The World Tarot Card Meaning (Upright & Reversed) -

The World Tarot Card Meaning (Upright & Reversed)

The World is last of all Major Arcana cards that represent completion and accomplishment. This card signifies that all your work is already done, and your efforts have come to fruition. This card is governed by the planet Saturn and the earth element.

To encounter this card in a tarot signifies that you will achieve all your aims and your life will start to prosper. This card talks about wholeness, and along with it, it brings a message that you need to reflect on your journey.

There is more to this optimistic card that you need to know about. Hence, this article is specially made to guide you in uncovering the true message behind this Major Arcana card. Continue reading on and discover what this card has in store for you.

The World Upright Keywords

  • Wholeness
  • Completion
  • Fulfillment
  • Journey
  • Conclusion
  • Balance
  • Peace
  • Solidarity
  • Belongingness

The World Reversed Keywords

  • Detour
  • Quicker way
  • Postponements
  • Delays
  • No closure
  • Failures
  • Unfulfillment
  • Unfinished business
  • Uselessness
  • Lack of progress
  • Pressure

The World Meaning and Description

The World tarot card is depicted by a naked woman barely covered by a thin purple cloth. She is floating, and around her is a green wreath with a red ribbon at the top and bottom. The wreath signifies one’s celebration of success and achievements in life. The red ribbon that joins the end of the wreath also represents the completion of something in your life that opens new doors of opportunities after.

The woman is holding a wand in each of her hands. Her head’s position is facing backward, looking as if she still remembers the past while her body is facing forward to the future. This symbolizes balance and transformation.

The completion and fulfillment that The World tarot card is not stationary. It is constantly changing, moving, and evolving according to the current trends one is currently facing. The arrival of this card in your life brings change, improvements, and succession.

At the four corners of The World tarot card are an angel, a bull, a lion, and an eagle. The four figures are similar to the Wheel of Fortune card, and they represent the continual cycle of life. The four figures in this card are related to the four zodiac signs, the Taurus, Scorpio, Leo, and Aquarius. Moreover, they also signify that four seasons, four directions, and the four elements.

They serve as a guiding totem as you go along your life’s journey and serves as your guardian angel no matter where you go. The four figures also instill balance, harmony, peace, and love in your life.

The World Upright Meaning

To get an upright World card in a tarot reading signifies good news. This card talks about wholeness and inculcates a sense of fulfillment to whoever got this card. If you have been working on a project or a goal for quite some time now, having this card means that you are near completion.

An ending is near, but this does not imply negatively. Endings are good for they bring forth new opportunities and allow you to step up your game. Change is inevitable in our lives; this only means that you are growing, that you are transforming into a new and a better version of yourself.

Encountering this card means that right now, you are exactly where you’re supposed to be. This is the breakthrough you have been waiting for, and you must embrace it with an open heart. Everything you have been working for has finally paid off, and you are already living the life you have only envisioned before.

Now that you have reached the end of your journey, the World card encourages you to reflect and meditate on your journey. Reflect on the lessons you have learned and take pride in your achievements and small victory from your adventures. Your experiences have made you tougher and wiser and have given you the wisdom to effectively steer your life to the right path that the universe has set for you.

You are very close to succeeding; never give up. Keep in mind that the bigger your goals, the bigger and more complex your struggles will be. The challenges you’re facing right now are all a part of saying yes to the things that your heart truly desires. Face it bravely, for it will not be given to you if God knew that you could not manage to survive it.

The World (Upright) in Spirituality

 The World concerning your spirituality signifies that you have become an awakened being. Someone who sees the bigger picture and knows what he/she truly wants in life. Your diligence in your spiritual practices has given you a sense of peace and spiritual fulfillment. You feel connected with the world around you, and you have this deep understanding of your true purpose in this lifetime.

With this, you feel inspired to share with other people your spiritual knowledge and help them become closer with their spirit. Your strong connection with your intuition allowed you to see beyond what the ordinary eyes can see and comprehend the universe’s interconnectedness and its creation into your soul. 

The World (Upright) in Health

In relation to your health, The World tarot card brings good news since it signifies that your health will be in good shape. If you have been injured or battling with an illness, this card indicates that your recovery will go smoothly. 

The World (Upright) in Career and Finances

If you recently ventured into business, encountering an upright World card is a good omen. This card signifies that all your hardships and the struggles you face while starting up will finally be over. You have reached a certain point where you have finally gained your consumers’ and your team members’ trust. This is the breakthrough that you have been waiting for if the World tarot card suddenly appeared in your tarot reading. 

Concerning your career, an upright World tarot card signifies that what you have been working for has finally come to fruition. It represents a promotion, recognition from your superiors, success on your projects, and your hard work is finally paying off. This card also denotes that you will attain a new position that includes a lot of traveling. 

In the financial aspect, an upright World tarot card signifies financial abundance. The tides are turning in your favor, and a prosperous future is heading your way. It’s time to harvest the fruits of your labor. Your diligence and perseverance towards your work, partnered with your responsible attitude in handling your finances, have made you financially stable and secure. 

The World (Upright) in Love and Relationships

An upright World tarot card in the context of love signifies good news. Whether you are in a relationship or single, when you encounter this Major Arcana card, it indicates that your love life will be filled with happiness and security. 

Suppose you were in a long-term relationship when you got the upright World card. This signifies that you have reached a point in your relationship where both you and your partner are ready to settle down. Plans of stepping up your relationship to the next level will emerge, such as planning to get married and have kids.

If you are single when you encounter an upright World card, this signifies that your single life will be filled with happiness, fulfillment, and adventure. Even though you don’t have someone to hold your hand right now, know that the World tarot card is there to remind you to enjoy your own company. There is no rush to enter a relationship if you know that you are not yet ready. The way you handle yourself independently attracts and magnetizes other people and fall in love with how you manage your life. 

The World Reversed Meaning

Encountering a reversed World card in a tarot reading signifies that you still hold attachment to your past. This card highlights your buried emotions and grudges from your past relationships, holding you back from entirely moving on.

This card also represents your inability to cope with the changes that are happening in your life. Hence, the reversed World card is here to remind you to accept what happened in the past and allow yourself to heal from the wounds of your previous trauma. It is ok to ask for help from other people, such as going to a therapist if your mental health is already at risk. 

A reversed World card also signifies that you have these big goals in mind, but you are not doing something to attain them. Keep in mind that a dream with no plans is nothing. This card encourages you to find your footing and look for the right direction to deliver you closer to your aims. The thought of taking a shortcut sounds appealing, but it does not guarantee that it will give the exact results that you expected. 

Keep in mind that the destination does not matter; what’s important is the journey itself. The lessons, experiences, and wisdom your journey has instilled in you are essential things you need to grow and prove to yourself that you deserve what you currently have. Don’t be afraid to set goals for yourself and never lose focus on the prize. Hardships and trials are just temporary instances in our lives, and experiencing them makes your success taste much sweeter.

The World (Reversed) in Spirituality

A reversed World card concerning spirituality signifies that you feel stuck in your current situation. You feel lost, and you feel like you have no sense of direction. You have these negative emotions inside you because you have disconnected from the spiritual side of your life. A reversed World card’s appearance is an encouragement from your angels that you need to work more on your spirituality. 

Work on developing your spiritual connection with the Divine. Try putting an effort to strengthen your relationship with your spirit. Join a spiritual group or try a new spiritual practice. Pray often to strengthen your faith and never let the negative and dark forces win you to their side. 

The World (Reversed) in Health

A reversed World card in relation to your health signifies that you need to rethink your choices about your health and lifestyle. If you recently been injured or suffering from an illness, the reversed World card tells you that you need to reconsider your medical choices. The World in an inverted position tells you that you need to widen your options. 

Consider a holistic approach to treat your illnesses, and it’s much better to strengthen your immune system to make your body stronger to combat the disease. Work on making your body stronger and not just depend on medicines. 

The World (Reversed) in Career and Finances

A reversed World card in relation to your career signifies that you have failed in your quest for success. An obstacle or a hindrance has caused a halt on your career journey. This card also represents your fear of moving forward or taking steps to advance in your chosen field. 

Hence, if you encounter this card, it presents you with questions that would make you face your deepest fear. This card will push you to confront the reason that stops you from manifesting your fullest potential. 

Suppose the fear of making a mistake or failing is the reason why you can’t fully spread your wings. Keep in mind that only you have the power to change the course of your journey. If you let yourself drown and sink in fear, then your situation would not improve. It would be best if you break through these chains of self-limiting thoughts and beliefs. Allow yourself to embrace change, learnings, and growth by taking risks in what life could offer you. 

In a financial aspect, the reversed World card signifies that you need to take good care of your finances. Be wise in spending your money and do your research before investing. 

The World (Reversed) in Love and Relationships

A reversed World card concerning your love life signifies your feeling of incompleteness. This card indicates that your relationship with your long-term partner lacks progress. It seems that your relationship is moving towards an unhealthy phase. As time goes by that you two are together, there is still a gap between you two, making you feel estranged from each other. 

You feel that you are not emotionally fulfilled with your relationship even though you have tried your best to change it. If this happens, maybe it’s time to reconsider if you genuinely want to keep this relationship.  

The World Yes or No

In a question of yes or no, the World tarot card is a big yes. This card is full of optimism in its upright position and serves as a guiding force to assist you in your waking journey in its reversed position.


The World tarot card is a card full of positive energy. This card represents the natural cycle of life, wherein if one door closes, another will open up to you. The World tarot card is full of possibilities and gives a sense of wholeness to the person who encounters it. 

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