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5D Spiritual Meaning: Understanding the 3D, 4D and 5D states!

Indeed, other realms or dimensions exist in the universe. You may have seen this yourself through dreams or astral projection. Like the universe with different dimensions, your dimensional states also have different states of consciousness. Three dimensions are available on Earth, 3D, 4D, and 5D. But since we're particular with the 5D, here's the spiritual meaning.

Reaching the 5D level of consciousness will allow you to understand better that we are one and we are all connected. Life becomes an adventure of growth, and there's no good or bad. All things and experiences hold a higher purpose and meaning. This state doesn't have competition, and there's enough in the universe for everyone.

These dimensions are not actual places but are states of consciousness. On Earth, we live either in 3D, 4D, or 5D, or a combination of three.

However, most people on Earth are going back and forth to two or three of these dimensional states of consciousness, depending on where they are in their lives. 

Even though we live on Earth and have the same world, people will have a different perception, depending on which state of consciousness you choose to see things at. People who perceive things from a 3D state will have a much different path from someone seeing things from a 5D state.

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Hence, if you're curious about your consciousness's dimensional state, here's the difference between different states.

What does 3D 5D mean?

Living from 3D consciousness is to view things from a purely physical state. You are seen as a person with a separate view from other people.

Life feels like “the survival of the fittest,” and you're identified by the way you look, your profession, the brand of car you drive, or the people you surround yourself with. You feel anxious about feeling left out or not having much.

You see things as good or bad, and you perceive life as a competition. There's not enough for everyone; that's why some people might miss things out.

People with 3D consciousness are fulfilled in making money and social status.

Your thoughts have no impact on your reality, and the things that happen in your life are simply coincidences. You rely upon your five senses to move through the world.

There are many things you should enjoy living in the 3D state, but the pain and more profound emotions coming will be difficult to handle. 

In a 3D state, you have no desire to look for the deeper meaning of things. Life is played by skimming only or looking at the surface.

You do not intend to dig deep or understand the deeper meaning behind things.

Meanwhile, many people believe that the 4D state is a gateway to the 5th. In the 4D, you can easily travel back to the 3D state; however, this advancement in consciousness is much more difficult upon reaching the 5D state.

The 4D consciousness starts to trigger the idea that we are all connected, and there's more to life than meets the eye. Thoughts are powerful and can change the way you perceive reality.

You still can see duality and differentiate the idea of good and evil, but there's more compassion and understanding.

You know that diet and meditation are important, leading to a healthy lifestyle. What you eat comes into your body and becomes part of your body.

Therefore, have the desire to pay attention to how your actions can affect your personal life, the environment, and those people around you.

You have this strong desire to search for purpose and follow what's on your mind. You know that life needs to be enjoyed, and you're worthy of living that life of your dreams.

You perceive the world using your six senses, and your intuition starts to develop and expand. You are looking for a deeper meaning to life, and you want to see the magic of the universe or how synchronous life is.

Upon reaching the 5D state, it's significant to go back to the 3D state now. On this level of consciousness, you begin now to understand that we're all alone and connected.

Life becomes an adventure of growth, and there's no wrong or good experience. There's a higher purpose for all things, and every experience holds meaning.

You will have a strong connection and love with others, the planet, and even the galaxies around you. Love and compassion will win, and there's no lack of judgment.

You understand that everyone has their journey. Everyone is considered equal, and you have the desire to live in a place pure of authenticity.

You understand that your purpose is to live your truth and to seek joy.

You know that there's no competition from this state, and there's enough in the universe for everyone. You feel overwhelmed with love and compassion for life, such as the environment and stars.

You have a strong intuition, and you feel connected to angelic beings.

You may continue reading below to know more about the 5th dimension of life.

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What is the 5th dimension of life?

Before you reach the sixth and seventh dimensions, you need to experience first the fifth dimension. You can only experience the 5D after the third, and the fourth dimensions are stabilized.

The 5D is a superconscious area of clear white light, insight, intuition, and simultaneous knowledge. Many people only experience the fifth dimension through brief intuitive insights and flashes.

It's crucial to develop sound mental and physical habits to prolong 5D consciousness. In the fifth dimension of the mind, the total evolution of form is perceived.

When you see a flower, you only see it as that moment but simultaneously see the flower's life stages from creation to preservation to disintegration. 

The 5D is not timeless, but it has no consciousness of time or even the third dimension; it is pure insight. Then this insight is translated to the fourth dimension, where the outer consciousness of man can comprehend it.

In the 5D, you can look back into the past or see objects into the future according to vibratory rate. 

There are vast areas of knowledge in the 5D that you can consciously tap. From this point, you can penetrate the first dimension, the inside of the universe, and unravel the mysteries of life from cellular to subatomic.

You can also look into and know other deep mind strata from the fifth dimension, known as the sixth and seventh dimensions.

Some people call the fifth dimension the “mind of light,” for it is the superconscious area where the clear white light is inwardly seen to fill the head. When a person comes into the sixth dimension, the light extends throughout the physical body that can even be seen in the feet as he walks.

 You can relate the 5D to the kalingkasim or Vishuddha chakra, located at the throat. People aware of the fifth dimension will have a deep universal love for other people.

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They are humanitarians, and life for them is a joyous and even blissful experience with events happening at the right time. Other people want to be with them because they are open-minded and present to other people's needs. 

There are lots of phases within the 5D. One phase handles karma, and another one controls time and time cycles; another provides coherent and disintegrating forces of evolution and forms.

There's one that oversees light in its diversity of vibratory expression. People who are already trained can remain in the fifth dimension for more extended periods, but first-time experiences are brief intuitive flashes.

However, these short encounters can still represent emotional, mental, and spiritual adjustment.

What is 5D reality?

What is your 5D reality? The fifth dimension represents unconditional love, happiness, and peace. You understand the difference between the ego and the soul, and you understand that your body is not who you are; it's just your avatar.

You know that you are well-connected and what you do to someone affects you. That's why you come to Earth to shift this reality and help other people to shift this reality.

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People are capable of unconditional love and bliss. It isn't about living in the past or the future, but living the present moment and understanding that nothing is happening against you; instead, everything is happening for you.

The reality of acceptance is accepting everything as it is.

You can shift in different realities throughout your life, and if you're constantly hanging out with people in the lower vibration than you, it can cause you to go back in that 3rd or 4th dimension. Meanwhile, the 5D level of consciousness is your natural level of reality. You shift down because of your beliefs and experiences.

Meditation can help you shift to higher dimensions, and the souls living in or shifting to the 5D reality can help you shift to higher dimensions because of their high vibrations.

To stay in higher vibrations, you have to be around good energy. The 3D, 4D, and 5D reality all exist simultaneously, and you can move through them, depending on where you're placing your energy.

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