Venus Square Moon Synastry: Getting Past The Tension Of The Square -

Venus Square Moon Synastry: Getting Past The Tension Of The Square

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Venus Traits

Venus is the hottest and brightest planet in the Solar System. It is the brightest element in our night sky. 

With its name derived from the goddess of love, Venus rules over love and sex. The Goddess of Love is said to rule over pleasure as well. Taking this, we can infer that the planet rules over pleasure too. The Goddess of Love also is the protector of artists and lover of the arts. This reason is why the planet Venus also rules over art. It governs various skills such as dancing, singing, literature, and visual arts.

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Venus is one of the personal planets, along with Mercury and Mars. Hence, Venus signifies one of the aspects of our personality. And you guessed it right: it's the way we love. Venus reveals our thoughts and attitude towards love and relationships. The Morning Star is what governs our actions towards our partners and the relationship. How would we resolve relationship problems? Venus also shows how we attract people, what qualities attract us the most, and our best charm.

Taking this, expect that Venus people are artsy. They appreciate and value arts. As these people are appreciative of the arts, likely, these people are also involved in this. You can find these people's hobbies would be sketching, dancing, or short stories. They are a creative bunch of people.

Because Venus rules these people, they are innate romantic and loving. Their kind and gentle hearts are the primary reasons why these people are magnetic. Like the goddess where their planet got its name, Venus people are charming. Everyone tends to gravitate towards them. 

Because these people are charming, they have a large circle of friends. These people are friendly and fun-loving. And because of their high-end fashion taste, Venus people are the center of attention. Friends would flock to them to ask for fashion advice. 

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Just like the brightest planet, these people shine the brightest too. Because these people give their fashion statements utmost importance, they spend a lot of time making themselves look divine. They spend not only lots of time but also lots of money. So these people are prone to overspending their time and money on things they do not need.

Moon Traits

When describing the Moon in astrology, everyone needs to remember this: “The sun sees our body, but the moon sees our soul.” Because of this statement, the moon represents our soul and emotions. The moon is in touch with our femininity. This is usually associated with mothers or motherly affection.

This celestial body signifies our unconscious and subconscious. The moon carries with it some of the things we like to live in the dark. These things include our deepest cravings, thoughts, emotions, mysteries, and secrets. The moon knows who we are. It knows us deeply.

Like the moon that changes its position constantly, Moon people's moods change easily. These people are prone to mood swings. There would always be an internal conflict happening with these people. Moon people are very emotional. They are easily hurt. When in pain, these people would hold such pain in their hearts forever. These people embody the words “forgive but not forget.” 

These people are empaths. These traits can work in two ways. One, Moon people would rather keep things in the dark than letting you know about it. Like the celestial body that rules them, Moon people would rather keep things in the dark. They have the tendency to bottle up their feelings inside. They do this to spare the person from the unnecessary burden of their emotions.

Second, these people like helping other people out. Since they do not want people around them to suffer, they extend their hand to those around them. Moon people always go out of their way to help those that are suffering around them.

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Venus Square Moon Synastry

This couple is in for a thrilling ride. There is a mutual and enticing attraction with each other. Both of these people will strongly desire the other. With this enticing attraction, the couple will have an overflowing affection for each other. But with the square in this synastry, expect that you are in for a lot of tension and pressure. Many perceive square as a negative context in astrology. Astrologers believe that this aspect is the bringer of chaos and destruction.

With the Moon-Venus aspects, Venus square Moon synastry is challenging because your beliefs would usually clash. Beliefs are not the only things that will fight in this relationship. The quarrels involve your beliefs in building a family, handling finances, and even religion. It varies, but the subject matter of disagreements is not only limited to beliefs.

Fights may also arise over your different hobbies and different love languages. It can be that the Venus partner does not get words of affirmation enough from Pluto. It can also be the other way around: Pluto may feel that Venus's gifts are not suitable for their taste. With these clashes, your partner may feel unimportant in the relationship. Worst, their self-esteem would be lessened. They will feel burdened by the relationship. In relevance with Venus Square Venus Synastry, Venus square Moon synastry will also fight in the slightest things. 

Hence, there is a chance that the relationship will lead to an on-and-off relationship. Not only that, but it is also possible that there will be a bitter and painful breakup. The breakup would be unfortunate because they are intensely in love. But they can't seem to work around their differences.

How To Get Past The Square?

Getting past the square requires a lot more work and honest communication. The couple should accept each other's differences. Also, they should try not to manipulate the other in changing them. Because of your affection for each other, there's a real chance that the couple could salvage the relationship.

This aspect reminds the couple to learn how to compromise and negotiate. When differences clash, it is best to talk and find a way around the difference. Don't start a fight and pour out your intense feelings when differences are arising. It is best to calm down and negotiate.

Try to also keep the fire burning by appreciating each other. Sure, there can be times where the partners have busy schedules. But even the tiny appreciative gestures and words would make a huge difference in keeping the fire burning. For the relationship to work, both people should be open-minded about the things that need renovation. Both of them should work together for the betterment of their connection.

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