Mercury Square Pluto Synastry: A Feast Of Unhealthy Mind Games -

Mercury Square Pluto Synastry: A Feast Of Unhealthy Mind Games

Mercury Traits

Being the messenger of the gods, Mercury is the swift and quick-witted god. Authors describe him as cunning and playful too. The gods gifted his winged sandals and helmet to assist him in his work as a messenger. Mercury also has an essential role to the gods. He is the mediator between gods and mortals. The planet Mercury got its name from the god because it is the quickest to revolve around the Sun.

The god's traits are similar to the planet's dominion in astrology. Mercury concerns itself in communication and delivery. The planet knows if we are straightforward in delivering our opinions. Would we sugarcoat our words when we disagree with a person? Mercury knows how we talk or if we prefer to talk at all.

Mercury rules over our mind, the same as the Sun. However, Mercury differs because it concerns itself with the more technical aspect of the brain. Mercury represents memories and our thought processes. What do we do when we gain new information? Do we infuse our experiences when we communicate, or it's just pure information?

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Since Mercury is a quick god and planet, it rules over quick things too. Of course, “quick things” encompass a lot of things, so here's a rundown. First, Mercury governs short trips. It can be a simple trip from work or school to home. Weekend getaways also fall under Mercury. The smallest planet rules transportation as well. Second, quick movements fall under the dominion of Mercury.

There will be confidence and versatility when we utilize Mercury in a good way. An overwhelming feeling of curiosity will fill you up. However, if used in the wrong way, Mercury's influence can make you nervous or over-technical. You may even appear to be uneasy and indecisive.

Pluto Traits

Being the ruler of the Underworld, Pluto resides in the dark land of the dead. Cold and mysterious, this god dislikes being visible. For this reason, he wears his invisibility helmet when he comes to the land of the living. Authors say this god is unattractive. But some say that the mortals are just afraid of his association with death and the dead.

Like how the planet dwells on the cold and dark frontier of our Solar System, Pluto resides in the cold and dark parts of ourselves too. Pluto keeps with it the darkest parts of ourselves. These dark parts can be trauma, depression, self-harm, and other unresolved issues that we repress. In conclusion, Pluto shelters those things that we do not like for people to see in us.

Furthermore, Pluto is commonly associated with forbidden activities such as the occult, taboo, cheating, and incest. When Pluto has a strong influence over a person, the person may be interested in these things. Worse, it is not surprising if this person involves themselves with these kinds of activities.

Pluto represents control and manipulation as well. When this planet's influence is strong, expect that a person may feel like they want to be in control of every situation. The person may want to manipulate someone to get what they want.

But Pluto is not all about the wrong things. Like the god of death and rebirth, Pluto represents transformation and rebirth. This planet encourages us to face Pluto, our dark facets. This dwarf planet ensures that we will gain reformation when we dare to face our fears. Pluto reminds us that the only way to defeat our monsters is facing them, and a brighter path in life would follow.

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Mercury Square Pluto Synastry

Unlike the Mars-Pluto aspects, with Mercury square Pluto synastry, there may be a clash of attitudes and beliefs with this partnership. There will be pressure, especially on the part of the Mercury, to change.

Pluto finds Mercury intriguing. The way they think and talk fascinates them. And Pluto wants to know what's going on in the mind of the Mercury person. And when they get a glimpse of how their partner's mind works, they would want to change the way they think. Their thoughts scare them. For this reason, Pluto may resort to the worst method to use to the Mercury person.

Because Pluto is naturally controlling, they may want to control this Mercury. They will start by imposing their beliefs with this Mercury. And soon, they will want to control how Mercury thinks. And this does not sound good, especially because Pluto wants immediate results. They want Mercury to make a quick change!

Unlike in Mercury-Venus aspects, Mercury will retaliate, of course, but how, we do not know. What's sure is that they won't sit back and wait for Pluto to be successful in getting what they want. This relationship is heavy on the side. And these people will get exhausted in expressing themselves. Because every time Mercury wants to try something new, propose new ideas or insights. Pluto would think about it, but these people would make it very hard to commit to such statements.

It is also possible that the couple will want to be ahead of each other's intellect. There will be a lot of grueling mind games.

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