Mars Conjunct Ascendant: Facing These People And Transit Head On! -

Mars Conjunct Ascendant: Facing These People And Transit Head On!

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Mars Traits

Mars in Roman mythology and the planet's role in astrology are similar. In mythology, people know Mars as the hot-headed, brutal, and war-loving god. Being the God of War, this god is the icon of soldiers and military men. His war skills are out of this world. You best believe that this god will not take any transgression against him lightly.

Moving on to astrology, Mars is a personal planet. since it is a personal planet, it governs a specific part of our identity. In Mars' case, it represents our wrath and extreme feelings. What do we do when we are angry? Do we hide it underneath ourselves or let it burst? Are we violent, or do we spew out words that will inflict violence too?

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Mars, like the red planet that it is, also governs war, chaos, and bloodshed. However, Mars isn't all that negative when you look at it. Mars rules our confidence, drive, ambition, and persistence. How serious are we in pursuing our goals? Are we willing to achieve our goals to the point of sacrificing our ties with other people?

Hence, expect that Mars people are ambitious and motivated people. These people will do everything to achieve their goals. They will not hesitate to hurt people to get what they want. But Mars people's persistence is a double-edged sword. It can be both dangerous and endearing. Endearing in a sense that people envy the way they focus on their goals.

Other people want to be as determined and driven as them. These people are, most often than not, successful in achieving what they want. Mars people are also all about dominance. Expect that they always like to take the lead. Because of their innate leadership skills, these people will take on leadership roles.

But take note that when these people lead, they are stringent and perfectionists. They would expect everything done in their way. Worse, they will shove in your throat the methods that they use. Expect that Mars people are hot-headed. You will see them getting irritated on the smallest of things. And when they do get mad, there is a possibility that these people might spew the most painful words.

Worse, they tend to be violent. Careful not to get on the wrong side of a Mars person. They are vengeful.

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Ascendant Traits

Ascendant is an equally important aspect of astrology. It is as important as the moon and the sun aspects of our personality. It is so vital that when you ask someone their natal chart, the first things that they will give you are the sun, the moon, and the ascendant. What's so essential with the ascendant anyway?

Ascendant is said to be the doorway to our personality. When someone bumps us, the first thing that they will notice in our character is our ascendant. Ascendant is also in charge of what we give off as our first impression.

Mars Conjunct Ascendant Natal

People born under the influence of Mars conjunct ascendant give an intimidating vibe as a first impression. You will feel their solid and independent aura even from miles away. This vibe can be both a blessing and a curse.

It is a blessing because the relationships that you form are not superficial. You attract people because they like the strong personality that you exude. But this can also be a curse, especially if you're a friendly type of person. You will find it hard to make friends, especially when you did not get the chance to talk with them.

Mars-ascendant conjunct people also like to fight for their beliefs and ways. The last thing you will ever do to them is pushing them around. They will not back down, especially when they feel underestimated.

These people are also born with leadership skills. Because Mars' influence is also high up in the air, expect that they like to take charge. Mars-ascendant conjunct people are also upfront. They would not take any sugarcoating words from anyone. These people are also frank and will not hold back their thoughts and feelings.

These people highly value dignity and integrity. It is not surprising that Mars-ascendant people will do anything to maintain their esteemed ego. They are very competitive. Their competitiveness, just like their motivation, is also a double-edged sword. It is both admirable and tricky at the same time.

When Mars-ascendant conjunct people are involved in a competition, they will do anything to win. And they can do it. But once things go on the unexpected way, the ego they hold so dear will crack. These people tend to gravitate to the fields of politics, the military, sports, and surgery.

These people should need to be sensitive at some point and try to have a broader understanding. Unlike Mars conjunct Chiron, Mars conjunct ascendant people tend to underestimate those people who do not have a strong personality is them. Understand that people are different, and it doesn't make them less of a person if they aren't as strong as you.

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Mars Conjunct Ascendant Transit

Mars conjunct Ascendant transit will bring about strength in yourself. You will feel that an extra ounce of courage is in your veins. Take advantage of this extra courage by diving headfirst into the things that scare you. Try on a new project, start new employment, or take online classes. There is a high chance that you will succeed when you embark on these new things.

Similar to Venus Transit on Natal North Node, this transit can also bring aggressiveness in the air. You will be irritable, and most often than not, you will burst into anger. It is best to direct this aggressive energy in physical activities. Try to jog or run. You can also join in sports competitions and channel your negative energy into winning. You will likely win because motivation and drive in winning are high up in the air.

Be careful when you are feeling rage inside. Best to breathe and calm yourself down. Releasing your anger might not be the best in this transit because this can lead to relationship breakdowns and heated altercations with strangers.

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