How to Successfully Make A Taurus Man Jealous (The Do's & Don't) -

How to Successfully Make A Taurus Man Jealous (The Do’s & Don’t)

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Making a Taurus man jealous is an easy task as he is a very sensitive person. Nonetheless, you have to be careful not to cross the line to avoid facing the raging bull of the zodiac. If he sees you talking to another man, he will likely give you the cold shoulder.

A Taurus can be very possessive with his belongings, including the person he loves. He doesn't like it if you focus your attention on other things or people other than him. Thus, be cautious if you pursue your plan to make him jealous.

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Is it a Good Idea to Make a Taurus Man Jealous?

It's not a good idea to make a Taurus man jealous as he might end up losing his trust in you in the process. He may suddenly not talk with you and stay away from you for a while. Thus, it's best only to put an act to remind him of your value rather than fooling around to make him jealous.

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Most men don't like the idea of making them jealous as it can trigger their hidden insecurities. They take it as a sign that their partners don't trust them enough to pull such an act. Such an act brings arguments into the relationship, making it an unworthy try.

Thus, it's crucial to find out the best way to make him jealous without using other men. Follow the do's and don'ts below to make your Taurus man jealous minus the risk successfully.

How to Successfully Make a Taurus Man Jealous?

Consider following the do's and don'ts below to avoid risking losing your relationship.


  • #1 Dress well and let other people flirt with you.

To make your man jealous, let him see that you are dressing well to have fun with some friends. Make sure to choose the dress that makes you stand out. He will not likely permit you to go out but do it anyway.

If he decides to go out with you, make sure that other men will turn their heads when they see you. You may wear a figure-hugging dress with a plunging neckline but with a touch of elegance. Make sure not to respond to the flirting men around you and your Taurus guy will be proud to have you.

A Taurus guy will appreciate it more when you are unresponsive to the men who are trying to get your attention. He will also make more effort to be a good boyfriend, fiancée, or partner with you, knowing that other men like you too.

  • #2 Don't be too available

Being not too available for your Taurus guy will ignite his curiosity. He will get curious why you are not having enough time for him like you used to. You may receive a few calls and text messages from him, but don't answer them right away.

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Let your Taurus man wait for your response. Consider waiting for some hours before you respond to either his calls or texts. Let him know by then that you have pressing things you had to attend to, the reason why you were not able to answer his call.

Knowing that you are a busy person, he will respect your time and try to be more available for you during your free time. Nonetheless, make sure not to overdo this as he might feel that the spark isn't there anymore and try to leave.

He might also feel that you don't have any feelings for him anymore. He may also try to spend less time with you knowing that you don't have time for him. Your Taurus beau may also take it the wrong way and take it as a sign that you already have someone else in your heart.

Thus, ensure to do this in moderation to avoid ruining your relationship.

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  • #3 Talk about someone successful.

To spice things up, mention the success of others, especially in the financial area. This will make your Taurus man get envious and drive him to exert more effort to succeed. However, please don't do this by comparing him to that successful person.

He will undoubtedly hate it and will start to treat you coldly since you've crossed the line. One thing that you should know about a Taurus is that he hates getting compared to others. He's working so hard to attain success, so it will be a big slap in his face to compare him to someone already successful.

It's like you are telling him that he is a failure even though that's not what you meant. Thus, be careful how you elaborate this, as he might get pissed and see you as a red flag.

  • # 4 Tell him about the guys that are trying to flirt with you.

A Taurus man appreciates it a lot when his woman is honest with him. Thus, tell him about the guys that are trying to flirt with you days or weeks ago and he will raise hell in jealousy. He might not show his jealousy in your front but know that he is screaming with envy internally.

In which case, you need to read his mind to be more sensitive around him. Read your Taurus man like an open book with a guide like Taurus Man Secrets.

When you try to share this scenario with him, make sure to be descriptive. Tell him about the guy who bought you a drink when you're hanging out with your friends.

Exaggerate the story a little to make it more interesting. Tell your Taurus man that the stranger asked for your number from your friend when you did not give it to him. Elaborate how crazy it is the next day you came to find a bouquet of flowers outside your door with a sweet message.

After that, clear the air and tell him that you already said through your friend that you're taken. Although he will feel very jealous, he will not get mad about it and appreciate you for your honesty. He will also ensure to make you feel special to prevent you from entertaining other guys.

  • #5 Ignore him a little.

A Taurus man in love loves to be the center of attention of the woman he loves. Thus, consider ignoring him a little while you are at a party with him. Engage in a group conversation and ensure to make eye contact with another man while talking.

Seeing that you are giving some of your attention to another man will make him upset. Nonetheless, he will like it simultaneously, knowing his woman can handle herself well. He loves a woman who can hold a good conversation and is independent in her ways.

A Taurus man is compatible with an Aries woman. As an Aries woman, you have the guts to ignore him for satisfaction.

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  • #6 Stop complimenting him.

A Taurus man likes to receive compliments from the woman he loves as it reassures him and boosts his ego. This is why a Taurus is quick to notice if his girl stops giving him the compliments that he craves. He will conclude that you have found a new thing or person that got your interest.

He will start to give his full attention to you and search for the reasons why you are distant from him. He will begin to investigate where you are giving your attention to and see why you are acting so offbeat. He will likely not stop until it is clear to him why you've stopped showering him with compliments.

  • #7 Do things for other people.

One thing that a male Taurus hates is when his woman does things for other people. He doesn't mind the fact that his girl is helping other people. What he hates about it is the divided attention he gets.

He doesn't like to share the attention of his woman with others, especially with men. Thus, a Taurus guy may go beast-mode if you, as his woman, go out with your male coworker to help him buy something. He will never listen to your reason and will likely ignore you for some time.


  • #1 Flirting with another man in front of him.

Trust is a massive thing for a Taurus man. Thus, if he sees you flirting with another man in front of him, you will be losing his trust and consider moving on. He doesn't want to invest his emotions and resources in things or people that won't bring value to his life.

Cheating and flirting are on top of his list of things he hates the most. He doesn't see any good reason why people do such things. For him, if you are not happy, then you may leave.

  • #2 Bringing up your ex in the topic.

A male Taurus will hate it if you bring up even your ex's name in the topic. As you might already know, a Taurus is highly possessive of the things he owns and the woman he loves. Thus, bringing up your ex's name might not be a good idea as he might think that you missed him.

Remembering your ex in front of him will make him feel as if he's not enough and trying to compare him to your past lover. Although this might not be your intention, your Taurus guy might take it the wrong way. Thus, consider not bringing your ex to any of your topics.

You wouldn't want to mess things up with your Taurus man, it will take too much time and efforts to patch things up with him. 

But if you ever go overboard, Taurus Expert Anna Kovach's Taurus Man Secrets guide might help you with making it up to him. 

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