The Moon Yes or No? (Upright, Reversed & Love) -

The Moon Yes or No? (Upright, Reversed & Love)

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The image on the Moon tarot card represents the moonlight falling upon a lengthy path. The card draws attention to the dual nature of the Moon.

In the background and the distance, along either side, there are two towers. These pillars represent two opposing but, at the same time, harmonious things in life, like the ups and downs and good and evil.

The card also features a dog and a wolf waiting on either side of the walkway. One of the dogs is howling while the other stands firmly. These creatures symbolize humans' dual nature as domesticated and wild beings.

A crawfish also emerges from the water and makes its way up to the path guided by the Moon. This is a metaphor for people about to go on a lengthy journey.

The Moon casts its light on the ground below, ensuring the fish knows its way. The Moon does not spoon-feed the fish, but it serves as a good guardian.

The fish, despite the guidance, still has its own will to choose the path to good or evil.


When The Moon card appears in your reading, it signifies that something in your life is not as it seems. Something in your life is confusing you, and you are having difficulty deciding for yourself.

This is also applicable to your goals. Perhaps you are not as focused as you are. There is a chance that they will not come to fruition as you had planned and will get sidetracked.

To be clear, The Moon does not prophesy the presence of evil. Instead, this card indicates your bad feelings towards a particular thing. 

These feelings are caused by how you interpret the happenings in your life. Perhaps you have had a misunderstanding with someone who has a considerable amount of impact on your life.

This card points to the possibility that you are letting your emotions run your life. You could be overwhelmed with worries and fears.

The Moon can also shed light on an illusion. There may be a secret truth lurking that you need to discover or rediscover in a sense.

The Moon is a warning and a reminder not to accept things for what they appear to be. It's time to dive a little deeper into things that seem ordinary.

Letting some light shine on the misconceptions plaguing your life will uncover a whole new world for you. As for your inquiry, the answer is YES.

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The Moon, in reverse, represents liberation from the things that limit you from doing the things you want.

This card is a ray of hope if you are dealing with sadness. This indicates that you will overcome these conditions soon.

The upside-down Moon card is excellent news when it comes to your growth. This card means that your effort to improve yourself recently will pay off.

These changes will be apparent, and the people around you, and of course, yourself, will benefit from it. 

You may have been subjected to a great deal of anguish and suffering, but despite that, you have achieved a better situation.

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This card is an assurance, and you can be sure that the worries and confusion will disappear. It's a time for peace and harmony in your life.

This card, in reverse, is trying to tell you that you have so much capacity. You can achieve personal freedom in your life. For these reasons, the answer to your question is YES.


This card in a love reading signifies turbulence in the relationship. There may be confusion mixed with misunderstandings that make it hard to keep the relationship together.

If you are in a relationship, you and your partner may have been arguing more frequently lately.

You may not directly cause these arguments, but nevertheless, these fights have caused a communication breakdown. 

As a direct consequence, the relationship's harmony is disrupted. This may put a gap in the relationship.

This will require a serious conversation in the relationship. Your goals may even require you to break up if one of you is unwilling to adapt to the required changes.

If you want to go through this, you must confide in someone who can guide you. Restoring peace and harmony in your relationship will require you to transform much of your anger and frustration into drive.

If you are single, The Moon serves as a warning. It wants you to know your love interest might be deceptive.

Perhaps they are purposely misleading you, and their true colors will be revealed later in your relationship. 

Before wanting a romantic relationship with someone, you should ensure that you give yourself enough time to get to know them on a deeper level. For these reasons, the answer to your question is NO.

For other information, check out what the Sun card says. You radiate love within you first, not from everyone else.

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The Moon, in reverse, is a revelation. There are things you may not know about the relationship, and this is the time you discover them.

In a relationship, the Moon, in reverse, is a sign that you are starting to see your lover for who they are. Either they have their guard down out of pure trust, or you might discover that they are not as good as you thought.

This card, in reverse, is a card that calls for self-evaluation. There needs to be an examination of whether or not you are truthful in your relationship. This can be true both for you and your partner.

Accept the reality of the situation and give up wishing for things to return as you know in the past. For the relationship to develop, it's essential to love your partner for who they are. And if you don't, it's better to leave the relationship.

If you are single, it might be possible that you're trying to establish a connection with a person that could be unhealthy for you. This card, in reverse, reminds you to be careful with giving your all to people.

This card, in reverse, is a sign of being true to yourself and your feelings. You will only do more harm than good if you are deceiving yourself. The answer to your question is YES.


This card can indicate a communication breakdown in the workplace. Because of the broken lines of communication, you may discover that you are unhappy in your job.

Begin an open and honest conversation with the people around you. Coming clean may be challenging, but it is essential if you want to find fulfillment in your professional life.

If you are currently in the process of seeking work, you might be feeling pretty disoriented. You may feel disappointed because you could not secure the job you trained for.

This card reminds you not to be afraid to try new things. Trying new things will help you find what makes you happy and a sense of success.

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The Moon, in reverse, is a warning sign that you are currently stuck or have been through a creative dry spell at work. 

These work blocks are preventing you from advancing in your career. To discover and improve your work, you should first approach it from a different viewpoint.

A new perspective should remind you of your job's value and why you accepted it in the first place. Perhaps looking at it differently will help you develop a new sense of responsibility.

If you are looking for a career field, finding something you want and doing your best would be best. The answer to your question is YES. Be true to yourself and do what makes you happy.

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