Six of Cups Tarot Card Meaning (Upright & Reversed) -

Six of Cups Tarot Card Meaning (Upright & Reversed)

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Six of cups is part of the minor arcana group. This card brings a fresh image and quite a bit calming and reminiscent of the joys of being a child. The image depicts a boy holding a cup filled with flowers. He is leaning down to hand these flowers to a girl.

The flowers are beautiful and symbolize affection, respect, and beauty. In the image, we see peace and harmony. Before them, we can find four more cups filled with flowers and a fifth cup behind the boy. The backgrounds are pretty busy and enormous as castles surround them. These castles tell us that they are safe and sound within these walls of protection around them. The card exudes positive and good energy as the totality of the image paints refreshing and wondrous imagery.

Six of Cups Upright Keywords

  • Revisiting the past
  • Childhood memories
  • Memories
  • Joy
  • Past influences
  • Yearning
  • Nostalgia
  • Familiarity
  • Healing and comfort
  • Sentimentality
  • Youthfulness
  • Playfulness
  • Creativity
  • Kindness
  • Beauty
  • Sharing
  • Goodwill
  • Simplicity
  • Support
  • Protection
  • Innocence

Six of Cups Reversed Keywords

  • Stuck in the past
  • Letting go of the past
  • Leaving the nest/ leaving home
  • Lack of creativity
  • Caught in a slump or stagnated
  • Lack of playfulness
  • Boredom
  • Maturity
  • Focusing on the future
  • Growing up
  • Independence

Six of Cups General Meaning

Similar to Three of cups tarot card, Six of cups can generally mean reminiscing childhood memories. The image depicts a young boy handing a cup filled with flowers to a young girl. This represents the gift of youth, playfulness, beauty, and creativity. It embodies the joy and excitement of being young and naive.

Palaces surround the children, buildings and you can even spot a grown man in the background. This imagery portrays safety and protection. As you can see, the man is walking away from the children. This can mean letting go of the past and moving on as an adult. The manner of giving represents generosity and affection. The harmony illustrated in the image is like a universal language, understood even without words. All in all, six of cups is quite a nostalgic card. It’s as if it brings you back and reminds you of the past.

Six of Cups (Upright) Meaning

The six of cups card takes you on a trip down memory lane. The image and the vibe around it are nostalgic and, in a way, very calming. As you take yourself back to these times, you cannot help but miss some moments. The memories may not be the only thing you’re traveling back to. You could be reconnecting with your old friends and acquaintances from the past. This can mean attending reunions and get-together events.

These events of reconnection will bring you back to your younger days. This card brings the news of better relationships. You can establish a more harmonious bond with the relationships you have and cherish. This card can also be a good announcement. Six of Cups can indicate pregnancy and the birth of a new life in your life. This can be a sign that you will be hanging out with children these days. You will have the chance to play with them.

Six of cups in an upright position tell of good things. It represents optimism, positivity, sharing, happiness, and the joy of looking back. Six of cups also bring a message of healing if you ever experienced something painful when you were young. This card tells you that you will be okay.

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Six of Cups (Upright) In Love and Relationship

The Six of Cups can be an essential card in a love reading. This could mean that you and your person are childhood sweethearts.

Maybe it’s okay to believe in the saying, “First love never dies.” Because this card strongly applies a love that’s bound to stay consistent forever.

If you are in a relationship, it can remind you how you and your partner are childhood friends. You might be childhood sweethearts. However, it could also mean arguments due to childishness and immaturity. You might need to be more mature in approaching and dealing with your relationship problems. 

You and your person experienced ups and downs in the past. Despite facing challenges now, it doesn’t cross your mind to separate.

If you have a new lover, this could show that you’re still uncertain. It’s as if someone is holding you back from being committed.

It’s essential to keep the balance in your relationship. Do not go overboard in either spectrum. Youthfulness and child-like happiness is healthy and adds fun to the relationship. However, too much might be pushing your partner or yourself to the edge. 

If you are single, it can also mean rekindling an old flame. This card might mean falling in love with a childhood sweetheart. You might want to revisit places that were dear to you and maybe reconnect with people there.

Six of Cups in a Love Reading

Six of Cups (Upright) in Career and Finance

Six of cups in terms of your career is generally a good sign. As the flowers also mean creativity. This means that you will have a significant improvement in your creative ideas. Along with this is the beauty of sharing and kindness in your workplace. You might also find yourself working with people younger than you. This can also mean that you could have a project that involves children. Six of cups is a symbol of successful teamwork, collaboration, and increased creativity.

This card represents memories and the past. This can tell you to go over to the past and think about it. This activity can help you significantly as you will be reminded why you’re where you are. It also replenishes your energy and motivation as you keep yourself grounded to a long-time positive goal.

In the financial aspect, this card represents receiving or giving. This can also foretell an inheritance that may be coming your way. Or, on the other hand, you might be the one planning on passing your legacy. This card is a card of sharing, so it can mean that you will be in a great circle. There might be a series of sharing and giving in one of your circles. This may be leaning more towards family. You might be coming home to your hometown and sharing your resources.

Six of Cups (Upright) in Health

Six of cups in the context of health encourages you to give, especially for those who have health problems. These are people who need your support. They can be someone close to you who’s not as vocal, but they need you.

This card can also be a warning to take care of your health. You might be neglectful of your health because of the busy world. You might be undergoing stress that might cause you more significant issues in the long run. It would be helpful to cut back on stressful things. Take care of the people around you and, most importantly yourself.

Six of Cups (Upright) in Spirituality

The six of cups in terms of your spiritual life may call for untangling. Your spiritual life might have been quite complicated. You might tend to complicate things instead of keeping them simple. This card can also mean revisiting childhood memories for additional wisdom you might have overlooked. If you are experiencing a struggle connecting, it might be good to scan and go back to the fundamentals.

Learn more about prioritizing your spiritual growth. You might want to read Five of Cups as feelings before this article.

Six of Cups (Reversed) Meaning

Six of cups in reverse can mean either clinging or letting go of the past. This card may indicate having the strength and enthusiasm to move on. Letting go of childhood issues and traumas is hard, but it is possible, and you can do it. This card tells you you are getting there.

Similar to the Page of Cups tarot card, this card is telling of your growth and maturity, and it might say to you, “You are ready.” This might mean moving away from home and figuring out life independently. As you overcome the painful past, you become more informed and strong. You are ready to face the real world. The six of cups card can also notify you of your achievement. You might have already successfully let go and confronted your past issues. This is a big step, and now you can move on further.

On the other hand, this card in reverse can mean failure or struggle to let go. You might be longing for something from the past, and it is interfering with your present life. You might feel a bit disconnected from your childhood or present. In both cases, it’s essential to go back to something that helps you ground yourself. If you need professional help, do not hesitate and seek it. If you need a friend, that’s also okay and valid. Please do not hold back of it’s to help yourself let go and grow.

Six of Cups (Reversed) in Love and Relationship

The Six of Cups card in reverse may show that something’s holding you back. This may relate to your constant uncertainty in the present.

You’re still holding on to the past, even if you know it won’t happen again. You still believe that you could’ve changed something in the past.

Maybe you haven’t moved on from your ex. This will just hurt the present person in your life more if you don’t do something.

If you are single, six of cups in reverse tell you that you are ready. You might be prepared to let go of your past and enjoy your life in the present. However, this card in reverse can also mean you're having trouble letting go of someone from the past. It would be helpful to go out and meet people. This might help you keep your mind from thinking about that specific person.

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Six of Cups (Reversed) in Career and Finance

Six of cups in the aspect of career can indicate getting worn out and getting bored at your job. You might be losing grip on your purpose and motivation. You might be in search of a more exhilarating job, one you can enjoy. However, you might be staying where you are because of your fear of having a precarious future. While this is financially secure, you might be suffering in different aspects like your emotions. It’s always beneficial to do something you love rather than something you’ve been forcing yourself to do.

In the financial aspect, this card in reverse can mean that you are becoming more independent. You are now mature in handling your finances and making sound decisions. You are now a mature bird leaving its nest.

Six of Cups (Reversed) in Health

In the aspect of health, this card is telling of conditions that are rooted in your childhood experiences. You could be experiencing and struggling from a state that may be genetic or because of unresolved childhood traumas.

Six of Cups (Reversed) in Spirituality

The six of cups in reverse is indicative of learning new things. It might be time for you to journey and learn new things. You might need to update what you believe. You might need to throw away beliefs and traditions from your childhood that are not useful anymore. Remember to keep only those that help you grow in the spirit.

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Six of Cups: YES or NO?

Six of cups exudes the vibe of relaxation, the child-like carefree spirit, being free and joyful. In a general sense, six of cups exudes and brings a positive message. If you are looking for the answer to your question, it might be helpful to look back on your childhood.

There may be lessons you have learned there that are useful in answering your question. Overall, since the card is positive, the answer to your question is most probably a yes. Again, you might want to revisit your wisdom from the past. Make a sound decision and avoid regrets.

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Six of Cups Advice

The Six of Cups as advice may be a sign that you need to rethink your choices. It’s time to look back on the past decisions you made.

It’s okay if you want to change your mind about certain things. It’s okay to change your direction if you feel like something isn’t for you.

You need to start analyzing the repetitive cycles in your life. Start to evaluate if they continue to be suffocating for you.

Sometimes, you need to end a cycle to have a new beginning. Change isn’t easy, so you must pour your commitment if you want to change.

Six of Cups Reversed Advice

The Six of Cups in reverse may show that you’re not doing well. Not specifically in a physical way, but mentally or emotionally.

This is because you continue to live in the past. Perhaps you almost forgot that you have a life in the present moment.

This may be the time wherein you think about your past actions. You constantly regret the things you wish you had said or done.

Guilt and loss continue to linger in your safe space. There’s too much emotion that you need to process.

You can let go of the past. It’s not always your fault.

Six of Cups as a Person

The Six of Cups as a person is someone who is resourceful. You would never miss a day without exploring new things as an inspiration for art.

You’re the kind of person that people may find comfort in. You’re someone who is genuinely sweet and caring to the ones you love.

You may have an interest in creating different forms of art. You may be a painter or a fashion designer that loves to experiment.

As mentioned earlier, you’re always resourceful. You’re willing to explore new and peculiar materials to create your art.

You’re always there for people every day.

Six of Cups Reversed as a Person

The Six of Cups card in reverse is someone who quickly gives up. When life continues to throw rocks at you without hesitation, you’ll surrender.

Whenever a minor inconvenience approaches you, you’ll immediately feel overwhelmed. You may feel like you’re not suited for this position or project.

You’re someone who enjoys clinging to hedonistic situations. You believe that fun and pleasure will always make you happy.

Perhaps you currently have no plans for the long term. You enjoy the life of the party by not thinking about your future.

You’re also someone who had a rough childhood in the past.

Six of Cups Present

In the present, you’re currently trying to succeed. All of the resources and tools are already in front of you.

Don’t worry immediately about the outcome of a project. What’s important is how you’ll put your effort into accomplishing the task.

You’re currently looking back on the remarkable things you did. But maybe it’s time to take a long, deep breath and relax.

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There’s nothing wrong with focusing on your past achievements. But keep in mind that what matters now is your present achievements.

View your past success as a strength. You’ll conquer the challenges you face in this journey.

Six of Cups Past

In the past, you accomplished several achievements. These milestones continue to reflect on your present time as your source of strength.

But don’t dwell too much on the past; focus on the present instead. Focus on what’s more essential and categorize your priorities.

You’re someone who is willing to explore more beautiful things. You believe that life continues to shower you with blessings.

It’s time to start working hard on the present. This is because you don’t want to have regrets if you fail.

The universe continues to guide you in this long journey. Your confidence will intensify and thrive.

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Six of Cups Future

In the future, you’re gonna need to make wise decisions. These choices of yours will heavily reflect on the life you want to have.

This is a sign of continuing to improve in your stable career. If you want to have a higher position, then don’t just stand on the same ground.

The future offers you more room for growth and change. Remember that your transformation is beneficial for the purpose of self-love.

Look back on the achievements and memories you had. You can make this your inspiration to take another path.

You may want to fulfill your childhood dreams.

Six of Cups as How Someone Feels About You

Someone feels warm and comfortable whenever they think of you. You’re probably an important person in the life of this individual.

They feel nothing but light and soft from you. Maybe you’re the type of person who doesn’t make them feel pressured or unseen.

This person wants to thank you for being in their life. You would never fail to remind them every day that they’re worth it.

This person is willing to help you in reaching your dreams. They hope you will accept their hand as a sign of guidance.

This person can sense that your love is unconditional.

Six of Cups Outcome

The Six of Cups, as an outcome, will move you on a new journey. By this time, you’re now ready to receive change and openness.

You’re ready to move on from the horrors of the past. You’re now accepting the fact that the past happens for a reason.

This reason is beneficial for your growth and progress as a person. You’re now willing to adapt to significant adjustments in your life.

This could also mean that you’ll release any grudges you have. Instead of seeking vengeance, the best way is to choose self-love.

So open your wings and soar high!

Six of Cups Pregnancy and Fertility

The Six of Cups can show a sign that pregnancy might occur; if you’ve been dying to ask for a sign, then the answer is a big YES!

You’re now looking forward to becoming a parent. You’re now ready to enter a new phase in your life that’s more challenging.

Along this journey, it’s inevitable to encounter hardships. You may experience adopting behaviors from your parents.

This is entirely normal if you’ve been with your parents forever. But it’s essential to evaluate if these traits are positive or negative.

Be prepared to give the unconditional love your child deserves.

Six of Cups Energy

The Six of Cups has intense energy of innocence. This innocence pertains to seeing things from a brighter perspective.

Perhaps this may also relate to your pure intentions. You may be someone who continues to see the good in others.

You also see the good in life and embrace it daily. Your immense energy resides in your constant gratitude for living.

You have this strong desire to intensify growth. So you’re now willing to open yourself to transformation for the better.

You continue to acquire child-like energy. This enhances you to enjoy life as it is, without worrying about problems.

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Six of Cups as Action

The Six of Cups, as action, urges you to move forward. It enhances you to look and analyze things from a broader perspective.

If you’re looking for a sign to act, NOW IS THE TIME. But be sure you’re making the right decisions for your well-being.

Are you currently making plans in your journal? Then waste no time crossing them out because you’ll achieve them all!

Your action may also relate to your empathy for others. You may feel like it’s always your duty to comfort and help others.

Be the reason for someone’s bright smile today; you’re unique.

Six of Cups as Intention

The Six of Cups as intentions align with your happiness. Your goal is to seek true happiness by making others happy.

Your intentions don't have to align with romantic relationships. Your intentions align with the ability to give and receive the love you deserve.

You intend to be there for others whenever they're feeling down. You would never hesitate to approach people and check if they're okay.

It's nice when someone remembers small details about you. It's nice to have someone who is willing to listen to your stories.

And you're that kind of person; you're willing to help.

Six of Cups as How Someone Sees You

Someone sees how dedicated you are in everything you do. They feel like you constantly put effort into your career or education.

This person admires your ability to make art that’s life-changing. You’re someone who is willing to experiment and create peculiar art.

Perhaps this person has an interest in art or fashion. Maybe they often observe your designs and work for insights and inspiration.

This person sees right through you your genuine feelings. They believe your love, care, and support remain genuine and untouched.

This person is willing to learn more from you. They see you as an inspiration.

Six of Cups Time Frame

The Six of Cups can have a specific time frame. But in the end, it will still depend on your current situation or energy.

The Six of Cups has the representation of the number six. So expect an event to happen in six days, weeks, or months.

A specific period may start on November 2 and will end on November 12. This card has a connection with Sol in Scorpio.

The Six of Cups has a connection with the water element. This time frame may be about finding balance or belongingness.

So be sure to receive lots of genuine love.

Six of Cups as a Woman

The Six of Cups card can be a representation of a woman. If this is you, then you would most likely prioritize the happiness of others.

You’re someone who is constantly carefree and always optimistic. You never fail to look on the bright side of life despite the difficulties you face.

You’re someone who is willing to explore new things that might interest you. Most of the time, you look back on your childhood memories.

As a result, you bring your positive childhood mindset as you grow. You continue to strive and not lose hope despite seeing signs to surrender.

Six of Cups as a Man

The Six of Cups as a man is someone who is lively or energetic. You may be someone who is seen as constantly active in doing what you love.

You’re someone who doesn’t hesitate to show your affection. You don’t let your masculine energy be a hindrance to being clingy or passionate.

If you have a partner, then your partner may experience the five love languages. This is because you’re trying your best to show how genuine you are.

When challenges occur, giving up will never cross your mind. Instead, you see this as a strength to continue being positive.

Six of Cups Communication

The Six of Cups can be a good sign for communication. This is a sign that you should frequently be open and honest.

If you have a healthy relationship, then communication bolsters it. With communication, you continue to create a safe space for your loved ones.

You’re someone who will never hesitate to reach out to others. This is because you want to check up on them and if they’re doing okay.

You’re someone who wants to give advice to someone who’s struggling. You’ll do everything in your power to lessen the pain.

You’re good with words; it inspires people.

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Six of Cups Reconciliation

The Six of Cups is a good sign for reconciliation. This is a sign that a past person may want to reconcile with you.

This person continues to look back on your precious memories. They’re someone who is willing to change for the better to make this work.

They see you as someone who changed their lives for the better. Because of you, they continue to see a brighter perspective of life.

You give them a particular type of peace, something that keeps them sane. There was never a dull moment whenever they were with you.

You bring them security.

Six of Cups Physical Appearance

The Six of Cups can have a specific physical appearance. But it will still depend on your own physical appearance and situation.

You may have a small height that represents your innocence. You may have delicate features that symbolize your attachment to childhood memories.

Despite your delicate and minor features, you still look beautiful. This isn’t a hindrance to show to others that you’re gorgeous inside and out.

You may be someone who dresses in a youthful way. Instead of looking mature or towards adulthood, you experiment with youth-themed clothes.

You always bring your confidence to the crowd and smile.

Six of Cups Reversed Outcome

The Six of Cups, as an outcome, will result in hesitation. You’re not ready to move towards a new journey in order to inflict change.

You’re not being open in expressing what you feel. Instead, you continue to prevent yourself from showing your true feelings to people.

Perhaps you often look back on the past in a negative way. This is in relation to your childhood trauma that you don’t want to experience again.

It can be possible that your childhood experience may affect your relationships. It may lead you to uncertainty and lack of confidence.

You keep resisting love.

Six of Cups Reversed Pregnancy

The Six of Cups in reverse may not be a sign of pregnancy. If you’re looking for an answer to avoid assumptions, the answer is NO.

This could mean that you’ll not receive news about being pregnant. This could mean that you’re still hesitant to give love to someone else.

Your childhood experience may be the primary factor in rejecting pregnancy. Perhaps you came from a family that doesn’t teach you a lot about love.

You feel like you’ll never be a good parent. This is because you feel like you’ll just adopt the behavior of your mother and father.

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Six of Cups Friendship

The Six of Cups may be a good sign for friendships. This could mean that old friend will start appearing in your life.

It’s not necessary that you still have unsolved disputes. It could mean that you just stopped interacting with them.

Once they appear in your lives again, be sure to accept them. It’s always a good idea to start all over again.

It’s important that you’ll hear what your friends have to say. In return, they’re willing to listen and understand your concerns and thoughts.

Be thankful for friends that are willing to change. They’re always for keeps.

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