Three of Swords as Feelings (Upright, Reversed, & Combinations) -

Three of Swords as Feelings (Upright, Reversed, & Combinations)

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Three of Swords as Feelings (Upright)

Someone’s Feelings For You 

If you’re curious about someone’s feelings, they’re wounded. An unexpected event happened, and they’re still processing the pain it caused.

This person is having difficulty communicating with anyone right now. They’re having trouble expressing their true feelings and thoughts.

What this person needs right now is peace of mind. They need to unwind for a while and detach from suffocating situations.

There are times when they feel desperate to have someone’s comfort. This person just wants someone to sit with them and listen to their perspective.

You may be someone who is willing to offer a helping hand. So be someone who can ease the pain they’re feeling for a while.

Your Lover’s Feelings For You

If you’re curious about your lover’s feelings, they feel disappointed. Perhaps they’re having a difficult time right now dealing with this relationship.

You’ve been encountering countless disagreements and fights. Unfortunately, neither of you doesn’t want to make the first move to make up.

This person feels confused about what they should do. It’s tearing them apart every time you choose to ignore each other.

But remember, you can’t run away from your responsibilities. And one of your responsibilities is to make this relationship work.

So don’t let petty fights get in the way of this connection. There’s still time to mend your broken hearts and forgive each other.

Your Ex’s Feelings For You

If you’re curious about your ex’s feelings, they still feel sad. The separation from this relationship left them wondering about their mistakes.

They feel guilty as they continue to reflect on their actions. They’re aware that they took you for granted, which made you feel exhausted.

They’re finding it difficult to reach out to you at the moment. So if you’re expecting reconciliation, it may be possible if you’ll make a move.

Because this person feels shy to be the one to reach out, they don’t feel good about themselves and continue to doubt their potential.

If you still love them, you have to let them know. It’s never too late to forgive them and see if they have already changed.

Three of Swords Reversed as Feelings

Someone’s Feelings For You

In reverse, someone is ready to leave the past behind. They have no intention of sorting out what happened during those tragic days.

They’re ready to know what lies in the future. The past isn’t relevant to reflect their future decisions regarding their goals.

This person feels confident that they’ve learned enough from the past. They don’t want to make the same mistakes again.

They don’t want to hold grudges against people who caused them harm. So even if they want to, they’ll still choose to remain at peace.

Because they don’t want to waste their energy on the wrong people, instead, they’re willing to pour their positive energy into people who helped them grow.

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Your Lover’s Feelings For You

In reverse, your partner chooses to see the bright side of life. They’re now ready to engage in a higher form of commitment with you.

They don’t want to lose you over some petty argument. So they’re willing to fix things, no matter how exhausting things can be.

They would rather lose the argument than lose you. This person feels confident that they’ll be more gentle with you next time.

They’re willing to understand your flaws and changes because they believe that change is inevitable when it comes to relationships.

But this will not be the reason for them to give up. They feel optimistic about what the future will offer for both of you.

There’s more room to explore new ideas with the right person. Learn to lower your pride, forgive them, and face the future with glee.

Your Ex’s Feelings For You

In reverse, your ex finally understood why the separation had to happen. They believe it’s for the best to go their separate ways.

Because they’ve realized that they need to improve themselves more, they want to feel confident in knowing that they can consistently provide.

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In the past, they were aware of the shortcomings they had with you. They still feel ashamed because they had to take you for granted.

But they’re now trying to remove the guilt to forgive themselves. So they feel hopeful that you can forgive them as well.

Reconciliation is only possible if they’re still willing to do so because they’re too focused on achieving a successful life without you.

Three of Swords and the Magician as Feelings

This combination shows you’re dissatisfied with the current situation. Everything seems to go the wrong way instead of staying organized.

You’ve been trying to increase your productivity for quite some time. However, it frustrates you whenever you’re not fond of the outcome.

So you want to cool down for a bit and reflect. Giving up your efforts will not cross your mind because you can find a way.

Even if things don’t go your way, you still feel optimistic. You don’t let life put you in a place wherein you’ll refuse to come out.

You have the Magician card, so everything will turn magical for you. The only thing stopping you is your resistance to your true potential.

Three of Swords and the World as Feelings

This combination wants you to take a trip down memory lane. Now isn’t the time to make a significant decision; you must reflect first.

You wouldn’t want to regret the wrong choice you made, right? So it’s better to change the scenario and submerge yourself into tranquility.

You have the right to detach from situations that overwhelm you. After all, you can’t decide if your environment is distracting you.

So you need to focus on listening to your inner thoughts. Listen carefully to the message they’re trying to convey; you’ll find your answer.

Please don’t doubt your ability to make the right choice. Because whatever choice you make must align with what’s best for you.

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Three of Swords and Three of Pentacles as Feelings

Three of Swords and Three of Pentacles as Feelings combination is a reminder that you may refrain from breaking a sweat. You don’t have to exert all your energy to achieve a specific goal.

Remember, you have your rest days, and they’re always necessary. When you consider your busy days as a priority, add your rest days as well.

Because you need to be in a calm state, you deserve to feel relaxed in a stress-free environment that feels safe.

You don’t need to comply with every task that’s given to you. If you rest, you’ll only act peculiarly the next day you go to work.

Because your body and brain have limitations, take this as an opportunity to get more than 8 hours of sleep.

Three of Swords and the Tower as Feelings

This combination shows you’re struggling with life’s challenges. You didn’t wish for negative thoughts to consume your brain every day.

It’s inevitable to experience unexpected failures in life. But it’s also unavoidable to find yourself engaging in a mental and physical breakdown.

The point is suffering doesn’t last forever; it will remain temporary. And so is your pain, but remember that healing doesn’t have a linear route.

It’s essential that you feel grateful whenever the worst has ended because it will only encourage you to pick up more lessons from life.

You’re starting to feel more resilient as you experience struggles. As a result, you’re confident you can conquer anything in this world.

Three of Swords and Three of Cups as Feelings

This combination shows that things didn’t end the right way. There were words left unsaid, causing you and someone to submerge in confusion.

This may be the aftermath of a relationship, whether platonic or romantic. You and this person didn’t end up on good terms.

So there are still lingering feelings regarding this connection. You feel confused about what went wrong and may blame yourself.

And this person may feel the same, but they refuse to reach out. It will only be harder for both of you if no one will initiate

Overall, this connection needs clarity and perhaps closure. You both deserve to speak your desires and painful thoughts.

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Three of Swords and Four of Wands as Feelings

Three of Swords and Four of Wands as Feelings combination is a sign that you should remain vigilant. There may be some negative energies lingering around a connection.

This isn’t to combust your thoughts, but a third party may be evident. So you better watch your back because someone isn’t acting right.

Whatever the reason is, you deserve to know the truth. You need to remain brave whatever happens in this connection.

Perhaps one of you feels unhappy about this connection. However, the third party isn’t necessarily a person; it can be a responsibility.

You need to engage in an open conversation with your person. Things need to be settled before everything starts falling apart.

Three of Swords and Temperance as Feelings

This combination wants you to keep your goals on track. However, things are starting to get complicated, and you’re losing control.

You feel overwhelmed with all the responsibilities you have to address. You don’t know which task you should accomplish first.

Your responsibilities are aligned with your current emotions. Perhaps you recently experienced a misunderstanding with someone you love.

So you’re not in the right headspace to maintain productivity. You want to feel comfort by being alone for a while.

But remember, you don’t have to go through it alone because someone can help you solve your problems to get back on track.

It may take weeks or months before you feel okay again. But what’s important is your desire to choose self-care as you chase your dreams.

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