How to Text a Libra Man: The Balance of Wit & Flirt! -

How to Text a Libra Man: The Balance of Wit & Flirt!

You may be planning on texting a Libra man. However, you may not have an idea of how to text him. Well, I got your back. Here are some things that you could do when texting a Libra man.

When texting a Libra man, you need to be honest and direct, compliment him, use some wordplay and puns, do not make him wait for your reply, always match the vibe, congratulate him and send him your attractive selfies.

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As you can see, texting a Libra man can be both easy and challenging. It all depends on how you approach him.

And if you do the things mentioned above perfectly, you can successfully have a good conversation with him and attract him through texting and avoid having a no-contact rule with a Libra man.

How to Text a Libra man?

Send him attractive selfies

You may not know about this, but the planet of beauty rules Libras, and one thing they look for in a woman is their beautiful features.

To attract a Libra man, send him attractive selfies via texting. It is a significant advantage if you love to take care of yourself.

When you send him your selfie, make sure that you are your best self, with the best outfit and physical appearance.

And because the planet of beauty rules Libra, it might turn him off if you will send him pictures of you not looking so good.

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Remember, this is the first part of building something with your Libra man, so try to impress him by always looking good.

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Avoid gossiping

If there is one thing that a Libra man cannot stand, it is talking about someone judging them and telling some hurtful things about them.

If you are the kind of person that loves to talk behind other people's backs, then you have to change it. Be better, or it would not work with your Libra, man.

If you text your Libra man talking bad about other people, he will notice it and not forget it. 

He will be turned off by it.

So, always remember never to tell others something terrible, especially when talking to your Libra man.

Send him compliments

If you are having a hard time thinking about what to tell a Libra man to make him text you back, then compliment him by saying sweet things to him.

He likes receiving that kind of text message, especially if it is so random.

You might compliment his looks, personality, or work if you do not know what to say to him.

If the two of you are on the next level of your relationship, you may also text him the things you want him to do with you in bed.

If you are unaware, Libras are so good and pleasant. They love making people at ease and comfortable with them. 

And they always give good comments to other people. He also loves to compliment him. Libras always know what to say to people.

And it is excellent for them to hear that someone appreciates him, commenting on his looks and other things.

Match his texting vibe

Now, if you are texting and talking to somebody and want the conversation to continue, then you need to match their energy to show your compatibility with him

And this is the same thing when you are texting a Libra man.

If he is being chatty and playful in your texts and notices that he is not receiving the same energy, then he might feel that you are not interested.

If that happens, he might not text you anymore.

Aside from that, you also need to copy his text style. For example, if he sends you long messages, it is better to send him a long one too.

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It is alright if he sends you short messages as long as you feel he is still in the conversation, and if that happens, send him short but happy messages.

If he is sending you short messages, avoid sending him long texts, or he will get bored.

Use wordplays and puns

Libra has good skills in communicating. And one thing that can get them attracted to you is by using wordplay and puns.

Typically, a Libra is witty and funny, and he would appreciate it if he talked to someone who knows how to use clever puns.

You may also learn to play on words and try it on your Libra man.

Be genuine and honest on your Libra man

If there is something that Libras appreciates the most is when people are honest and trustworthy.

Libras are known to be open and honest; in return, they want someone who can be faithful and available. 

Do not try to lie on your Libra, man, and it is one of the most significant turns off. 

Reply quickly

Some women think it is better to make the man wait for their reply, and some men prefer that kind of woman.

However, it is not the same thing with Libra Man. 

He might lose interest if you do this.

However, if you have something to do, it is OK, as long as you let him know that you are busy.

You can also text him first, as it is no big deal. However, it would be best if you balanced this.

If you are planning on making the first move, then make sure you do not appear as an aggressive woman, as they also hate that.

Text him first, and if he does not reply, then do not bug him anymore and wait for him to text you again.

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How to tell if a Libra man likes you through text?

Now, maybe you have been texting this Libra man for quite some time, and you may have a good conversation with each other.

You might want to know if they are interested in you through texting, and here are some signs that you can say that a Libra man is interested.

He is a flirty texter

The first thing that you will notice if a Libra man likes you is when he is extra flirty. 

If time passes, and you see that your Libra man's texting style is changing and becoming flirtier with you, he is starting to like you.

You may be aware that Libra men are naturally flirting, and if you want to make sure that this is something serious, wait for it to be consistent.

And if you notice that he is consistently flirting with you, you may take this as a sign that he likes you.

Make sure that you are giving the same energy and that you are flirting with him back.

He replies quickly

Though this will not apply to everyone, if you want to know if someone is interested in talking to you, they will probably text back quickly.

Except if they are doing something.

And if a Libra man replies quickly to your messages, it is also a clear sign that he is into you. He would not leave you hanging and would not play games with you.

He will compliment you

As mentioned above, Libra men have good communication skills and love to compliment people around them.

So, if you are texting a Libra man, you must focus on how he compliments you. 

He will find ways to tell you how beautiful you are, how good you are at something or anything they find amusing about you.

And if he does this more often, then there is no doubt that he likes you.

What to do when a Libra man stops texting you?

Now, if you are in a situation where a Libra man stops texting you and does not know what to do, here are some things that could help you.

But before that, of course, you will think that something is wrong with you or that it is your fault that he is not texting.

But having those thoughts would not help you. You must understand that they are a grown-up man and know exactly what they are doing.

And their reasons are nothing to do with you, and there is nothing wrong with you.

Keep yourself busy and happy

The first thing you need to know is if a Libra man has stopped texting you, do not chase him, as he is not worthy of your time.

When a Libra man ignores you, what you can do is focus on yourself and make yourself busy.

You may find indoor or outdoor activities that you love to do, or you may try something new.

In that way, you are not focusing on the fact that he stopped responding, and you are making yourself happy, which should be your priority.

Do some makeover

If you want to get distracted, having a makeover can help you with that. And what does it mean?

It means that you may change your style and hairstyle and try some techniques that fit you.

And if you feel pretty after these massive changes, you may take a picture and post it on your social.

In this way, you can attract your Libra man and make him respond to your text messages.

It is up to you if you will still entertain him. Just do whatever you make happy.

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Give him space

As mentioned above, do not chase your Libra man; instead, let him chase you.

There might be some urge to text or call him multiple times, but you must be strong and avoid doing this.

It would not help if you spammed him with text messages asking why he stopped texting you.

Show him that you are mature enough and not affected by his not responding to your text messages.

In this way, you give him space, making him feel he misses you.

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