever because they’ve broken from their chains. They don’t feel the need to seek validation from the expectations of others.

They finally realize the importance of putting themselves first. Constructing a self-love concept makes them feel excited and alive.

Because it reminds them that they can always do more they have what it takes to cross their boundaries and seek more opportunities.

This person feels thrilled by the possibilities that await them. They’re now willing to take the risk and show their true potential.

Eight of Cups and Strength as Feelings

Eight of Cups and Strength as Feelings combination shows you’re ready to leave the past behind. You’re now aware that life can offer you so much more.

So you need to stop relying on what you’re familiar with because you can’t harvest growth when you decide to remain in your comfort zone.

You’re now preparing yourself for an adventure of a lifetime. You’re strong enough to face another set of challenges along the way.

Because you know that future challenges will serve as a lesson, the more you’ll experience hardships, the more you’ll only become resilient.

So you feel confident because you don’t have to feel afraid anymore. You’re now ready to welcome life with open arms and without skepticism.

Eight of Cups and the Moon as Feelings

This combination shows you’re currently wandering around. You feel lost because you have no clear direction on where you’re heading.

You don’t know what decision is right for you because you’ve been used to relying on your decision from the demands of other people.

Now you’re left wondering about the missed opportunities you had. You feel regret for the situations you chose to ignore.

Because back then, you knew you couldn’t be totally free. A pile of responsibilities surrounded your safe space; you felt unavailable.

You’re taking this time to get to know yourself better. You don’t want to end up making the same mistakes you did back then.

This time, have the courage to choose yourself. If you feel lost, don’t pressure yourself into making a decision immediately.

This is your life, be gentle with yourself.

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