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Ten of Swords as Feelings (Upright, Reversed, & Combinations)

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Ten of Swords as Feelings (Upright)

Someone’s Feelings For You

If you’re curious about someone’s feelings, they’re currently grieving. They’re having a difficult time coping with their current problems.

They don’t know the easiest way out of this madness. They just want to be okay to move forward without holding any grudges.

Because this person isn’t someone who loves to hate people, they often give unconditional love so much that it’s always taken for granted.

They just want to detach whenever they’re with you for a while. They need to clear things according to their terms without any help.

But it wouldn’t hurt their ego if they choose to be vulnerable to you. It’s okay if they decide to show their weaknesses because you’re willing to accept them.

Your Lover’s Feelings For You

If you’re curious about your partner’s feelings, they’re exhausted. They don’t see the relevance of trying to make an effort for you.

Because they feel like this relationship doesn’t have the strength to continue, they believe they’re always the ones who would make huge adjustments.

So sometimes they feel skeptical if they should stay or leave. However, they still love you despite having difficulty with what to decide.

But they don’t know the right choice to make at the moment. They crave your attention, but they refuse to reach out right now.

This person needs to be alone to reflect on their thoughts. So you should also take time to figure out how to make this work.

Your Ex’s Feelings For You

If you're curious about your ex's feelings, they still feel sad. The relationship had a massive impact on their life, and they're trying to move forward.

Because they currently have a difficult time being okay. They want to stop negative thoughts from entering their mind.

They feel exhausted because they continue to overthink this situation. There are times when they need to question their worth.

But they don't want to put all the blame on you. They're perfectly aware that they've messed up, leading to the relationship's end.

If you're looking for a sign of reconciliation, this may not be the right time. They don't want to deal with this connection for now.

Ten of Swords Reversed as Feelings

Someone’s Feelings For You

Ten of Swords Reversed as Feelings in reverse means someone feels prepared to take the healing stage. They’re confident that everything will heal at the right time.

So they want to leave things from the past and never look back. Even if the past caused them immense pain, they still learned a lot of lessons.

They’re willing to treasure the lessons they got from the past. The positive thing about this is they’re willing to apply past lessons for future purposes.

You know that they don’t deserve what some people did to them. So you’re willing to remain by their side until they feel okay again.

Whenever they’re with you, they feel safe and comfortable. They feel at peace to know that someone is willing to stay.

Your Lover’s Feelings For You

In reverse, your partner is ready to take things slow with you. They finally realize the essence of this relationship to grow for the future.

So they don’t want to let petty fights and misunderstandings ruin your progress. They want to be with you until they become stable and prosperous,

Because they don’t want to spend their life loving someone else, they’re already confident that you have a solid and unbreakable connection.

So they’re willing to heal on their own terms and accept whatever happened. They’re also ready to settle things with you in the long run.

It’s now time to lower your pride and forgive them. Because you don’t also see yourself loving someone else in the long run.

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Your Ex’s Feelings For You

In reverse, your ex is finally choosing themselves over this connection. They poured too much effort and loved on you; now they’re letting you go.

Because they know you need to go your separate ways. This doesn’t mean you’re both unhealthy for each other.

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This is a sign that you need to grow individually, even if they’re the right person. You need to feel more confident to live an independent and simple life.

This means that codependency will not remain by your side forever because you and your ex need to focus on your individual goals.

Take this as an opportunity to focus on the things you want for yourself. It’s time to take your power back and heal for the better.

Ten of Swords and Ace of Pentacles as Feelings

This combination shows you’re holding back from the things you want. You believe you deserve to live a stable life but feel restricted.

There are instances when you choose to hide your true potential. You would always choose to feel anxious about how people perceive you.

But this is inevitable to feel, so your feelings are always valid. However, you’ll not achieve your goals if you keep hiding in the corner.

The future is uncertain, but you must do your job to work hard. In order to get what you want, you need to stay determined.

Don’t lose sight of your long-term goals because there’s always progress. Remember, you’re doing great, even during uncertain times.

Ten of Swords and Knight of Wands as Feelings

This combination shows you're unable to move forward because there is a part of you that still lingers on the past.

So now you feel trapped because you don't have any other options. When in reality, you can choose peace and move on.

You're not just helping yourself to stand up from your sufferings. You continue to feel worried about the people who aren't relevant to you.

This is a sign that some people don't reciprocate what you give. And that should always be okay because it's a sign that they don't deserve you.

So quit your whining and choose peace over past people. You'll do much more if you walk away from toxic situations.

Ten of Swords and Eight of Cups as Feelings

This combination is a sign you feel brave for walking away. You now realize you don’t deserve to stay in some situations and people.

Because they have the ability to make you feel suffocated, there are times when certain people take your efforts for granted.

So you better give them the taste of their own medicine. Sometimes, leaving people who continue to show you confusion is better.

Once you leave, you don’t owe them an explanation for your actions. Because reciprocating what they give you is the key to peace.

You’re better off alone than with people who don’t know what they want. You will accomplish big things in life, with or without them.

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Ten of Swords and the Moon as Feelings

Ten of Swords and the Moon as Feelings combination suggests that you need to trust your intuition. When everything feels overwhelming, it’s best to trust what your gut says.

If your intuition says to step back, maybe that’s the best choice because you aren’t always responsible for things out of your control.

This also applies to the people you feel you’re obliged to care for. But remember, you have your own life, so focus on that.

Because people have the ability to put their compassion into abuse, make sure you provide time to choose yourself this time.

But of course, things will still be confusing in your case. What you need right now is to detach from people and intertwine with your thoughts.

This combination shows you’re trying to determine your emotions. However, you feel trapped from feeling the things you need to feel.

Perhaps you’re refraining from feeling the truth that lies within you. Instead, you choose to divert your attention by staying preoccupied.

You used to be sure that you knew your emotions, which is why it was easier for you to reach out to people and understand their problems.

But now you feel like your emotions are blocked. This is starting to make you feel infuriated because you don’t know what to do.

Take this as a sign to choose solitude and independence for a while. You deserve to interact with peace and feel what your heart has to say.

Ten of Swords and Death as Feelings

Ten of Swords and Death as Feelings combination is a sign that you need to prepare for something. Whatever this is, there’s a possibility that negative feelings are involved.

So whatever circumstances you face, make sure you’re ready to face them. It’s inevitable to experience unexpected hardships while you’re thriving.

But make sure you provide a space for yourself to heal. There’s time to gather your thoughts and emotions if a fallout occurs.

So it’s okay to feel sad and broken when someone did you wrong. It’s okay to break down and relapse when someone takes you for granted.

But remember, this isn’t the end of your self-love journey because you’ll continue to achieve remarkable things despite the heartbreak.

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Ten of Swords and Temperance as Feelings

This combination wants you to choose balance and peace over anything. Whatever happens, you don’t need to give up on your goals.

This is a sign that you shouldn’t take things too seriously. You may be sensitive, but not everything and everyone is for you.

So no matter how the truth hurts, you need to accept what’s meant for you. Because even if you experience hardships, you’ll make your way to the top.

All it takes is for you to be consistent in working hard. This may be easier said than done, but you don’t have much of a choice.

If you need to achieve something important for you, get that achievement. Nothing can stop you from reaching your dreams in the long run.

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