Death Tarot Card Meaning (Upright & Reversed) -

Death Tarot Card Meaning (Upright & Reversed)

The word death is for dying and dead- it is the action of life, ending. Death is one of the most feared and fretted cards in a tarot deck, along with its co-major arcana cards like The Tower and the Devil.

The major arcana's thirteenth card is Death. Death is the succeeding card of The Hanged Man.

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One may connect the Death tarot card with the element of water, Pluto the planet, and the astrological sign Scorpio. Its key dates are from the 23rd of October up to the 22nd of November.

In the tarot card deck, Death does not have to indicate natural mortality. Instead, it more regularly hints at transformation, transmutation, or new beginnings.

It commonly indicates change and alteration that shall end everything old. With this, you need to cut everything like ties and cords, anything that still connects you with those things. You have to free yourself from the imprisonment of things that no longer serve you a purpose.

You do not need to cling and stay with the old you. The more you do, the more you will have a hard time accepting things. Like how change is consistent, creation is also constant. This tarot card may also foretell you that one requires destruction. For destruction, it will lead you to understand the process of transformation and transmutation. For purification and rebirth, one must die first.

The steady evolution towards development leads to departure at the edge of the days. It produces the thrill of recreating brand-new variants of us per plane. We must subdue the terror of Death plus transform, transmute, and change by allowing it as a component of life.

Inevitable and cumbersome modifications are what this method brings. Even so, it will lead you to your victory and be the champion of your own.

Table of Contents

Symbolisms Of Death Tarot Card

The Death tarot card is the most misunderstood and the most feared in the entire tarot card deck.

The tarot card's depiction shows that on top of a horse is a skeleton. Stating the obvious, they characterized Death as a skeleton whose outlasted physical form is his bones.

Armor is what the skeleton wears, and a flag is what this skeleton carries. Death's armor is a representation of invincibility; this invincibility pertains that no one could ever harm nor destroy Death because he is Death himself.

Death, in the depiction, is on a magnificent white horse. The Death card can purify anyone and everyone. The majestic white stallion of Death is the symbol of this purification.

The flag that he is holding up is in color black, and it has a white pattern.

Lying before him are some religious clothed men who seem to be appealing to him for mercy and salvation. These men, a pauper, and a king. This part signifies that Death does not classify you with the ongoing duality. He does not purify people by their class or hierarchy. Whatever status and grace, to submit to Death is what everything and everyone must do.

Even with all the evilness and darkness that one connects with Death, he can still bring and signify goodness. Death may represent a mortal who must let go of the things which they cannot manage. He can foretell change, revolution, transformation, and transmutation. He can help let go of every attachment keeping you back in moving on for a better and brighter future.

The Numerology Of Death Tarot Card

The major arcana's Death is the card that has the number thirteen. In most cultures like Western and East Asian cultures, this number is very much unlucky.

If you are wondering why and how; well, thirteen consists of the numbers one and three. If you add one and three together, you will get four- they consider this unlucky. In Asian countries like Taiwan, China, Japan, and Korea: the words death and four sound alike.

They say that one may link the Death tarot card to all the tarot cards with the number four. If you are curious; well, the reason is that they have accordance in terms of a numerological symbol.

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Death Tarot Card: Keywords


  • Change
  • Endings
  • Failure
  • Getting rid of excess
  • Letting go of attachments
  • Loss
  • Mortality
  • New beginnings
  • Powerful movement
  • Profound change
  • Severe illness
  • Spiritual transformation
  • Release
  • Resolutions
  • Sudden
  • Transformation
  • Transmutation
  • Transition
  • An unexpected upheaval


  • Danger
  • Decay
  • Delayed endings
  • Dependency
  • Depression
  • Fear of beginnings
  • Immobility
  • Inability to move forward
  • Inertia
  • Living unaware
  • Long terminal illness
  • Repeating negative patterns
  • Resistance to change
  • Stagnancy

Upright Death Tarot Card Meaning


The Death tarot card implies that one period of life is ceasing, and a new one begins when you encounter this card is in an upright position. This tarot card tells you that to attain that future that you desire, you must let go. It would be best if you left things the way they used to be. Once you do, purification and rebirth are what you will perceive.

Death Card (Upright) in Health

Whether you feel stressed or feeling angsty, do not use vices as your getaway. The Death card advises you not to drink, smoke, nor use drugs. Instead of vices, focus on becoming the best version of yourself. Start unleashing the beast within you. You can do everything, you are strong and able to handle and cope with the difficult life phases.

Never abuse nor overwork yourself physically or mentally. If you do, this will be the reason for your hardest comedown. Make sure to take care of yourself.

Death Card (Upright) in Career

When it comes to a career, an upright Death tarot card is a signal and a warning. It tells you not to be too dependent on everything about work and career. The reason is that nothing is constant but change. Change is the only consistent thing in life. Everything and everyone is endlessly evolving.

You never know, maybe you wake up one day jobless because they fired you and need to find a new living source. So, to not be sorry for what has to come, do not be too dependent and too at ease.

If the time that you got the upright Death tarot card and suppose you're contemplating on things that have to do with your job and career path. The Death tarot card is your heads up to up your game. The results for contemplations are significant; that is why you need to ponder carefully which path you want to take.

Death Card (Upright) in Money

In terms of money, Death tells you that a financial challenge and hurdle will be showing itself soon. It warns you about the losses and deeds you must take to deal with them and overcome them.

When particular difficulties and obstacles arrive, confront them head-on and do everything you need to survive it. Fretting and worrying too much would get you in a graver state. Even though these will be hardships, the Death tarot card tells you that you will benefit from it. You will uncover more lessons that you may use shortly after your encounter.

Death Card (Upright) in Love and Relationships

In terms of love, the Death tarot card tells you that you will get a great romance, but you must first remove your excess baggage for it to come. You must transform yourself first to allow someone to knock on your door.

This upright Death tarot card gives you a hint that your next relationship is a relationship that is wholly bizarre and unique from all your past relationships. It will be the most immeasurable one of all.

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Reversed Death Tarot Card Meaning


If Death is in a reversed position, you realize that lately, you want to change, but you end up not doing anything because you are resisting change. Do not feel afraid of the foreign and the uncertainty. Do not misuse time musing, whether it is right or wrong- you need to trust yourself.

Death Card (Reversed) in Health

In the context of one's health, this reversed tarot card is not the sign that you may want to draw. This tarot card reveals your bad habits of neglecting what you are feeling. Do not ignore the illness and pain you are feeling- if the need to see the doctor, you should do so. Deal with these health concerns heads on so that they may heal soon.

Death Card (Reversed) in Career

A reversed Death card that you must do a change in your career path. If you do not desire change, at least find a meaning for you to work more heartedly and feel satisfaction and fulfillment.

Death Card (Reversed) in Money

A reversed tarot card of Death is a bad omen. The same with the upright Five of Wands card, the Death card tells you that you will have financial struggles and other crisis regarding money and wealth. You need to plan ahead of time so that you may survive what has to come. Before it is too late, change how you manipulate your money and wealth– stop your faulty practices and be more mature and discerning.

Death Card (Reversed) in Love and Relationships

A reversed Death tarot card is a warning, and a heads up in a tarot card love reading. It is not a good sign if you ask me.

This reversed tarot card shouts the demise of your loved one. This tarot tells you the final ending of that loved one.

Death Advice

The Death card’s advice wants you to detach completely. Relinquish yourself from situations and people that continue to ruin you.

You’re still holding on to old beliefs. These beliefs made you view the world from a dark perspective.

Remember that it’s okay to let go of old beliefs. It’s okay to change your perspective when someone educates you.

Soon enough, your old beliefs make up for who you are. It determines how you perceive yourself and the world.

When the time comes, have the courage to detach. You’ll not be okay if you continue to hold on to suffocating situations.

Death Reversed Advice

Change is scary, but so does staying the same.

Death tells you that you’re not making progress. So don’t let go of your toxic behavioral patterns and continue implementing them.

A sign shows up in front of you, telling you to detach. But you continue to ignore this sign as you go on with your life.

If you do not choose detachment, it will only be more challenging for you. You’ll continue to inflict toxic connections with people.

You’re stubborn; you refuse to hear the right words. You’ll prefer to go outside, have a drink, and forget about your problems.

Death as a Person

Death as a person is someone who prefers to be hidden. They want to keep their transformation private rather than broadcasting it.

You experienced significant hardships in the past. There are several times when you almost fell into rock bottom.

You lost a family relative, pet, friend, or a love connection. It took a long time for you to pass the grieving stage.

You also encountered countless rejections. It can be college admissions or opportunities related to work.

You fought a battle. And yet, here you are, doing what it takes to survive.

The universe will be right behind you.

Death Reversed as a Person

Death in reverse as a person is someone who doesn’t want to change. Instead, they adapted what it’s like to live in the void of despair.

You’re someone who doesn’t want to change because you believe nothing will change. You think that if you change yourself, the world will not adjust for you.

You often think that nihilism exists; life is always meaningless. You already gave up searching for the purpose of your being.

If an opportunity comes, you believe it’s only temporary. But, it will be in your life and walk out the door immediately.

You accepted your fate.

Death Present

Death in the present position gives you an abundance of change. It encourages you to adjust to things that will matter swiftly.

You’re receiving job opportunities from left to right. Regional sponsorships are contacting you for school scholarships.

Maybe you will continue to meet new friends along the way. These people admire your intense devotion to change.

But the present is also about leaving one behind. You will relinquish a critical situation or person in your life to grow.

All in all, the present shows your commitment to change. You’re ready to make adjustments for your best version to appear.

Death Past

Death in the past shows how your resilience was made. You went through a rough time in the past years.

It came to the point where you felt like nothing was working. With every effort and sacrifice, the result didn’t come out.

You created a mirage of someone you want to be. But this illusion tells you that you can’t be someone you’re not.

You felt hopeless during those dark days. You refuse to connect with people who tried reaching out to you.

The past made you realize that life will pull you down. But you need to get up.

Death Future

Death in the future position prepares you for challenges. It will show you that you’ll experience more fallouts and breakdowns again.

What’s essential in this time is that you already know what to do. You’ve been here before, seen this film before, and you’re going to change the ending.

You’ll continue to motivate yourself that everything will be fine. If you fall again, you’ll stand, pick up your sword, and fight.

The future will bring you an abundance of opportunities and blessings. You’ll take the process one step at a time.

You’re open to new beginnings with a fresh perspective.

Death as How Someone Feels About You

Someone wants to crack up your skull to see your thoughts. This person feels the urge to suddenly confront you about something.

Perhaps they’re trying to figure you out to see your emotions. They want to be the person you talk to when you feel like falling apart.

There are times when they want to apologize. They feel like an apology may lessen the burden you’re feeling.

This person is thankful that they met someone like you. In their heart, you’re someone who serves as an inspiration for change.

This person also wants to help you in the change process.

Death Outcome

The outcome will lead you to the acceptance stage. Finally, you’ll choose to give in to self-transformation to break unhealthy patterns.

There are people and situations that you’re hesitant to let go of. You need to understand the purpose of why they enter in your life.

These situations and people serve as a lesson for you. They’re the ones who will continue to change your perspectives.

Your perspectives can be positive or negative. However, it’s mostly positive when it comes to seeing the beauty of life-changing.

You’ll welcome your new stage in life with open arms.

You rise and never quit.

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Death Pregnancy and Fertility

Death can present positive and negative signs for pregnancy. This could mean new beginnings or an end of life.

Due to misfortune, there is a possibility that your child won’t make it. This is due to the fact that your health condition aligns with your child.

Since you and your child are connected, what affects you will affect the other. You may be suffering from a hierarchical illness that can inflict on your child.

On the other hand, death in pregnancy is a new beginning. It’s time to let go of your old life and conform to what’s vastly approaching.

Death Energy

The energy of the Death is neutral. It has something to do with the changes you make in your life.

You have this urge to change but don’t know where to begin. You’re lost in confusion about whether you’ll remain in your zone or not.

This energy will make up for how you’ll decide for yourself. You’ll make a choice that is beneficial for your personal development.

This energy also aims to abolish all the harm that surrounds you. This is specifically mental and emotional harm that bothers your thoughts.

You’ll bring this energy along in your journey to change.

Death as Actions

The Death card as an action wants you to act on your beliefs. This is a sign that you need to move rather than remain stagnant.

If you want to change something for yourself, you need to make adjustments. You should be willing to confront your problems and conquer your fears.

Being able to decide when to act can be a lot of pressure. But it will take time before you finally adapt yourself to immediate action.

Choosing to act rather than to wait is a good sign. It means you’re willing to put in all the practicality to succeed.

Death as Intentions

The Death card as intention could mean your yearning for change. You want to move on, start a new life and change your mindset.

There are days when you want to have amnesia. You believe this will enable you to forget everything and everyone.

You’re currently stuck in a dreadful cycle. You want to get out of this loophole to seek your purpose in the wild.

You feel like you’ve been put up in a cell. You want to release your manacles and get the freedom you deserve.

In order to change, your intentions must adhere to constantly choosing yourself.

Death as How Someone Sees You

Someone sees that you hide your true potential. They view you as someone afraid to show your true self.

Perhaps this person admires you from afar. However, they often observe you when you’re alone in libraries, corridors, or workplaces.

This person wants to approach you but continues to hesitate. They feel like you won’t entertain them due to your cold presence.

This person also views you as someone who is often dedicated to change. They’ve seen you fall many times, but they’re also there when you succeed.

They desperately want to help you to abolish your old cycles and beliefs.

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Death Time Frame

The Death card’s time frame depends on your situation. The period can be immediate, precisely 3 weeks, or can last up to 4 months.

The specific month will start on October 23 and will end on November 22. Moreover, the tarot card has a relation to the zodiac sign, Scorpio.

But these specific events won’t occur if you’re not ready to change. This card tracks if there’s any progress when it comes to change.

Don’t expect something to happen if you’ll not move. The constellations don’t align your fate for an event to miraculously happen.

Prepare yourself for transformation cycles.

Death as a Woman

The Death card as a woman presents a feminine energy resisting change. You may be someone who is afraid to pack your bags and leave.

You’re debating whether you’ll transfer to a competitive university or not. You’ll have to move to another city if you choose to transfer.

If you decide to move out from your hometown, this is where the challenge starts. You’ll be the “new girl in town” who is a stranger.

You’re afraid of adjusting to unfamiliar situations. This is because you adapted to relying on a single thing.

Leaving your comfort zone is already personal growth.

Death as a Man

The Death card as a man focuses on self-development. You may be the person who refuses to quit so someone will not pity you.

You often show your masculine side to people. You have no time to break down because you choose to overwork.

There are instances when results won’t show up. But you immediately accept the fact that a situation isn’t for you.

Despite your negative thinking, you want to experience change. So you continue to strive in order to achieve your goals.

Your resiliency brought you here today. It’s okay to celebrate your achievements and mourn your failures.

Death Communication

The Death card is an advantage in achieving good communication. This card will be the blueprint if you want your connection to grow.

Maybe you or someone close to you is feeling stagnant. Both of you are afraid to approach the other to talk.

You refuse to make adjustments; this person does the same. You’re acting stubborn even if you want things to change.

Your conscience will do everything for you to give in. One of you will have to start the conversation.

You need immediate confrontation. Things will not come to a resolution if you don’t make your move.

Death Reconciliation

If you’re waiting for a reconciliation to happen, why are you just waiting? The Death card urges you to make the first move.

This card may be a symbol that a past person may communicate with you. Both of you have issues from the past that are not yet solved.

The purpose of this reconciliation isn’t only about forgiveness. You and this person are willing to work things out again.

You’re going through a long process of change. Adjustments need to happen and constant communication.

Be ready to leave the past behind, but still see it as a major lesson.

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Death Physical Appearance

The Death as physical appearance takes the form of a Grim Reaper. This entity rides on a horse while countless deaths surround him.

The Grim Reaper isn't supposed to present a bad omen. Instead, it approaches you and takes your old habits.

You need to prepare yourself for your interaction with the Grim Reaper. You must be willing to take away the old life that made you suffer.

Physical appearance can also apply to you. Perhaps you have a pale skin that makes you look like a lifeless body.

Your pale appearance symbolizes your stress or fatigue from constant work.

Death in a Love Reading

The Death card in a love reading is a symbol of new beginnings. This can resonate if you’re single or have recently been in a breakup.

This doesn’t have to be a rush of love all of a sudden. This love can move in as slow as the movement of space.

You deserve a slow and soft love that wasn’t like your past. You deserve a love that will take time because you’re still healing.

You’ll meet a person who is different from the others. This person will show you that you don’t have to pretend if you’re with them.

Death Reversed Love Reading

The Death card in reverse in a love reading notices your skepticism. You refuse to give in to commitment because of what happened in the past.

Maybe a person suddenly came into your life. However, at this time, you’re still in your healing phase.

This person continues to exert their love and effort. They understand that you can’t reciprocate their energy and respect that.

The card says that you have trouble trusting this person. So you submerge yourself into anxiousness and overthinking if this will work.

If the person gives up because you aren’t ready, it can ruin you again.

Death Reversed Outcome

The possible outcome shows that you’re not ready to give in. you didn’t prepare yourself to change for the better.

You don’t want to leave your old habits behind. This is because they have already become a part of you, even if they’re negative.

You believe that you’re not capable of making change. You want to feel contentment in the present state that you’re in.

You accept things people give that are below the bare minimum. You think it’s okay when people treat you poorly or unjustly.

The card wants you to decide instead of lingering in your old self.

Death Reversed Pregnancy

The Death card can also be a negative sign for pregnancy. This could mean that you're not taking good care of your child.

You refuse to stay in your old safe rather than to change. You're afraid to leave the solitary life you constantly enjoy and cherish.

It can be possible that this pregnancy isn't your priority. The health condition of the baby doesn't worry you.

Family and friends continue to help you through this journey. But you decline their offer because you think you can manage it independently.

Truth be told, you're afraid of entering the peculiarity of parenthood.

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Death Friendship

The Death card in friendships may be a symbol of farewell. It’s possible that you don’t have a good relationship with your friends.

It’s also possible that you or your friend will move out of town. You think it’s best that you part ways in order to grow.

Your relationship with your friends may be inconsistent and overwhelming. All of you don’t settle on your differences and concerns.

This can also relate to a friend group that you’ve outgrown. You can’t see the sparks or connection anymore.

Going in separate ways with your friends doesn’t make you the wrong person.

Death and Ace of Swords

Death isn’t a scary thing when it’s not a literal death. Instead, death is something that reminds us that we need to stay alive.

By staying alive, we cease to live rather than just exist. Because to bluntly live is to say that you’re uncertain of your purpose in life.

So you need to understand that there are days when you fall apart. But during these days, you’ll adapt to the idea of remaining resilient.

Death and the Ace of Swords are a powerful card combination. They’re a reminder that you’ll always receive a second shot in life.

So you don’t need to be afraid if something’s changing in you. If it’s positive, then you’re about to break the barriers of toxic patterns.

If it’s negative, then you need to start controlling your emotions and character. You need to educate yourself to be the excellent person that you should become.

Death and Ace of Pentacles

You’ll need to undergo a significant transformation in your life. So you must be willing to adapt to change even if it’s difficult at first.

Because you’ll soon get used to it whether you like it or not. You don’t want to waste your years staying in an old and toxic space.

Instead, you’ll let yourself explore the different wonders of the world. You’ll encourage yourself to be more attentive to things.

The Ace of Pentacles and Death shows a powerful combination. This may be a sign that your manifestations will be on their way.

This will only occur if you’re already committed to change. If you’re now ready to leave the past, start affirming and persisting.

The good news may be in relation to wealth. With the Ace of Pentacles, you can live a stable life with money.

So don’t ever let your passion and skills go to waste.

Death and Page of Cups

Prepare yourself for an exciting adventure that awaits you. This is a sign that you’ll soon reach your goals for the future.

You’re someone who is willing to submerge to change. You’re already done staying in the dark corner and don’t have to pretend anymore.

You’re someone who will embrace change under all circumstances. So take this as a sign of new beginnings coming your way.

Death and the Page of Cups can be a good combination. This is a sign that you’re consistent and persistent in making your dreams come true.

A path toward a new beginning is just around the corner. Remember to be patient and be sure of what you want to achieve.

You don’t want to be indecisive and regret another decision. So you’re carefully observing your actions and words.

You’re someone who is willing to grow into the best version of yourself to ultimately succeed.

Death and Four of Wands

You’ll soon realize that things happen for a reason. You don’t need to put pressure on yourself by relying on what’s not for you.

Because you’ll start to realize that some things aren’t for you. There are situations and people that aren’t meant to stay.

And that’s okay because you’ll still continue to live your life. You’ll be able to do extraordinary things and boost your confidence.

The Four of Wands and Death is a powerful card combination. They serve as a reminder that everything isn’t an accident.

You’ll realize that the timing isn’t right for you this time. But with the Four of Wands, you’ll learn to know what it’s right for you.

All it takes is for you to trust the divine timing. Surrender your worries and anxiety to the universe, and they’ll help you.

Also, learn how to be patient in order to receive abundant opportunities.

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Death and Knight of Swords

Whatever happens, you must not lose your faith in yourself. Despite the struggles that you’re currently facing, you’ll find your light.

It doesn’t matter how long it takes. What matters is for you to arrive safely at the right destination when everything’s correct.

You deserve to fully discover your true potential. Don’t let a person or a situation be a hindrance to your dreams.

The Knight of Swords and Death are a powerful card combination. They want to remind you that staying resilient is the key.

When you become resilient, the wounds don’t need to be a big deal. Because you’ll focus more on making your goals work.

The process and consequences don’t matter as long as you’re trying. You must learn how to be patient while waiting for results.

Be brave and face the challenges that may come. This will only make you strong enough to defeat heartbreaks.

Death and Page of Swords

Don’t spend your time being nosy over the business of others. Because people have their own lives to think of, so you do the same.

This doesn’t necessarily make you a wrong person. You just need to lessen sticking up your nose to other people’s lives.

Because they’re not obligated to show their stories to you. And it’s not your responsibility to study and analyze their lives.

The Page of Swords and Death may be a good card combination. This is a sign that you’ll soon learn to rip off your toxic traits.

With the Death card, significant changes will enter in your life. You’ll have the strength to fight your negative traits to be better.

In the past, you used to be nosy about knowing people’s lives. But now you realize that you must focus on yourself more often.

Focus on what you want to do in the future.

Death and Queen of Cups

It’s time to realize that not everything is for you. So you have to undergo numerous changes to further learn your worth.

Because you don’t need to rely on your goals to do what others want. Being kind and understanding doesn’t mean you don’t have limitations.

You need to put barriers between you and other people. You need to realize that you need to take care of yourself more.

Death and Queen of Cups are a vital card combination. They can be a sign that transformation will occur through thunderstorms.

This means that the Death card will appear during the worst days. These days when you feel like everything will come to an end.

And you feel like you want to fall apart, but you can’t. Because you need to face another journey that will require you to succeed.

Listen to what your heart desires, and be kind to yourself.

Death and Queen of Wands

There will come a time when you’ll hit rock bottom. But whatever happens, you need to remain calm and don’t get distracted.

Because choosing to complain and panic will make things worse. You’ll not arrive at a final decision in order to solve this matter.

So you need to prepare yourself every day for possible fallouts. You need to be ready when things will start to be chaotic again.

The Queen of Wands and Death is a good card combination. They serve as a reminder that you need to focus on your goals.

Things that don’t go on your way shouldn’t be the end line. Because the line of your goals is continuous, so keep walking.

You don’t need to force situations to immediately be okay. You need to be more patient and let things unfold.

Whatever the result is, you can always pull yourself back again toward the light.

Death and Eight of Wands

You don’t want to waste time, so you’ll start to move now. But you’re also aware that you’re currently in a transition phase.

So you’re willing to do anything it takes to change for the better. Because you believe that there are responsibilities that are waiting.

You’re someone who doesn’t want to continue lingering around. But you’re someone who is willing to make double efforts to achieve your dreams.

Death and the Eight of Wands are an important card combination. They’re a reminder that transformation will only boost your energy.

With the Eight of Wands, you have an energetic personality. You’re always willing to explore more ideas and interests.

If you lay your eyes on a hobby, you’ll work on it. And it will take you constant dedication and willpower to master this.

With the Death card, you’re trying to move on from things that no longer serve you.

Death and Five of Cups

You’re currently trying to get over someone or something. If you’re in separation from your partner, you’re diverting your attention from this.

Because you don’t want to constantly end up in despair. You want to enter the stage of healing but don’t know where to start.

Because a part of you is still hoping that it will go back to normal. A part of you is still expecting that you can be a remedy for this connection.

The Five of Cups and Death are an important tarot combination. They want you to realize that you don’t need to be sad forever.

Instead, you need to look at things from a different perspective. You need to realize that life will offer so much more for you in the future.

With the Five of Cups, you’re currently in the stage of grief. It may take time to transfer to the acceptance stage.

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Death and Five of Swords

Perhaps you’re a part of a sports team. You and your team are currently engaging in a large competition; this may be a championship.

You and the team already worked really hard in order to win this. You practiced and went to training on a daily basis to improve your skills.

But suddenly, things start to fall apart during the competition. Perhaps a physical injury entered the scene on one of your teammates.

The Five of Swords and Death seem to be an alarming combination. This is a sign that if you don’t take caution, risky situations will occur.

But with the Death card, this should serve as a lesson. A lesson wherein the whole team should work harder and cooperate more.

Because you need to build a stronger foundation of constant trust and reliance. This is necessary to avoid unexpected fallouts, especially if you can’t readily accept defeat.

Death and King of Swords

Even if you feel like you’re on the right path, this may fall apart. But you need to understand that this situation is always inevitable.

Even if you have a vast leadership figure, you’re not in control of everything. You can’t control what happens in the future.

But what you can control is your response and action. You have the ability to handle things from an intellectual perspective.

You need to prioritize your decision-making skills more. They’re needed in order to arrive at practical and reliable solutions.

The King of Swords and Death are an important card combination. They’re a reminder that you still need room for growth.

This doesn’t mean that you’re not a successful person now. It’s just that growth is a continuous process to further strengthen one’s potential.

With the King of Swords, you have strong leadership skills. Use these skills to create wise decisions and policies.

Death and King of Wands

Showing that you’re always strong doesn’t mean it’s true. Because on the inside, you’re currently suffering from a huge loss.

Perhaps the love of your life broke up with you. And you can’t do anything but accept the fate of this connection and move on.

Because you don’t want to be burdensome to your person. Instead, you want your person to be happy, even without you in their lives.

So you’re currently trying to process the separation. This can also be related to a career that you recently let go.

Death and the King of Wands are an important tarot combination. They serve as a reminder that there’s a calm between the storms.

This means that the agony you’re feeling isn’t permanent. With the Death card, you’ll undergo a stage of transformation.

This leads you to a new chapter in your life. You need to let go of the past.

Death and Knight of Pentacles

Perhaps you just got out of a difficult situation. Thankfully, you managed to handle this situation quite well with maturity.

This may be in relation to your finances or money matters. It’s okay if you continue to experience struggles in terms of your finances.

This doesn’t mean that it’s okay that you’re suffering. But it’s okay if you want to take a rest instead of choosing to work.

The Knight of Pentacles and Death is a good tarot combination. This may be a sign that your suffering will come to an end.

So continue to harvest a strong faith inside of you. Because your efforts and sacrifices toward money will not be in vain.

After this ending, you’ll find yourself receiving new opportunities. Manifestations that are related to money will ultimately blossom.

And you’ll finally pay for your daily expenses. The debts will decrease, and your headache will eventually lessen.

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Death and Nine of Cups

Your sufferings will now come to an end. This is specifically applied to your worries regarding finances that will be relinquished.

You deserve to take an extended break because of your hard work. Because you’ve been working really hard to provide for yourself and for others.

So a mini vacation or staycation wouldn’t hurt anyone. Because you need to recharge yourself from all the exhaustion you felt.

The Nine of Cups and Death is a good tarot combination. This is a sign that you’re willing to go through burning bridges to succeed.

And that’s the most fascinating thing about you. For you have the ability to work hard, but you insist on being content.

With contentment, a stable and simple life is already enough. You don’t need to push yourself to produce more money.

Because you love your life as it is. Being able to be a provider is enough.

Death and Page of Pentacles

An ending doesn’t mean that it’s the end for you. Instead, an ending will make you realize that you deserve more.

Sometimes, you need to break barriers and connections to continue growing. Because you can’t succeed in places that aren’t healthy for you.

This can also be a sign that an important event is on its way. You just need to remain patient and fasten your seatbelt for this ride.

The Page of Pentacles and Death is a powerful combination. This may be a sign that your struggles will soon come to an end.

Perhaps you’re having difficulty landing on the perfect job. It came to the point wherein you felt like you’ll not get a job.

But you don’t know how to provide for yourself if you’re still unemployed. So you’re still trying to present yourself to seek for more jobs.

Don’t worry; you’ll soon receive a job confirmation.

Death and Queen of Pentacles

You continue to look after others, but who looks after you? So you need to keep in mind that you also need to choose yourself.

This isn’t to emphasize the act of being selfish. Because being selfless can cost you too much burden and responsibilities.

You’ll start to realize that not everyone can reciprocate the love you give. You’ll realize that not everyone has the capacity to do it.

The Queen of Pentacles and Death is a powerful combination. These cards want you to get out of an overwhelming cycle.

This is a sign that you must detach from the ones you love. This should be applied when everything is already suffocating you.

Because the right people for you will stay and be your support system. They aren’t supposed to leave you in the corner when it’s difficult for you.

So don’t hesitate to choose yourself, even just for once.

Death and Six of Cups

You’re trying to find an escape from all of these overwhelming things. Because you can’t handle the struggles or burdens anymore.

Just hold on a little longer; you must not give up. Because if you do, you won’t achieve the goals you planned for yourself.

Everything is starting to fall apart right now. But keep in mind that this may turn into something healthier in the future.

The Six of Cups and Death card is a good card combination. They’re a reminder that there’s always a rainbow after the rain.

This means that the sorrow you’re carrying isn’t bound to last. You’ll soon enter a new stage in yourself that will make you the happiest.

It’s okay to feel discouraged if things aren’t acting right recently. But you need to continue fighting in order to reach your dreams.

Instead of being hopeless, choose to remain hopeful, even if it’s complicated.

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Death and Ten of Cups

The things that you're experiencing right now serve a greater purpose. These things may be negative, but they occur for a reason.

You didn't encounter this by accident; it's purely fate. You need to experience countless hardships to get you where you need to be.

So don't act foolish and impulsive in handling these problems. Whatever happens, keep on finding solutions that are effective and practical.

The Ten of Cups and Death is a good tarot card combination. They're proof that your struggles will soon result in triumph.

So you need to remain optimistic as resiliency enters your mindset. Things may continue to fall apart, but you'll stand still.

With the Death card, this situation will encourage you to self-transformation. This will test your strength and skills to endure problems.

While the Ten of Cups represents happiness and celebration. You may receive a surprise party or a wedding proposal.

Death and Ten of Pentacles

In the past, you used to hate the fact that money revolves around life. Because you feel like you don’t have the capability to be financially stable.

This is brought by several factors for the mindset you had. Maybe your family has a history of suffering from constant financial crises.

So maybe you used to live in a family that couldn’t afford all the necessities. But even so, you’re still thankful for having them in your life.

But you wished that your family lived in a privileged lifestyle. So you wouldn’t have to think about how you can immediately provide.

The Ten of Pentacles and Death card is a good tarot combination. They serve as a reminder that with hard work, you’ll receive abundance.

So be the blueprint for breaking the generational cycle of misfortunes. Be the blueprint for being a good provider that your family needs for a lifetime.

Death and Three of Cups

You are allowed to make a big deal out of things. Most especially when you feel like you’re only wasting time on people and situations.

You’re at a point in your life wherein change is around the corner. You must accept it no matter what happens in order to grow ultimately.

You’re allowed to detach from people who consume your energy. Because you don’t deserve to keep tolerating and staying with the wrong people.

The Three of Cups and Death is a good tarot card combination. This is a sign that you’ll soon realize the right people for you.

With the Three of Cups, you might engage in a celebration with your friends. But these friends are the ones who have been there since day one.

Surround yourself with people who are suitable for your mental health. People who wish nothing but the best for you.

Healthy friendships will always exist.

Death and Three of Swords

You may feel like things aren’t going in your favor. Because a separation recently happened or an unresolved business still lingers.

So you’re having a hard time getting over this. Or you might think that you won’t get over this anytime soon.

Because you feel like you need to resolve this matter. You need to focus on the goal of thinking of possible solutions.

The Three of Swords and the Death is a good card combination. It’s a reminder that problems aren’t meant to stay.

With the Death card, things may seem to go in the wrong way. But you need to see this as something that will brighten your teacup.

You need to see the bigger picture in every situation. Instead of complaining or being dramatic, you need to stand up for yourself.

You need to find ways on how to lessen your burden. Learn to be brave.

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Death and Five of Pentacles

You’re currently struggling in terms of your finances. As a result, you often feel worried that things may not turn out well.

Because you keep on clinging to negative thoughts. Although having negative thoughts in abusive situations can’t be avoided.

So whatever negative feelings you have right now, they’re valid. But you need to realize that it’s you who needs to adjust.

The Five of Pentacles and Death are an excellent tarot combination. They may be a sign that a sequence of fallouts occurs in your life.

You’re having trouble budgeting your daily expenses. Perhaps you’re still thinking of ways on how to pay your debts.

With the Five of Pentacles, you’re suffering from financial loss. So you would often think that you don’t have the ability to provide.

But the Death card shows that tomorrow is another day. You need to believe that you’ll be in a better place.

Death and Four of Cups

You deserve to take yourself on a vacation. Because you’ve been facing tough and complex challenges when it comes to working.

So don’t hesitate to choose rest days over long work hours. You’ve done enough at the moment, so it’s time you recharge.

If you don’t choose your rest day, your body will choose it for you. This vacation is also important to reevaluate your decisions.

The Four of Cups and Death are a good tarot combination. They’re a reminder that sometimes, all you need is to reflect.

Reflect on your beliefs if they still resonate with you. Reflect on the choices you made and think about what to change.

Because you’ll need to grow inevitably to fulfill your needs. With the Death card, expect immense transformation to occur.

For now, take your time in reevaluating your choices. This combination requires you to put down your combat for a while.

Death and Four of Swords

Whatever situation you’re in right now, be decisive. Having confusing thoughts will put you on hold before you achieve your goals.

Things may be complicated right now, and you’re starting to lose focus. But you have no choice but to continue fighting in this battle.

So you need to recharge your energy before you fight again. Take time to compose and take care of yourself, but not too much.

The Four of Swords and Death is a powerful card combination. They serve as a reminder that good things will always come.

You just need to prepare yourself for the challenges you’ll face. Life is filled with surprises and challenges, and you were born to fight.

Therefore, you must have the mental capacity to handle every situation. Because the hardships that you’re facing right now are relevant for transformation.

You’re going to make huge adjustments for the benefit of personal growth.

Death and King of Pentacles

The universe sees your daily efforts to live a successful life. The universe wants you to know that it’s proud of you for surviving.

Because what you’re doing isn’t as easy as it sounds. You’re not only creating a successful life for yourself but for others.

And looking after others can be exhausting and overwhelming sometimes. But you wouldn’t even think of turning your back on them.

The King of Pentacles and Death is a powerful tarot combination. This is a sign that you’ll do more in the future because of consistency.

Because consistency is the key that pushes dedication through. You’re more than capable of being an excellent provider to your family.

So if there needs to be some change, it will only be beneficial for growth. Don’t hesitate to explore new ideas and be more open.

Because you’ll never know what you can find to boost your confidence.

Death and Nine of Wands

You can’t grow in one place only; you need to explore more. Because you’ll only continue to loop in circles and devastation.

Perhaps you’re still having trouble expressing your skills and potential. You’re overthinking the opportunities you deserve to receive.

Because you believe that there will always be people better than you. Life is an endless competition for success, and you feel like you have already lost.

The Nine of Wands and Death are a powerful card combination. They’re a reminder that you need to persist more and more.

Because you can’t achieve your goals without the use of strength. Even if life continues to show reasons to surrender, you won’t do it.

Because you know that you’re capable of something special. You have the ability to turn your dreams into reality.

With the Nine of Wands, you need to apply resiliency. This is the only way to go up.

Death and Queen of Swords

You’re the queen of your own kingdom, one who is destined to survive. So don’t let distractions and irrelevant situations consume your being.

You have the ability to make wise decisions for the betterment of others. It just takes more dedication to persuade other people.

You’re someone who is willing to make decisions for the good. These decisions often result in positive outcomes and personal development.

The Queen of Swords and Death is a powerful card combination. This is a sign that the challenges you face will only make you stronger.

Because there’s nothing more attractive than a successful woman. And behind every successful woman is her resilient and wise self.

With the Queen of Swords, mental and emotional intelligence is essential. So even if things are falling apart, you’ll still manage to be in focus.

With Death, expect for changes to occur once again to enhance your decision-making skills.

Death and Seven of Swords

Sometimes, all you need to trust first is yourself. You don’t need to rely solely on others because they know it more.

Instead, you need to learn how to put faith in yourself more. Because you’ll never know who’s lurking behind the shadows.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you should not trust others completely. But you should know who to trust and who doesn’t.

The Seven of Swords and Death is a powerful combination. This is a sign that you’ll be able to eradicate being too dependent on people.

Because in the end, you might end up being disappointed. You might end up regretting that you trusted them in the first place.

Because not everyone can guarantee they’ll take care of your heart. Some people have the ability to take it for granted and break it.

With the Seven of Swords, having trust issues will lead you to unexpected changes.

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Death and Six of Swords

Recently, you’ve been following what your mind says rather than your heart. And you need to know that this is an exemplary implementation.

Because your ability to be vulnerable or emotional withers away. In every situation, you don’t need to listen to what your heart says.

Because it can sometimes end up in disappointment and heartbreak. So before it’s too late, you must guard your heart at all times.

The Six of Swords and Death is a powerful card combination. They’re a reminder that you’re willing to move to the next step.

To do this, you’ll walk away from other things, even if you don’t want to. It’s the only way to bring yourself peace and clarity.

With the Six of Swords, you want to regret your decision. But you also know that it’s for the best to walk away and move on.

Because you’ll receive the change you deserve.

Death and Six of Wands

Don’t worry if the results aren’t still showing up. They’ll appear when the time’s right and when everything’s aligned.

So you must not start to doubt yourself and your skills. You’ve been working really hard to finish the project you’ve been working on.

Which is why you deserve to receive recognition from your company. You deserve to showcase your work and inspire others.

The Six of Wands and Death is a powerful tarot combination. They’re a sign that your struggles will bear fruit of triumph soon enough.

So don’t think that you’re attempting to take it the wrong way. You’re currently having a blast from working and showing your efforts.

Now isn’t the time to walk away to achieve peace. You need to stay in places that will help you burn bridges and grow.

With the Six of Wands, success will come soon. So expect a personal transformation to occur.

Death and Two of Swords

Instead of listening to the demands of others, listen to your heart. Listen carefully to what your mind says; it wants you to choose yourself.

Choosing yourself isn’t an act of selfishness. Instead, it allows you to develop self-love in the midst of chaotic situations.

You need to understand that you can’t fix everybody. You’re not a band-aid or a therapy session that can improve broken people.

The Two of Swords and Death is a powerful card combination. They’re a sign that change is about to occur, whether you like it or not.

With the Two of Swords, the answer lies within you. Don’t find answers and rely on people and situations; think about yourself.

Think about what you want to do and gain clarity from it. Because you’re the one who knows yourself the most.

If change occurs in you, know that it’s always for the best.

Death and Two of Wands

Major shifts or transitions will always occur in your life. Because they’re the blueprint for making more room for growth.

You’re allowed to leave things and people to seek growth. This is important when you feel like your energy is already draining.

Take your time to explore the complex world filled with possibilities. Don’t hesitate to try new things out of your comfort zone.

The Two of Wands and Death are a powerful card combination. They’re a reminder that you’ll prepare yourself for another journey.

With the Two of Wands, you need to trust your intuition. Change is vastly approaching, and you need to start moving.

You don’t have to figure everything out immediately. Let yourself go with the flow of whatever you may discover along the road.

Don’t hesitate to extend your curiosity to new discoveries. Because this will only result in another set of progress for personal growth.

The High Priestess and Death

If you’re still unsure about something, that’s totally okay. You can have all the time in the world in order to evaluate this.

There are situations that may be too confusing for you. As a result, you’re trying to sort out the missing pieces of a puzzle.

Because you feel like you overlooked or neglected something. Don’t overthink too much because you’ll soon receive answers.

The High Priestess and Death are a powerful combination. Take this as a sign that change is coming toward personal growth.

With the High Priestess, you have a strong sense of intuition. Don’t let it go or lose sight of it; you can conquer anything.

With the Death card, change is about to come for the better. So it’s time that you focus on making wise and practical decisions.

Make sure that this will lessen your worries. And this will also lead you toward success.

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