How to Get a Pisces Man to Chase You: Make the First Move -

How to Get a Pisces Man to Chase You: Make the First Move

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If you want a Pisces man to chase you, you are in the right place to know how. Here are some ways to make a Pisces man go after you. 

To capture a Pisces man's attention, be genuine and mysterious. Share your creativity and offer emotional support. Don't be afraid to be romantic and show understanding when he's feeling down. Be patient and playful to show your interest.

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Lets go in a bit more detail now 🙂 

What are the things that you can do to make a Pisces man chase you?

Make the first move 

A Pisces man can be bashful when it comes to a girl. They are unsure if she likes him back. However, they can get an assurance you want them by making the first move and taking your chance.

You can start texting them with a message asking a question like “Hello! How was your day?” or a message that can catch their attention, and you can request a weird but common question like “Hi! What is your favorite color?” 

Be enthusiastic and patient in making your first move, as it can be a little challenging since it is new to them. 

Make the conversation interesting and fun for a long time with them. Make sure there is always a topic to discuss, and find something you can relate to, like favorite movies, bands, etc. 

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Now shoot your shot! 

Be captivating 

Show him your appealing side and enchant him with your charming personality. 

You can captivate a Pisces man through your charm. Show him your adorable side. Expressing your cute personality shouldn't be forced. Everyone has it naturally. 

Here are some tips to make yourself look cute: smile with your eyes when talking to him, smile brightly, and surround yourself with positive energy to radiate it to them.

Looking cute will give you a higher chance of making them interested in you, but don't overdo it. They might get off with you.

Always tidy yourself; you'll never know when you will bump into your Pisces guy.

Get into his interest

One way to keep the conversation going is by asking about their hobby and interest. 

Ask your Pisces man about his hobbies and interests to make him feel you are interested in him and his liking. It will keep the conversation going and increase his interest in you, as he will see you as a potential lover.

Try doing his likings with him; it will help you develop a connection and higher interest. He will appreciate it a lot, especially if you genuinely like it.

A way to a Pisces man's heart is not always through his stomach but sometimes through his interest. 

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Make him miss you

Pisces man is not the type of guy that doesn't want to be chased or show too much attention as they will get bored of you. So therefore, do not show yet too much interest. 

Try not to contact him and make him miss you, not necessarily not talk to him but lessen it, take a day off with him. You can try to only speak with him during the night for the whole make yourself busy with what you need to do. 

He will surely miss you and keep wanting to talk to you more. 

It also helps; you can give each other space since it is new for both of you. You might get shocked or might feel it is too fast. 

Go out with him

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Make a plan with them, like going on a date or doing activities both will enjoy. 

Going out with him will make you know him more, giving you an idea of what type of person he is. Although you somehow know him already, going out with him will allow you to do things he likes.

It can make a deeper connection between you two, giving you a moment with him. Then, he will surely want to go out with you again. 

It will give you a memory together that you will be treasuring. 

Trust him

You can spill a little secret or share your feelings with him. 

Pisces men are known for being emphatic. Therefore, sharing your feelings with him will make him trust you and appreciate it since you trust him enough. They are also known to be positive with everything; sharing your little secret with them will never go wrong. 

It will be good to share your feelings with him as you will have someone to lean on when things get complicated. Pisces men are trustworthy, and your secrets are safe with them, so you don't have to worry about it. 

If you trust him, he will do the same with you as you reflect on his action. 

Lovey-dovey side 

Brace yourself; best friend Pisces is known for its romantic side. 

If you are not fond of sweet gestures, do not give up; still, tolerate them. Their sweetness is truly overloaded as they are a fan of sweet gestures. 

Although they are a lovey-dovey type, they are not as clingy as you might think. So, you can give back the same energy Pisces men radiate. If his act is sweet, then be sweeter. He will surely love it and remember what you did for a lifetime. 

Everyone has a sweet side, so you can do it! 

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Listen to him 

Pisces man likes it when you listen to him while discussing his feelings. 

If he shares how his day went, listen to him and show interest in everything he says. You can ask questions to him relating to what he is talking about to make it look like you are interested in it. 

Please pay attention to what he is saying, and do not make him feel you are losing interest in what he is saying. Pisces are empathic and want it to be reciprocated when it's their feelings. 

Show him that you care about him by listening to his rants and agreeing with his opinion even though you reciprocate it.

Always ask him how his day went and if his day went well. 

Be silly 

It is fun to talk to someone with a sense of humor. 

Figure out his type of humor; it will leave a good impression if you can make him laugh at a joke. He will think you are one of a kind and be confident in cracking a joke with you. 

You can show him a meme you saw on Facebook or Twitter. You can also tell him a funny story that happened to you, may it be from a long time ago, as long as it is weird, tell it to him. 

Do not be too severe or dry with him since it will look like you are forcing the conversation with him. 

Who wouldn't want a humorous person, right? So, crack that joke on him! 

Don't be so aggressive

Always be gentle to him; do not look so aggressive that he will think you are scary. Be calm with things! 

If you think you are on the verge of emotion, chill first. For example, Pisces men might think you are only full of anger if you constantly radiate angry energy. 

Be gentle to him in everything. For example, talk to him softly and calmly if you feel he did something wrong. He will like it that way. 

Chill, take your time to calm down. 

Know his vibe 

If you know his vibe, it will be easier to make him interested in you. He will be excited if he knows you have the same vibe as him. 

If both of you have the same vibe in fashion, music, and movie genres, it will be easier for you to connect well with him. In addition, it will give you an advantage in everything, from topics to talk about to activities you can do in the future. 

There are various ways to know if he is not interested. If your vibe does not match him, try to put yourself into it. You can try to do things that fit his vibe, for example, listen to his type of music, or watch a movie in his genre.

It will be fun if you two have the same vibes; you will do things that both of you enjoy. 

Have a deeper connection 

You can make things go well by having a deep connection. 

You can do it by talking with them about things deeper, like knowing each other more, learning something with each other, and will know what real type of person he is. It is not always about each other. It can also be about things like his opinion on a specific topic. 

You can also talk about Greek mythology and human anatomy and ask him about his opinions. It will increase his interest in you. Finally, you can ask them about their life interests, for example, their dream job or destination. 

Who knows, maybe he can't get you off his head now. 

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Make him feel special

Make an extra effort when you are talking to him to show that you are interested. 

It will make him extend his interest in you. If you want to make something for him, give it an extra effort for him to feel special. Always put sincerity in it. He will like everything you do as you put not just effort into it but also gravity. 

Pisces men are very appreciative of the things you do for them. May it be small, but the impact is very big to them. It will leave a good impression on them. Making him feel special is indeed on another level. 

You will make him chase after you in this as you show him so much appreciation by making him feel special. You can never go wrong in this; it will be his final pick to chase you. 

Pisces men have a soft spot in them, and it is this that makes them unique. 

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