Sun Conjunct Ascendant: Bask Under The Influence Of Positivity -

Sun Conjunct Ascendant: Bask Under The Influence Of Positivity

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With the Sun-Ascendant aspects, people with Sun conjunct ascendant natal will find their endeavors working in their favor. It's not because they are lucky.

People get the impression that Sun conjunct ascendant people are bold. But this is not to say that they are intimidating. 

People get the sense that you are someone who has a strong personality and drives.

Sun Traits

The Sun's importance is not news to us. We know how various life forms on Earth get their energies, warmth, and life from the Sun. We do not know about extraterrestrials, but neighboring planets depend on the Sun as well. 

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Planets remain in their orbits because of the Sun's gravitational pull. The Solar System will not exist without the Sun.

Even in astrology, the Sun plays a vital role in our personality. Our date of birth determines our sun sign, and you are right. 

The Sun is our so-called “zodiac sign.” See how it's so vital that a lot of people know their zodiac sign or sun sign. 

The Sun symbolizes our whole being. From our physical attributes down to our hidden talents, the Sun knows all of these. 

If someone asks you to describe yourself, you will answer your Sun traits. Furthermore, if others ask the people close to you, their descriptions would fit your Sun trait. 

The Sun is how we view ourselves and how others view us wholly.

The Sun governs our consciousness and rationality. Additionally, our maturity falls under the Sun's dominion too. 

When we gain knowledge and wisdom, our perception expands too. And when our perception expands, so is our maturity. 

We grow up to be open-minded people when we develop our minds too.

The Sun is associated with our confidence. Are we comfortable socializing? 

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Do we label ourselves as reserved people? In line with this, it is not surprising to know that the Sun represents our ego. 

Confidence and ego go hand-in-hand. Do we take care of our ego and treat it well? 

What does our ego need for it to boost our confidence? The Sun knows the answer to these questions. 

Because the Sun represents our ego, it is also our masculine energy. This star inspires us to be bold and confident in asserting ourselves.

Ascendant Traits

Did you ever think how a lot of your first impressions seem to be different from your personality? It's not entirely different. 

Ascendant or “the front door” is the first personality that others notice in us. 

Our time of birth determines our ascendant sign. When you bump into someone and see that they are reserved people, that's the ascendant at work. 

The ascendant also shows our impulse when we encounter new situations. It is our defense mechanism for unknown persons and circumstances. 

This aspect also indicates how we deal with our routine.

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Sun Conjunct Ascendant Natal

People born under Sun conjunct ascendant transit are innate leaders. 

These people have a lot of energy in them. And it is no surprise that these people direct their energy into their goals.

They are highly motivated and driven when it comes to their goals. This trait is why they are best suited to be leaders. 

They will lead their team in achieving their goals, and they will inspire their team to do their best. These people are confident, and supportive people surround them. 

People love to be around Sun conjunct ascendant natal because their “sunny” personality brightens others too. These people are honest and sincere.

Sun conjunct ascendant people are born winners. For this reason, people admire them so much, and people tend to gravitate towards them.

Sun conjunct ascendant natal pride themselves for being accomplished. And there's a tendency that they feel superior. 

These people need to learn how to be humble. Humility will earn you not only the fruits of your hard work but genuine admiration. 

Sun Conjunct Ascendant Transit

With Sun conjunct ascendant transit, there will be positive energies along the way. This transit will bring a strong impression on everyone. 

You will feel like there's an extra boost of confidence given to you. It is best to take advantage of this boost by going out there and socialize. 

With many uplifting energies in the air, your social circle will get big, and people will be in their good graces.

This transit is also a great time to strike a business deal because you will be more honest with your transactions. This event is also an ideal time to take charge. 

Try to take on leadership roles but start small. Manage a team of a few people and learn from the experiences. 

This event is also an excellent time to learn from your superiors. Initiate a conversation with them and make yourself known.

This event encourages you to take on new challenges. Do not close yourself off from everything. 

Start building new routines, new relationships, and new beginnings. This transit reminds you to let go of whatever negative energy is holding you back. 

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