Venus Conjunct Chiron Natal: A Harsh Reality For These People -

Venus Conjunct Chiron Natal: A Harsh Reality For These People

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Venus Traits

Since she is famous as the goddess of love, Venus is also the most depicted Roman goddess in the arts. Artists often use her as their subject in paintings and sculptures. It is no surprise that the goddess favors the artists and arts, and she protects the artists. Venus's charm is as deadly as the god of war's weapon because she can make a god or mortal do her bidding.

The goddess' dominion is no different from the planet's dominion in astrology. Like the influential goddess, Venus also has an evident influence on us. It is because Venus is a personal planet. Meaning, this planet handles a particular aspect of our character. In Venus's case, it governs our characters when we feel in love or commits to a person.

Venus reveals if we are affectionate to our partners or not. If we are not loving, then how do we show affection instead? Are relationships serious business to us, or do we date to have fun? The brightest planet knows the answer to these questions.

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But it does not mean that Venus will not affect those who are not in love. The planet affects them, too, albeit in a different way. Venus knows our perception of love and relationships. Do we see love as a hindrance to our career or academics? Do we not believe in love because of numerous heartbreaks around us? Venus knows if we treat love as a big deal in our lives or we just let it pass.

Venus is the ruler of things associated with love and relationships. Name it: fertility, passion, desire, sex, intimacy, and family. It also rules over pleasure and beautiful things. It favors the arts, literature, and aesthetics. 

Chiron Traits

Chiron is a revered character in Roman mythology. This known centaur is the wise half-person and half-horse. Unsurprisingly, this creature prides itself on being a healer. He is fair, astute, and knowledgeable in medicine. Because of his prudence, he became the mentor of the world's most well-regarded Greek heroes such as Achilles, Jason, and Heracles. But, unfortunately, despite being a healer, he cannot heal himself.

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The centaur also has some similarities with the Chiron placement in our birth charts. Chiron symbolizes our deepest pain and wounds, just like having Chiron in Aries. These wounds came from previous experiences that deeply made a scar on us. It can also be words that inflicted an impression on us. Either way, these are the gashes that were imposed long ago but still look like a fresh cut.

Of course, along with pain, it comes with recovery as well. The path to healing is never easy. You will encounter bumps along the road; you may get sidetracked. It may take a long and wearying journey, but it will always be worth it. Wounds and healing always go hand-in-hand. For this reason, Chiron symbolizes our recovery process.

What happens after recovery? You will take to heart the lessons that the pain and recovery journey has taught you. And along with it, you will impart knowledge to those people who are right behind you. Like the mentor himself, Chiron reminds us to be the light of those lost in the same journey. Therefore, impart the knowledge for the people to get through what you have gone through. For this reason, Chiron represents the knowledge and experience that we gain during the healing process.

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Venus Conjunct Chiron Natal

With Venus dealing with our feminine side and Chiron with our wounds, people born under Venus conjunct Chiron transit have a wounded feminine side. Because of its conjunction with Venus, these people will find it hard to deal with the things related to Venus. People who have Venus conjunct Chiron natal in their birth charts have very low self-esteem. It came from a rough childhood where their every move receives criticism. Every look is unacceptable, and they can't do everything right in the eyes of an adult.

Because of every criticism, they also do not believe in themselves. These people think that they deserve nothing, not even the bare minimum. So these people have low self-confidence that they even doubt themselves if they should be worthy of love. These people think that they are not likable, and it is a miracle if they ever have one admirer.

Venus governs fashion and style, so expect that these people are not confident in their skin. They find it hard to flaunt their bodies and fashion. They do not think highly of their taste in fashion and furniture. They do not believe that they deserve to buy the things that catch their eye because, again, they do not deserve anything.

Because Venus governs pleasure, expect that these people will find it hard to prioritize their satisfaction. This statement is especially true when they get themselves to commitment.

Because these people have very low self-esteem, they tend to sacrifice a lot for relationships. On the other hand, Venus conjunct Chiron natal people hold on to relationships even if it's too painful for them. For this reason, expect that these people would go to the limits when it comes to the person they love. 

These people tend to stay in a relationship even if it's loveless. They will still regardless if it's abusive or toxic. If their partner's wants do not align with them, Venus conjunct Chiron person may give way for their partner. They will always give way. These people treat themselves and their comfort as secondary in the relationship. The first should always be their partner.

These people will try so hard to see their worth but to no avail. They will try to look for anything worthy within them. But the criticisms they receive blinded their eyes in seeing their worth. These people are susceptible to criticisms, being the receiver of them since time immemorial. Whether it's constructive criticism or not, these people will take into heart the things you said.

These people have the biggest of hearts. They are gentle and selfless. This trait is why they are most likely to get abused. These people are artistic and creative. They can make masterpieces with their own gifted hands. Venus conjunct Chiron people may not admit it, but they are talented. 

Roman mythology tells us that Venus is the goddess of love and fertility. Her beauty is so alluring that it makes gods and mortals unable to resist her whims. Maybe you’ll also find this article about  Venus conjunct north node transit interesting, as well.

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