Aquarius Man Testing You: Decode His Intellectual Games! -

Aquarius Man Testing You: Decode His Intellectual Games!

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Aquarius men are different than the other zodiac signs. If you haven't dated an Aquarius man before, you must prepare yourself to be very understanding.

Aquarius men will base their test on asking you strange questions and observing your answer and reactions to those questions. He will challenge you to a debate to observe your intelligence.

But most Aquarius man trusts their instinct. Most of them are intuitive, so they rarely feel the need to test their loved ones. 

They trust people freely, too, but it depends on how you behave with them. But once you show an act that can make him feel betrayed, it is not only the trust that will cost you but also the relationship.

They are cautious and meticulous when it comes to choosing a partner. They don't play in the relationship. They are a “date to marry” type of people.

An Aquarius man will put you to the test by keeping an eye on your behavior and posing an odd question. But sometimes, it can be confusing, so if you want to be sure, continue reading this article.

If you are curious about your Aquarius man's feelings toward you, I am here to tell you some signs that he is testing you and how you should react to this.

He will ask for your opinion on a certain issue

An Aquarius man will put you to the test by inquiring about your political and moral beliefs. He'll make sure you share the same values before he commits to you.

Women with strong minds, endless curiosity, and open minds attract Aquarius men. Aquarius men desire someone who they can learn from.

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You must know about current events and the capacity to reason to pass this test independently.

He constantly asks questions

Men born under the sign of Aquarius are very analytical. They can figure out everything about you just by talking to you.

They might act weird by asking you questions, in which case you wouldn't even realize he was texting you; you would just see it as a normal conversation.

He will watch you and keep track of how you respond to his questions. To know how you think and gain a sense of your core beliefs.

Just be truthful to your Aquarius man, be thoughtful with your response, and stay positive to keep him intrigued. This is one way to attract an Aquarius man through text

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He will test how vulnerable he can be to you

Although Aquarius men may be more preoccupied with their minds than their feelings, this does not imply that they are emotionless.

One of Aquarius men's ways of testing is showing you his vulnerable side to see how you will react and respond to him.

He will observe you and see whether you can be trusted with his emotions or not. It would be best to respond to this positively.

Make your Aquarius man feel comfort whenever he is being vulnerable with you. And try to show your vulnerable side to him too.

He will test you with his cold behavior

An Aquarius man maybe confusing when he suddenly becomes cold and nonchalant towards you. And it is hard to tell whether he is testing you or he is just not interested in you anymore.

He might be just testing you to see if you will be clingy, controlling, and insecure or if you will let him be.

Aquarius men hate clingy and needy women, especially controlling ones who can't respect their personal time.

The best way to deal with this is to let him go, set him free, and let him come to you by himself. Act like a calm person and wait for him.

But don't let him walk past you, especially when it puts you at your breaking point. If you think you can't handle him with this behavior, finding somebody else is better.

He will ask you about your dream and goals

Aquarius men are quite ambitious and love being self-sufficient. They have set plans and goals in their lives for their future.

That is why they will seek someone who has long-term plans and goals too. They are attracted to women who are successful and independent.

The best way to deal with this is to show your ambitious side to him and align your plan and goals for the future with his goals.

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He will test your independence

Most men fear a Strong, smart, independent woman but not Aquarius men. They are very attracted to a woman who can be independent.

As I said earlier, Aquarius men hate to be with someone who is very clingy and needy. Someone that shows attachment issues and is very dependent.

They want someone who can make them feel comfortable despite being busy. They want someone who understands their personal time.

That is why men born under the sign of Aquarius will test their partner's independence before deciding to commit to a relationship with them.

The best way to pass this test is to show him your independence emotionally and financially. Show him that you want him, but you don't need him.

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He introduces you to his friends

Men of the sign of Aquarius are sociable. They value friendships highly and want their partner to get along with his friends.

That is why your Aquarius man might test you by introducing you to his friends. He will observe whether you can get close to his friends or not.

Your Aquarius man friend's opinion about you is very important to him. If his friends have a bad impression of you, then your Aquarius man might dislike you too.

The best way to deal with this is to show your kindness and enthusiasm to his friends. Imitate their humor and stay positive.

But do not rely on this test completely. You should still observe his act, whether he is being impolite or not. It is still important to love yourself first before others.

Always remember, if you think it isn't a test but completely rude behavior, it's time to leave and find somebody else who will love and respect you without making everything hard.

How to make your Aquarius man trust you?

You don't need to pass all his tests to keep your Aquarius man interested in you. You can easily get him hooked on you by gaining his trust.

You won't have to do much to earn his trust because Aquarius men trust people readily, but one mistake might make him lose it.

If you are curious about how to do this, continue reading this article. I will give you some techniques or bits of advice that will make him immediately trust you.

Be his best friend

Men born under the sign of Aquarius value friendship more than relationships. So, instead of rushing a relationship with him, try to build a strong friendship with him at the beginning.

With this, you will gain his trust before entering a relationship with him, which can lead to a healthy and good romance.

Instead of trying to impress him, put more effort into bonding with him. If he notices that you are being dishonest, he might lose his interest in you.

Make a good impression on him by being smart

People born under the sign of Aquarius are intelligent and seek a partner who is also smart on any given day of the week.

If your boyfriend is an average Aquarius, he prefers intelligence more than attractiveness. Because Aquarius men love to learn new things.

Prefer yourself to be more knowledgeable about some particular topic that interests an Aquarius man. It can be Science fiction, Philosophy, Arts, and social activism.

Be a good listener to him

Aquarius men easily trust people who are better at listening, especially when they are trying to say something.

Make eye contact with him as you lean forward. Tell him you are fully focused on him through open body language and nonverbal indicators.

If he is speaking loudly and enthusiastically, smile softly; if he is talking about something that is upsetting him, put your hand on your breast.

Show care about his feelings

Aquarius men may trust people easily, but not when it comes to their problems; it Is hard for them to show emotions to people.

That is why showing that you care about his feelings and emotions is crucial to having your Aquarius man's trust.

You can do this by always listening to his side every time you argue, understanding his emotions, and constantly checking up on him.

But if he gets toxic and doesn't reciprocate your way of understanding his feelings and keeps invalidating you, better to move on and find somebody else.

Once he notices that you can be trusted when it comes to his emotional side, I promise you he will trust you. This is one way to attract an Aquarius man. He will also probably be more open to you than to his friends.

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Show your true self

Aquarius man is interested in you when he is curious and want to know everything about you, even the slightest change in your personality.

Positively show your true self. Showing your true self doesn't mean you will show your true self, even the negative ones.

If you are the type of person that likes to talk, then be talkative to him; if you are the friendly type of person, then get close to your Aquarius man's friends.

Aquarius men don't like it when people they like are only friendly to them in the beginning, they feel betrayed, and since Aquarius men are intuitive, they will know whether you are faking your personality or not.

If he knows that you are still being you after months and months of dating, I promise you he will trust you since he already knows everything about you.

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