Libra man testing you: He will show his wrong side! -

Libra man testing you: He will show his wrong side!

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You may be wondering whether your libra man is testing you or just playing with your emotions. If you want to be sure, then this article is for you.

Libra men will be most likely to test you with their commitment issues and do a lot of mind-playing games to prove some answers for themselves to know if you are worth pursuing.

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They take tests to be sure they and their partner are healthy and compatible.

What are the signs that a Libra man is testing you?

Observes your loyalty

Libra men aren’t known for being loyal. They don’t take relationships seriously; they see relationships as a game. They will play tremendously to gain something out of it.

But once he gets serious and decides to settle down, he will do his best to be loyal and faithful to you. He will focus his love on you.

And that is why a libra man will test your loyalty. He may observe your approach, act, or behavior around other men.

If he sees or hears that you are cheating on him, he will never consider having a relationship with you anymore.

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He will test your neediness

Libra men do not like being controlled or being under, and they love to have their freedom. So, they don’t want to be with somebody that will limit their happiness.

They will want to have someone who can let them be independent, and they want to be with someone who is very understanding regarding their personal time.

Libra men may do their test by ignoring you out of nowhere. On the other hand, they may pretend to be very busy and will spend their day not texting or calling you back. So, when he do this, make sure to know how to act when a Libra man ignores you. 

If you show him that you don’t know how to respect his time, he will probably not think twice about dumping you.  

Learn to enjoy being alone sometimes, because your libra man will need some time for himself too. If you want him to be comfortable with you, don’t be very needy and clingy to him.

He will test your trust in him

Trust is something Libra men cherish, and they really appreciate someone who fully trusts them. So he will probably observe your trust.

As I said earlier, libra men sometimes like to have their alone or personal time. He will expect you not to think that he is not being loyal to you.

They may also do this by observing the secrets you share with them and if you are comfortable talking about your feelings to them.

If he notices that you don’t really trust him or doubt his love for you, he will not consider committing a relationship with you because he’ll think it’ll be toxic.

If you’re already in a relationship with a Libra man, always relax and comfort yourself. Do not pressure yourself with so much anxiety for a healthier relationship.

He shows you his wrong sides

Libra men aren’t always the sweetest; they can be the rudest sometimes, and they know it themselves; that’s why he will test you whether you can handle him.

They may do this by having mood swings and bad behavior that can be too painful for you to handle. If you can’t take his wrong sides, you two might not be compatible.

Libra men think that being calm and patient in this situation is a sign of true love and consistency worth pursuing.

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Observes lifestyle compatibility

As I mentioned above, if a Libra man starts to take the relationship and settles down, they will try their best to be loyal and faithful to you.

They may talk to you about the things and ideas that he’s planning for the future. Libras are very determined to reach their goal.

They may talk to you about them being ready to have a family, and if your opinion is the opposite of his, then your Libra  will be hurt and might pull himself away from you.

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If you think your lifestyle and your Libra man's lifestyle are very different, find someone else who is compatible with yours. Then, if he can't accept yours, someone else will.

Admits how he feels

If you are the type of person that hurts people unconsciously or you are the type of person that doesn’t think before you speak, then you should read this.

They will do this test to see if you will take responsibility for your actions and expect you to lower your pride.

He will give you space and let you think carefully about your actions. Then, they will wait for you to apologize and observe if it’s acceptable.

Libra men are very self-aware. They will know if they are in the wrong or not, so If you ever try to justify your actions and tries to blame him, he’ll be disappointed in you.

Observes how Good or bad you are in decision making

Libra men are known for being bad at decision-making, so they will seek out someone good at decision-making and keep them by their side.

They may do this test by asking your views and opinions about some topic that requires decision-making. But sometimes, it may not be a test too.

If your libra men notice that you are good at decision making, he will probably keep you around to help him make decisions.

But if you show him that you are terrible at making decisions, he will probably let go of you since both of you are awful at making decisions.

Tests your jealousy

Libra men can be confusing sometimes. You don’t know if a Libra man is lying or playing you. Well, if you want to find out, keep reading this article.

Libra men are very flirty to girls, and you can get confused if they are being friendly or flirty. But, of course, they flirt for fun too.

No man will want to be caught cheating on their partner, so if you notice that your libra man is flirting with other girls in front of you, it’s a test.

Libra men do not like someone very insecure and jealous. It’s a red flag for him, so if you can’t handle his behavior, expect you two aren’t healthy for each other.

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To really grasp if a Libra man is testing you, let's dive into a story. My cousin Mark, a Libra man, and his friend Emily. Emily always noticed how Mark was balanced and fair in his dealings. He was charming and had a knack for making everyone feel comfortable.

But Emily also noticed that Mark would sometimes be distant and then overly attentive, leaving her confused about his intentions.

One day, Emily decided to confront Mark. He admitted that he was trying to gauge her reactions to see if they were truly compatible. Mark wasn't playing games; he was genuinely trying to understand if their friendship could evolve into something more meaningful.

He valued balance and harmony and wanted to make sure those elements were present in his relationships.

So, is a Libra man testing you? In Mark's case, it's more about seeking balance and compatibility. He might appear to be testing you, but his actions are aimed at ensuring a harmonious relationship.

It's crucial to understand the motives behind a Libra man's actions before jumping to conclusions.

What are the signs that your libra man is serious about you?

If you are still confused about whether it’s testing or he is just playing with your emotion, continue reading. I will explain the signs if your libra man is serious about you.

He is happy around you

Libras are expressive with their emotions; if you are very special to them, they will most likely show their happiness to you.

If you see him always smiling around you, then it means he is pleased to be with you; he enjoys the moment of you together.

He spends most of his time with you

If you notice that your libra man always asks you out, it means he enjoys your company. He likes to be with you all the time.

Libras are very romantic once they get serious with you. Therefore, they will focus their time and effort on asking you for a date.

They may do this by frequently asking you to go out on a movie, or a dinner date, to accompany them on a grocery, and even visiting you at your place unexpectedly.

If you have experienced any of this, it is a possible sign that he might be into you.

He shows that he’s only attracted to you

Yes, once a libra man starts to get serious with you, they will be very faithful and very loyal to you. They will only be looking for you.

It means you have gained the complete trust of your libra man; they are ready to settle things down with you and fully committed to you.

They include you in their future plan in life. Then, finally, they start to see you as a woman they will spend the rest of their lives with.

If you have experienced any of these signs, then it is safe to assume that he is in a serious relationship with you.

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He introduces you to his family and friends

Libra men are amiable and extroverted types of people, meaning they have a lot of friends and they know many people. They are very close to their family too.

If your libra man introduces you to his family and friends, he expects you to get along with them and be close to them.

It can also mean that he is proud of you and wants them to know that he has you as a partner. So he will try to impress them.

So, try your best to get along with them, especially with his close friends. Be friendly and kind to everyone.

If his friends don’t like your vibes, your libra man might get uncomfortable with taking you out with them, and the worst is that he will probably choose his friends over you.

He buys you expensive things or gifts

If your libra man constantly buys you expensive gifts or things, it may be a possible sign that he is serious about you.

He can also do this by taking you out to an expensive restaurant without making you pay for anything. So those are the possible signs.

If your libra man does this, it means he thinks you deserve it, it is worth it, or that you are very special to them.

He seeks your advice

If he asks you for a piece of advice from your perspective, meaning your opinion matters to him. He trusts your words.

Especially if you are the type of person that is good at making decisions because sometimes Libra men are indecisive.

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