Can You Feel Your Twin Flame Crying? Here's Why -

Can You Feel Your Twin Flame Crying? Here’s Why

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Answering this question really boils down to if your twin flame experiences the same things that you do. If you did not know, twin flames can communicate telepathically, and they can communicate through their subconscious mind by hearing each other’s thoughts and knowing exactly what to say simultaneously. 

Twin flames usually communicate through dreams, and they can do this by appearing in each other’s dreams or by having the exact same dream. These twin flames also have the same flaws, and even if one twin flame already resolved this insecurity, the other twin flame may still be dealing with it. 

They also feel each other’s presence even if they are not together physically and may be away from each other for a very long time.

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The Twin Flame Energy

The energies between you and your twin flame are perfectly mirrored. Knowing whether or not you can feel if your twin flame is crying can be done if you know that your twin flame feels the same signs and symptoms as you do. 

However, they may feel it a little differently since he or she may be the less awakened twin flame.

Although the twin flame energy has a very particular frequency, the ways you experience these energies vary from person to person because energies are interpreted differently by your mind and body. This is because of the different factors like your childhood trauma, your subconscious blockages, and where and how intense they are.

You and your twin flame are both equally receiving this powerful energy, and the more it is strengthened, the more you will experience intense symptoms. How you consciously interpret these energies or understand will differ because this will depend on how metamorphically blocked you are with energy.

Let us say you are experiencing this energy, but you are programmed to believe that you are not worthy of love; your conscious mind will not acknowledge these signs and symptoms immediately.

We usually call these types of twins the awakened twins because they have spiritually awakened first, and the other twin flame will follow. They will eventually act as the spiritual teachers to the unawakened ones before they fully awaken.

With this twin flame connection, we are breaking down the energetic blockages and becoming aware of our mind programs. 

We wake up to this matrix through this spiritual awakening with the way we were limited and understand the world. 

We slowly start to wake up to the ways in which we have been influenced. You are more likely to experience this more consciously than your twin flame.

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How will your Twin Flame Experience this Energy?

The less awakened twin flame will experience these signs and symptoms and often try to block them off their subconscious mind right away and have many blockages from fully acknowledging these signs and symptoms.

You will be able to see in your twin flame’s face through their actions when they are feeling these signs if they are fully blocking them. You will see this energetic dynamic that they are experiencing first-hand.

The first way that your twin flame experiences the twin flame energy is the way that they look at you when they are experiencing some signs. You will notice it at first, and through eye contact, you may see that there is this light bulb that allows them to connect with you. 

What will happen next is that they will try to avoid eye contact with you and feel like they have a sudden fear and are shutting down.

The next way that your twin flame experiences the energy is through how enthralled they are with you. You and your twin flame’s body movements are so fixated with one another, and everything around the room melts.

When you are together, it feels like you are the only ones in the room, and everything else melts. You are seeing them being swept up in this 5th-dimensional space with you, and there is a magnetic pull with you because of the intensity between you.

They feel like they are being lifted up in this higher energetic realm with you. They feel energized in your presence, and the bond you share is what we call energetic in this 3D world.

When we are talking about energy in this realm, we are actually referring to the very literal physical states within our bodies. And because our bodies exist in many layers, when we say we are energetic, the energy is moving freely all throughout the body.

This energy is so magnetic that it magnetizes for one another, and they are capable of traversing effortlessly all the obstacles between them like long-distance, one being in another relationship, or even third party.

The next way that your twin flame experiences this twin flame energy is through their physical presence, and they may feel like their twin flame is looking at them even if you are not. They are actually picking up a sign that you are fixated on them because you are irresistibly into them.

If your twin flame seems to call or text you when you are thinking about them, this is your twin flame feeling that is coming from you.

If you are manifesting or meditating on them, they will absolutely feel it. They will see your name everywhere, and there is an increased sign of you all the time.

These feelings will not be able to escape it, and this pull becomes the strongest when you are longing for them. And in time, this will be an irresistible bond between you.

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Why do Twin Flames Feel the Same?

If we go back to the basics of twin flames, a twin flame is an ascended soul divided into two, which is why they feel the same. A twin flame can feel if one is crying, but one can also feel if the other is very happy and ecstatic.

It may seem like these twin flames are maintaining their relationship based on the sense of their unity, and they retain this union in the way they see things and pursue the same objectives. 

They seek progress for both at the same time, and they prevent any difference that may exist in the walk of their lives from separating them.

When these twin flames achieve their connection, their progress becomes very fast, and they will always use their third eye, clairvoyance, to see things, and this gives them the great union to reach the spiritual ascent. 

When these two twin flames were created, their spark was divided into two polarities, the masculine, and the feminine, as divine complements to the soul.

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