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Sagittarius Man Ignoring Me: Silent Treatment Strategy?

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After being ignored, you might ask yourself, “Oh no! Is my Sagittarius man missing me? What should I do?” Then, you might consistently ask yourself what you can do.

If a Sagittarius man is ignoring you, he might need space or freedom to think. Sagittarians value independence and can sometimes pull away if feeling confined. It's essential to communicate openly and give him some time to return on his own terms.

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Sagittarius is a fire sign and has an enthusiastic and adventurous personality. However, aside from being fun and extroverted energy, they can be inconsistent and might give you a mixed signal. 

Sagittarius men are careless when it comes to love. They will confuse you with their actions and words; they can be sweet today and ignore you the next day. 

Your relationship with him might shock him; he feels like everything is so fast and new. Sagittarius men being this free spirit personality, quickly felt new and were not into a routine. 

You do not have to worry if you feel like your Sagittarius man is acting distant today. They have this loving and soft side. They will not stand missing you all day. 

He might not realize it, but maybe he likes you already. He needs so much time to think about your relationship with him. 

He wants it to be sure and sound, and he is being careful with his decision when you are involved. 

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While waiting for him to reach out, you can ignore him, be busy, not be so clingy, and give him personal space. 

If he ignores you for no reason, here are the things that you can do:

How can I make a Sagittarius Man stop ignoring me?

Make yourself busy 

Is your Sagittarius man blowing hot and cold all of a sudden? You do not have to worry about getting ignored by him. Make yourself busy instead of stressing yourself on him. 

There is no such thing as getting ignored for no reason, and there is always a reason. Maybe the Sagittarius man is testing you or the problem is not in you, and it can be a personal issue on his part. 

Maybe the reason he is ignoring you is you are not his type. But, on the other hand, it can also be he is reassessing his feelings towards you. 

He can’t just tell you the reason, but there is. You need to chill and wait for him to reach out first. 

You can try making yourself busy in the meantime. There are a lot of things you can do while waiting for him.

You do not have to keep texting him the whole day and be clingy to him. But if you need to, you have to know how to text a Sagittarius man without being clingy. He knows that he is ignoring you and is in the wrong. 

If you don’t know what you can do while waiting for him, here are some tips: 

You can try sleeping while waiting for him. But first, you need to get him off your head, and you will have difficulty sleeping if you keep thinking about him and your situation.

Try turning off your phone or just put it in silent mode and listen to some relaxing sounds to make yourself sleep. You can turn off your lights so you can easily sleep. 

You can also try watching funny or cooking videos, which can help you get him off your head. There are a lot of streaming videos online. It is effective since your mind is out of focus on him. 

There are a lot of streaming videos online that you can try since it is free. In addition, there are hilarious videos online that can help you distract for a moment. 

You can also try watching movies, especially your favorite ones. You can also try looking for a film that has a good ending so you can light up your mood. 

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You do not always have to stress yourself over something you cannot control. So, take your time and forget about it in the meantime. 

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Talk it out with him

Communication is the key; it resolves unsaid thoughts. There might be complications between you two that he can’t just say to you. 

If a Sagittarius man is ignoring you and you do not know the reason, ask him to have a serious conversation with you. It will solve your issues with him, and it can bring comfort to both of you. 

Sagittarius men are a bit secretive with their thoughts and feelings regarding the person they like. To make a Sagittarius man commit, you have to reassure him that he can say things to you and you will listen to him with all ears. 

You have to convince him to talk to you to resolve your issue. You do not have to spam his messages. He will reply as soon as he is ready. 

Sagittarius men have this soft spot in them, and they won’t last a day ignoring you. So you have to wait for him to reach out to you first. 

Do not bother him in the meantime; he is probably thinking about you and your relationship. Give him space and time to think. You can use this time to figure out if a Sagittarius man likes you. Do not pressure him to talk to you. 

You can think about what to say to him and relax for a moment. But, it would be best if you also considered it so you won’t have a blank mind when you talk to him. 

He will reach out to you; you don’t have to call him constantly. You can distract his thoughts and mess up his mind again. 

Always be gentle, calm, and relaxed when you talk to him. Do not lash out at him as soon as he reaches out to you. 

You will not be able to talk that way properly. He might do the same if you speak to him madly, and your talk will be pointless. 

You might upset each other if you come to him aggressively—the tone of your voice matters, as well as how you talk to him. So, apologize to your Sagittarius man.

If he replies to you when you ask him to talk it out, make sure you know what to say. Make sure also that you know what you want to happen between the two of you. 

Make him decide as well; always ask for his opinion when deciding. It will not work if there is only one of you that will make the decision. 

You are asking one’s opinion matters in a relationship. It involves two people. Therefore, the decision must be made by two people as well. 

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Getting ignored by your Sagittarius man after the breakup is hard. Here are the things that you can do: 

First, put your attention away on him. 

Ignore him; you do not have to please him after the breakup. However, if he ignores you, you probably need to stop minding him and get over him.

It will only hurt you more if you still think about him ignoring you. You have to mind yourself more after breaking up with him. 

Accept it already, he is ignoring you now, and the best thing you can do is accept it. It will not be easy, and you can take time to receive it. 

Accepting that he already ignores you is a little bit hard, but it is for the best. So let him go as well. For him, your relationship is done already. 

Focus on yourself now, and be the best version of yourself. It is the best you can do for yourself. 

Acting all clingy after the breakup is something you should not do. It will only do you wrong and is not healthy for you physically and mentally. 

You do not have to look so clingy to him. If he loves you, he will come back. Be confident enough, and you are valuable to chase after him. 

Be busy with your life, and change your lifestyle. Changing how you live when you are with him will help you a lot. 

You can talk to someone you trust and close to you and ask them for advice. They can help you cope and heal faster. 

Have fun 

Crying all over him is a bit tiring. It can only dry your eyes. So take the opportunity to have fun instead.

Go out with your friends to distract yourself; instead of thinking about him, try to do fun things. You do not have to travel to have fun. As long as you are distracted, you can forget about him. 

Do the things that you enjoy even before you meet him. Avoid things that make you remember him and your memories together. 

It is okay if your coping mechanism is watching or reading. You do not have to go out to have fun. Instead, try inviting your closest friend over to your house and pour your emotions into them.

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Be the best version of yourself. 

Try to be the happiest after the breakup, regardless if you do it a lot or with your friends. Your happiness matters the most. 

Being the best version of yourself is not something you do overnight. It is a long process, and one starts healing yourself after the breakup. 

Begin your healing process by letting him go and accepting you will not be together again. Do not pressure yourself to heal faster. 

Healing is a process, and there is no time limit to it. Progress is progress, regardless of being a small and massive process. 

You can try cutting off things that make you remember him and how you used to be. Then, you can return to your old ways or start a new one. 

If you want, you can also change the way you dress, the way you interact with people, and the way you do things. You can also change your physical appearance to your best look. 

You can start by going to the salon and changing your hairstyle by cutting and coloring it. Then, you can search for a particular look and follow it so you can change how you dress. 

Do not compare your progress to others, and it will make you feel discouraged. Different people have different coping mechanisms. Their progress is further than yours as well. 

Go out of your comfort zone this time, and it will bring out the best in you. 

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