Sagittarius man acting distant: Where do you stand? -

Sagittarius man acting distant: Where do you stand?

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You will always know where you stand with a Sagittarius man; he is never one to hide his feelings or lie to spare yours. Showing him openness and sincerity is the best way to handle his distant and aloof behavior.

A Sagittarius man acting distant in most cases will tell you straight up if he has issues with your relationship. He is straightforward about these things and will be very sincere if you talk with him.

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I’m here to tell you how to make heads or tails of the Sagittarius man’s confusing personality. You will also learn how to deal with his behavior and tips on overcoming and improving it.

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You can still have a happy and lasting relationship with your distant Sagittarius man. Keep reading to learn how.

Why the distant Sagittarius man?

To understand the why’s and how’s of the distant Sagittarius man, let’s see what his sign says about his personality. Sagittarius is a Fire Sign which gives him his energetic and extroverted character.

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Sagittarius also has a Mutable Quality that makes your man a lover of change and spontaneity and a hater of confinement and routines. Ruled by the planet Jupiter, the Sagittarius man has an open mind that constantly searches for truth and new ideas.

The Sagittarius man falls in love quickly but falls out of it just as easily. He needs to have a deeper connection with someone to stay in a relationship for long.

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Know thyself

To understand how the Sagittarius man acts towards you, you first need to be aware of how you treat him. He is a reactive person and can’t control or filter his reactions to his surroundings.

Here are some of the ways you can directly or indirectly cause the Sagittarius man to become distant:

You are controlling

Controlling and limiting the freedom of the Sagittarius man pushes him to take a step away from you so that he can do what he wants when he wants it.  He has to have the freedom to follow his interests whenever they ignite in him, or else he will be distant and break away from you completely.

You are clingy or needy

Demanding too much of the Sagittarius man’s time will make him lose interest in you more quickly. Even if he feels deeply for you, he would want to spend some time with other people.

You stick to a routine

As a lover of change and spontaneity, the Sagittarius man will find your life boring. He will seek some time away from you to experience thrill and excitement somewhere else.

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You are too serious

The Sagittarius man likes to have fun and has a great sense of humor. He will want to spend time away from you if you can’t keep up with his humor and if he feels that you dampen his moods.

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You send him mixed signals

The Sagittarius man is by no means a stable and reliable person, but he loves it if he is sure of your feelings for him. He will be distant if he’s unsure of your intentions and wants to test your feelings for him.

What to do with the distant Sagittarius man?


If your Sagittarius man is ignoring you and acting distant but confirms his interest to be with you, then you have nothing to worry about. Trust him and let him come back to you in his own time.

Keep it cool

Forcing your Sagittarius man to spend time with you will also make him feel trapped and suffocated. He will move further away from you and make him start developing resentful feelings towards you.

Be independent

Learning new skills and relying solely on yourself will keep your mind off your aloof Sagittarius man. It will also give you the confidence that you can face the world on your own, with or without him.

Do fun things

Find out what you enjoy doing and have fun doing it. Life is too short to obsess over a man acting distant towards you.

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Don’t test him

If your Sagittarius man is acting distant, the worst you can do is test him by ignoring him or making him jealous. It will only paint you in a bad light and make him see you as a vindictive and hurtful person.

Respect his decision

The Sagittarius man appreciates a woman who understands his ever-changing mind. Let him know that you understand his decision to step back.

Reassure him that there is no pressure for him to decide immediately. Make him feel that you are also enjoying this break from the hard work of maintaining a relationship.

Show you care

Just because you and your Sagittarius partner are taking a step back doesn’t mean you can’t show that you care for him. You can ask about his day, remind him to take care of his health, or ask about his family.

Your Sagittarius man will feel your love even if you are apart. Be sure not to contact him all the time, or he’ll feel you are not giving him the alone time he needs.

I also suggest reading and learning more about what to do when a Sagittarius man is mad at you. 

Be socially present

If the distant Sagittarius man sees you having fun with friends, he will miss being with you. Be sure to post your events on social media for him to keep tabs on what you’re up to.

If you have a close relationship with your man’s family and friends, maintain that because it makes you feel closer to each other without breaking into his personal space. Going to places you used to visit with him or doing the things you used to do will make him miss you more if he sees you doing those with your friends.

Go out of your comfort zone

This is your chance to try something new on your own. If being on an adventure is new to you, then maybe this is the time to give it a try.

Trying new things will develop a new and much more interesting person in you that your Sagittarius man will love to rediscover. Let him know that you can break your routine and welcome chaos into your life once in a while.

Keep a positive attitude

Keep reminding yourself why you want your relationship with your Sagittarius man to work. And hang on to that reason; it will carry you through the challenging times of your relationship and help you stay positive no matter what.

Learn from this

If your Sagittarius man becoming distant and stepping away from your relationship is new to you, then learn from it. If it took you by surprise, then you must not have been paying close attention to your man and his needs.

Take this as a learning experience with the takeaway that the best relationships need you to be sensitive to your partner’s personality as well as your own. 

Sagittarius men are fickle and unpredictable, they get that a lot.

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