The World Tarot Card Meaning (Upright & Reversed) -

The World Tarot Card Meaning (Upright & Reversed)

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The World is last of all Major Arcana cards that represent completion and accomplishment. This card signifies that all your work is already done, and your efforts have come to fruition. This card is governed by the planet Saturn and the earth element.

To encounter this card in a tarot signifies that you will achieve all your aims and your life will start to prosper. This card talks about wholeness, and along with it, it brings a message that you need to reflect on your journey.

There is more to this optimistic card that you need to know about. Hence, this article is specially made to guide you in uncovering the true message behind this Major Arcana card. Continue reading on and discover what this card has in store for you.

Table of Contents

The World Upright Keywords

  • Wholeness
  • Completion
  • Fulfillment
  • Journey
  • Conclusion
  • Balance
  • Peace
  • Solidarity
  • Belongingness

The World Reversed Keywords

  • Detour
  • Quicker way
  • Postponements
  • Delays
  • No closure
  • Failures
  • Unfulfillment
  • Unfinished business
  • Uselessness
  • Lack of progress
  • Pressure

The World Meaning and Description

The World tarot card is depicted by a naked woman barely covered by a thin purple cloth. She is floating, and around her is a green wreath with a red ribbon at the top and bottom. The wreath signifies one's celebration of success and achievements in life. The red ribbon that joins the end of the wreath also represents the completion of something in your life that opens new doors of opportunities after.

The woman is holding a wand in each of her hands. Her head's position is facing backward, looking as if she still remembers the past while her body is facing forward to the future. This symbolizes balance and transformation.

The completion and fulfillment that The World tarot card is not stationary. It is constantly changing, moving, and evolving according to the current trends one is currently facing. The arrival of this card in your life brings change, improvements, and succession.

At the four corners of The World tarot card are an angel, a bull, a lion, and an eagle. The four figures are similar to the Wheel of Fortune card, and they represent the continual cycle of life. The four figures in this card are related to the four zodiac signs, the Taurus, Scorpio, Leo, and Aquarius. Moreover, they also signify that four seasons, four directions, and the four elements.

They serve as a guiding totem as you go along your life's journey and serves as your guardian angel no matter where you go. The four figures also instill balance, harmony, peace, and love in your life.

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The World Upright Meaning

To get an upright World card in a tarot reading signifies good news. This card talks about wholeness and inculcates a sense of fulfillment to whoever got this card. If you have been working on a project or a goal for quite some time now, having this card means that you are near completion.

An ending is near, but this does not imply negatively. Endings are good for they bring forth new opportunities and allow you to step up your game. Change is inevitable in our lives; this only means that you are growing, that you are transforming into a new and a better version of yourself.

Encountering this card means that right now, you are exactly where you're supposed to be. This is the breakthrough you have been waiting for, and you must embrace it with an open heart. Everything you have been working for has finally paid off, and you are already living the life you have only envisioned before.

Now that you have reached the end of your journey, the World card encourages you to reflect and meditate on your journey. Reflect on the lessons you have learned and take pride in your achievements and small victory from your adventures. Your experiences have made you tougher and wiser and have given you the wisdom to effectively steer your life to the right path that the universe has set for you.

You are very close to succeeding; never give up. Keep in mind that the bigger your goals, the bigger and more complex your struggles will be. The challenges you're facing right now are all a part of saying yes to the things that your heart truly desires. Face it bravely, for it will not be given to you if God knew that you could not manage to survive it.

The World (Upright) in Spirituality

 The World concerning your spirituality signifies that you have become an awakened being. Someone who sees the bigger picture and knows what he/she truly wants in life. Your diligence in your spiritual practices has given you a sense of peace and spiritual fulfillment. You feel connected with the world around you, and you have this deep understanding of your true purpose in this lifetime.

With this, you feel inspired to share with other people your spiritual knowledge and help them become closer with their spirit. Your strong connection with your intuition allowed you to see beyond what the ordinary eyes can see and comprehend the universe's interconnectedness and its creation into your soul. 

The World (Upright) in Health

In relation to your health, The World tarot card brings good news since it signifies that your health will be in good shape. If you have been injured or battling with an illness, this card indicates that your recovery will go smoothly. 

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The World (Upright) in Career and Finances

If you recently ventured into business, encountering an upright World card is a good omen. This card signifies that all your hardships and the struggles you face while starting up will finally be over. You have reached a certain point where you have finally gained your consumers' and your team members' trust. This is the breakthrough that you have been waiting for if the World tarot card suddenly appeared in your tarot reading. 

The same thing with Ace of Cups which gives more excellent news for you concerning your career, an upright World tarot card signifies that what you have been working for has finally come to fruition. It represents a promotion, recognition from your superiors, success on your projects, and your hard work is finally paying off. This card also denotes that you will attain a new position that includes a lot of traveling. 

The same thing with Ace of Pentacles, In the financial aspect, an upright World tarot card signifies financial abundance. The tides are turning in your favor, and a prosperous future is heading your way . It's time to harvest the fruits of your labor. Your diligence and perseverance towards your work, partnered with your responsible attitude in handling your finances, have made you financially stable and secure. 

The World (Upright) in Love and Relationships

The World card in a love reading manifests healthy and lifetime relationships. You treat each other as if one is a planet wandering around an orbit.

This connection shows that you complete each other. You both found belongingness and security in each other’s arms.

Plans of stepping up your relationship to the next level will emerge, such as planning to get married and have kids.

Your relationship is always capable of moving forward. Both of you are willing to take the next step toward growth.

You may have different career paths, but you don’t pull each other down.

If you are single when you encounter an upright World card, this signifies that your single life will be filled with happiness, fulfillment, and adventure. Even though you don't have someone to hold your hand right now, know that the World tarot card is there to remind you to enjoy your own company. There is no rush to enter a relationship if you know that you are not yet ready. 

The World Reversed Meaning

Encountering a reversed World card in a tarot reading signifies that you still hold attachment to your past. This card highlights your buried emotions and grudges from your past relationships, holding you back from entirely moving on.

You may feel like you're holding the world, until you're in Hermit mode. Make sure to seek answers from a Hermit card as well.

This means that you are either clinging to the negativity that affected you in the past or just accepting it as part of your life. No matter how hard you try, you can't seem to break free from old patterns that keep haunting you. Maybe your old relationships and friendships linger in your mind and affect certain decisions in your present.

Take time to travel to new places with different cultures or people. Your recent experiences will help you travel down a new path, one where the fears of the past won't follow.

The card is asking you to instead look forward and move with your flow. This card is most likely to appear when you are trying to find direction in your life, whether it be at work or in your romantic relationship. This is a time to open yourself up to endless possibilities and let go of any doubt or anxiety about the future.

This card also represents your inability to cope with the changes that are happening in your life. Hence, the reversed World card is here to remind you to accept what happened in the past and allow yourself to heal from the wounds of your previous trauma. It is ok to ask for help from other people, such as going to a therapist if your mental health is already at risk. 

It portrays that you are struggling with something that is happening in your life, but it can also serve as a reminder that you have the strength to be able to cope with the changes that are happening. The World is reversed here to imply that you are drowning in negative feelings and not being able to make it out of them on your own.

Do not feel guilty because you are unable to control the situation. Seeking help from other people will help you get through this period. It is important that you understand that you can depend on other people or sources for support. Understand that it is ok to feel like you don't know who you are anymore, and it is ok to accept the changes that have happened to your life.

You need to be aware that you are not alone, and that there are always other people out there who are willing to help you. The World card can also mean that your current situation is causing you stress which makes you want to isolate yourself away from the world, but this should pass as soon as possible.

A reversed World card also signifies that you have these big goals in mind, but you are not doing something to attain them. Keep in mind that a dream with no plans is nothing. This card encourages you to find your footing and look for the right direction to deliver you closer to your aims. The thought of taking a shortcut sounds appealing, but it does not guarantee that it will give the exact results that you expected. 

The World Reversed symbolizes a time of confusion and an uncertain future. It can also mean that you are standing still and not taking action toward your dreams. Pursuing your dreams without planning or figuring out how to achieve them can lead to taking the wrong steps that may be costly or just plain wrong.

This is the point where you need to find out more about what exactly your current options are and which path offers you better chances to get closer to your dreams. Take care of what you have in the present so that future gains will not be jeopardized.

Set some goals and look for the right path to accomplish them. You need to plan the time and effort so you can give it due diligence in order to reach your goals in a timely manner. It will take work and patience, but with positive energy and effort coming from you, you can see your dreams come true.

Keep in mind that the destination does not matter; what's important is the journey itself. The lessons, experiences, and wisdom your journey has instilled in you are essential things you need to grow and prove to yourself that you deserve what you currently have. Don't be afraid to set goals for yourself and never lose focus on the prize. Hardships and trials are just temporary instances in our lives, and experiencing them makes your success taste much sweeter.

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The World (Reversed) in Spirituality

A reversed World card concerning spirituality signifies that you feel stuck in your current situation. You feel lost, and you feel like you have no sense of direction. You have these negative emotions inside you because you have disconnected from the spiritual side of your life. A reversed World card's appearance is an encouragement from your angels that you need to work more on your spirituality. 

Work on developing your spiritual connection with the Divine. Try putting an effort to strengthen your relationship with your spirit. Join a spiritual group or try a new spiritual practice. Pray often to strengthen your faith and never let the negative and dark forces win you to their side. 

The World (Reversed) in Health

A reversed World card in relation to your health signifies that you need to rethink your choices about your health and lifestyle. If you recently been injured or suffering from an illness, the reversed World card tells you that you need to reconsider your medical choices. The World in an inverted position tells you that you need to widen your options. 

Consider a holistic approach to treat your illnesses, and it's much better to strengthen your immune system to make your body stronger to combat the disease. Work on making your body stronger and not just depend on medicines. 

The World (Reversed) in Career and Finances

A reversed World card in relation to your career signifies that you have failed in your quest for success. An obstacle or a hindrance has caused a halt on your career journey. This card also represents your fear of moving forward or taking steps to advance in your chosen field. 

Hence, if you encounter this card, it presents you with questions that would make you face your deepest fear. This card will push you to confront the reason that stops you from manifesting your fullest potential. 

Suppose the fear of making a mistake or failing is the reason why you can't fully spread your wings. Keep in mind that only you have the power to change the course of your journey. If you let yourself drown and sink in fear, then your situation would not improve. It would be best if you break through these chains of self-limiting thoughts and beliefs. Allow yourself to embrace change, learnings, and growth by taking risks in what life could offer you. 

In a financial aspect, the reversed World card signifies that you need to take good care of your finances. Be wise in spending your money and do your research before investing. 

The World (Reversed) in Love and Relationships

It’s always “almost is never enough” or “so close, yet so far.” As a result, your relationship may be stagnant when engaging in a new cycle.

The World in reverse shows the relationship isn’t making any progress. There’s always been a missing puzzle piece or a riddle that can’t be solved.

 It seems that your relationship is moving towards an unhealthy phase. There has always been a number of delays in progress. This relationship will go nowhere if you don’t help each other out.

You feel that you are not emotionally fulfilled with your relationship even though you have tried your best to change it. If this happens, maybe it's time to reconsider if you genuinely want to keep this relationship.  

The World Yes or No

In a question of yes or no, the World tarot card is a big yes. This card is full of optimism in its upright position and serves as a guiding force to assist you in your waking journey in its reversed position.

The World Advice

The World as advice wants you to exceed your capabilities. You have the right to grasp freedom and liberation to manifest your life.

Keep in mind that your failed attempts will become the greater good. It’s a reminder of your hard work and the fact that you took a risk.

You will also expect massive changes with this card. Maybe a cycle will finally reach its farewell to make space for new beginnings.

You’re capable of channeling your inner work to make changes. Instead of complaining, you’ll continue to strive.

The World makes you the center of hope and optimism.

The World Reversed Advice

The World in reverse may indicate that you’re stuck in a phase. Because of this, it’s necessary to consider making huge adjustments.

If you feel like your career isn’t working out for you, try to do more. However, it’s always okay to change your path, and there’s no harm in trying.

Don’t wait for someone or something to move the chess piece! It’s you who needs to finish the board game in order to succeed.

Instead of whining about your countless tasks, start doing them now to be productive. You wouldn’t be at peace if you still intertwine with procrastination.

The World as a Person

The World as a person is someone who craves ambition. You’re someone who continues to dream of endless dreams for self-growth.

Perhaps you accomplished several achievements in the past. You passed the bar exam, ran a marathon, or donated to the poor.

Your secret to your continuous triumph is only optimism. There is no specific formula, only your constant drive to keep going.

You’re often called the “Wanderer of The World.” This is because you open yourself to the ideas, situations, and cultures across the globe.

If you’re close to finishing a chapter of your book, the universe congratulates you!

The World Reversed as a Person

The World in reverse is someone who is a perfectionist. While this may not be bad, it enables you to overwork yourself.

You’re someone who wants to get this done your way. If the result isn’t that good, you’ll immediately doubt your capabilities.

You can also be someone who is slow in progress. Instead of accomplishing the task, you choose to complain about how heavy it is.

Another downside is when you compare yourself to others. You give your positive traits to them rather than acknowledging them as your own.

Whenever a problem occurs, you want to surrender and retreat.

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The World Present

Don’t worry too much because you’re on the right path. The present position wants you to know that you’re making progress every day.

Perhaps you’re currently trying out a new hobby. Or you just got an interview for the dream job you’ve been aiming for years.

The universe reminds you to take a rest from time to time. It’s good that you’re hustling, but be sure to make personal time.

You’re currently making your way towards the top. You have to firmly believe that you have everything in the palm of your hand.

Don’t rush; success is on its way.

The World Past

You struggled with optimism and motivation in the past. This led you to remain stagnant and anxious about making progress.

You were afraid of the world's reality; you believed it was filled with hardships. However, you still managed to pick yourself from the ground.

The past also indicates that you had a “letting go” scenario. Perhaps you moved out of town or resigned from a long-term job.

This time also made you think about your situation. The results made you feel a deeper understanding of why things had to happen.

Before you embarked on another journey, you had constant doubts.

The World Future

You’ll encounter more demanding challenges in the future. This will lead you to be in a state of uncertainty again.

Perhaps a new opportunity will appear itself to you. This can relate to a job offer that requires you to leave your dream career.

If this is your dilemma, you’ll refuse to take action immediately. Instead, you’ll doubt the situation and yourself if this will work out.

The back and forth successes and hardships will reflect on the future. This will enable you to continue seeking your true purpose.

You’ll continue to seek happiness and triumph in the near future.

The World as How Someone Feels About You

Someone is thankful that a gem like you exists. Furthermore, this person is willing to give their constant unconditional love to you.

They feel it’s a great pleasure to meet you in this lifetime. They feel like they reached a specific goal in their lives in knowing you.

This person can sense the strong connection you both have. Perhaps you’re both trying to understand and be open with each other.

They feel like you are the world in human form. They believe you have accomplished many plans in this lifetime and from your past.

They gained optimism because of you.

The World Outcome

You’re starting to think that everything is falling into place. The outcome shows that you’re no longer a slave of negative thoughts.

You continue to strive in order to succeed. As a result, new opportunities continue to linger around your positive space.

The outcome will enable you for another journey. As you come to a farewell with the past, you’re ready for major shifts.

Finally, you’re confident that you’re in control of your essentials. You can manifest your dream life and have abundance.

You have the ability to change for the better. As a result, you’re willing to move forward.

The World Pregnancy and Fertility

Prepare for surprises as you embark on your journey. Because at the end of the road, the good news is waiting for you!

If you’re constantly asking yourself, “Am I pregnant?” the answer is YES. This will be the blueprint to your constant success and happiness.

The World indicates that you’ll be filled with love and care. You’ll prepare yourself to become the best parent ever.

The card can also indicate that you’ll have more than one child. Which means that you’ll receive more blessings.

Prepare yourself to enter the stage of motherhood. You’ll be the center of the family.

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The World Energy

The fundamental principle of the World is to persist in fulfillment. Therefore, you’re willing to do whatever it takes to achieve your dreams.

You’re someone who encounters countless hardships while aiming for your dreams. However, you don’t come to the point of surrender or retreat.

The intense energy resides with your desire to succeed. You’re open to trying new opportunities in order to boost your knowledge.

Your energy also has the capability to transcend to your physical body. This means that you have the authority to exert confidence.

You must protect the World’s energy at all costs and remain constant.

The World as Action

The World as action is all about taking different steps. This means it’s normal for you to take a new path to success.

You’re willing to take action to grasp new opportunities. You’re eager to try new hobbies and learn ideas without long hesitation.

You’re experiencing a journey of different phases. This can be in relation to your work, relationship, education, or self.

If it’s work-related, then perhaps you passed the initial interview. Now you’re going to take the stage of the final interview, so prepare yourself.

Perhaps you’re in the final stage of moving on to a new phase.

The World as Intentions

The World as intention focuses on achieving the highest form of fulfillment. This can pertain to exploring and moving to different paths.

Imagine you’re a foreign traveler in the middle of a deserted island. With enough necessities for survival, you’re willing to explore the wonders.

As a traveler, you intend to gain new insights into the paths you’ll take. This is a beautiful opportunity for you to bolster your knowledge and confidence.

Another intention is your willingness to move forward. If necessary, you’re ready to leave situations that aren’t connected to you anymore.

Take things one step at a time.

The World as How Someone Sees You

Someone sees you as someone persistent in an odd way. It’s strange because they have never met anyone who doesn’t give up until you come.

This person sees you as a risk taker and a dream catcher. You continue to chase your dreams and take risks as a challenge.

They believe it’s impossible if you don’t feel exhausted or empty. But they always feel relief whenever you assure them that you can still continue.

They view you as someone who is open to countless ideas and applies them. They think you’re often neutral to a diversity of arguments or principles.

The World Time Frame

The timing of the World card will always depend on the situation. It’s possible that the event will occur in a day or next year.

It is also possible that it represents the number three. The situation could occur in three days, weeks, or months.

The World has an astrological association with the planet Saturn. Its approximate timing says that it can be a slow process.

If you ever encounter the World card with a slow period, don’t doubt it. Because this slow period will eventually result in triumph and fulfillment.

Whatever the result is, continue to do your best!

The World as a Woman

The World as a woman is a representation in the tarot. In the card, a woman is dancing while the Earth is above her.

The song “God is a Woman” by Ariana Grande gives a strong vibe. As a woman, you have the capability to change the World.

Your constant craving for ambition will lead you to success. It will enable you to have more opportunities and goals for yourself.

As a woman, you don’t give up easily. You continue to abolish the stereotype that women are fragile or vulnerable.

The universe sees your power to implement equality for all.

The World as a Man

The World as a man is also the same as a woman. However, the man solely uses his masculinity to bolster his confidence and abilities.

You’re someone who likes discoveries and adventures. Perhaps you’re a devoted tourist or a journalist who sees the World’s wonders.

You view situations and perspectives from a different angle. You open yourself with ideas that can change your mindset.

Perhaps you have the perspective of Forrest Gump. You want to do countless goals and intertwine yourself with the World.

Just like Forrest Gump, you don’t give up. So continue to chase and achieve your dreams.

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The World Communication

The World is an excellent sign for communication. This could emphasize your confidence as your key to healthy communication.

You’re someone who believes you have communication skills. You may not do it literally all the time, but you think you can.

You’re willing to create open and trustworthy connections. Your confidence uplifts the tension of awkwardness in a conversation.

You’re someone who wants to express what you truly feel. But the person you’re talking to may not be as confident as you.

The World gives you the power to strive. You use communication to persuade people of your peculiar abilities.

The World Reconciliation

The World can present a positive sign of reconciliation. It’s possible that you and a past person will make your connection work again.

This person misses you every day; they’re grateful for your existence. They would always think that they once made you as their World.

They feel like everything revolves around you. This person channels inspiration and optimism because of your influence.

This person looks back on your memories with nostalgia. They don’t have hostile intentions or thoughts; only positive ones remain.

This person is willing to start all over with you. They want to repent and ask forgiveness.

The World Physical Appearance

The World can represent a specific physical appearance. You can have a round or chubby figure, pregnant, or have bald hair.

Your clothes reflect on your perspective and personality. You apply your confidence by dressing in striking, beautiful, and creative clothes.

Your clothes present a stunning perspective to the crowd. Perhaps you often stand out at parties, prom, conferences, birthdays, etc.

Like the World, you make yourself the center of attention. Even if you don’t intend to, you effortlessly manifest attention.

You are the spotlight, the main character of the play. Your character focuses on learning new ideas and lessons.

The World Reversed Outcome

You think that everything will continue to fall apart. So you’ll adhere to the perspective that you’re a slave of your negative thoughts.

Even if new opportunities are in front of you, you leave them behind. You lack the confidence and trust to reach your dreams.

You’re someone who refuses to make yourself the center of everything. You prefer to stay behind the curtains, unable to show your true gifts.

You don’t let yourself be open to self-transition. You continue to be stagnant and slow in progress.

The outcome shows that you’re unwilling to leave the past behind closed doors.

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The World Reversed Pregnancy

The World in reverse may indicate that you’re not ready to take the next step. You’re hesitant if you deserve to be a parent to your child.

The news may leave you surprised because you aren’t expecting anything. On the other hand, you don’t know the first step to take.

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Keep in mind that you deserve to receive and give unconditional love. You’re resisting the urge to reach out to self-transition.

You’re currently in a dormant state, skeptical of making any step. You’re afraid that it might ruin progress or flow.

You need to come up with a decision soon.

The World Friendship

The World card in friendship teaches you to let go of friends. You need to let go of connections that aren't healthy for you anymore.

Remember, it's okay to abandon people who bring harm to your life. They may be a bad influence when it comes to your dreams or education.

You'll take a new path as you learn how to abandon friendships. In this journey, you'll meet new people who are worthy of your company.

These people will show you what true friendship should be. While you continue to learn more about one another, your friendship continues to grow.

The Lovers and the World

If you’re in a relationship, this is a sign that the end is near. It can either be that the relationship will end or some toxic cycle.

Whatever this is, know that it’s for the benefit of the two of you. Perhaps you both need to think clearly and be decisive about a situation.

A continuous cycle will soon come to an end. Along the way, you’ll be able to receive the clarity and assurance that you deserve.

The Lovers and the World are a powerful card combination. They serve as a sign that endings will inevitably happen in love.

But this doesn’t mean that love will immediately erode. You two still love each other genuinely, even if you’ll be in separate ways.

In the end, if it’s meant to be, then it will be. But don’t force yourself to make this situation work.

Maybe this isn’t for you today.

The Tower and the World

You can clearly see that everything is falling apart right now. You feel like there’s no escape from which reality will bring you peace.

Perhaps you’re going through a challenging situation. You feel like a project will not work because of lack of resources or recognition.

You start to doubt your skills and views as an individual. As a result, everything is becoming too burdensome and overwhelming for you.

The Tower and the World may show a favorable combination. Maybe despite the struggles you’re facing, a silver lining exists.

Things may turn out to be destructive at the moment. Because with the Tower card, destruction is necessary to make way for change.

And the World card shows that a cycle is about to end. This process will turn out to be a positive thing for you.

Because in this situation you’re facing, you’ll endure and embrace growth with open arms.

The World and Ace of Pentacles

You have the power to turn your dreams into reality. So it’s time to brush off and erase your doubts because you’ll succeed.

You’re currently in the middle of a massive crisis right now. This has something to do with your financial status or money matters.

Maybe you feel like you’ll not be able to pay your debts. Prices of goods are intensifying, and you’re afraid you can’t afford them.

But you don’t need to be hard on yourself for sacrificing more. Because an ending will soon appear in your life to bring peace.

The World and the Ace of Pentacles are a good combination. This is a sign that you have the ability to manifest abundance.

With the Ace of Pentacles, you’ll receive your luck in finances. Just be patient and wait for things to unfold on their end.

Because your constant sacrifices will be replaced with huge wealth.

The Devil and the World

The end of a toxic cycle is vastly approaching in your life. This will encourage you to transform into the best version of yourself.

Change is scary, but so does staying in the same space. You need to outgrow situations that are no longer healthy for you anymore.

Because once you decide that you’re already content, it’s difficult to change. This goes out to your strong desire to reside with temporary possessions.

You need to start changing your mindset one way or another. This is a sign that you should start making plans for long-term results.

The World and the Devil is a powerful card combination. Take this as a sign that a cycle will end for the better.

With the Devil card, you’ll fight your demons and run away from hedonism. You realize that material possessions will not make you more successful.

Don’t resist yourself from completely changing.

The Emperor and the World

A journey is now on its way to the final chapter. But you’ll still keep on creating a new book for another trip.

Endings can be painful, but they’ll always lead to a reasonable cost. This is important when you’re now taking a different career path.

Or a successful project will meet its farewell and change others’ perspectives. Whatever the result, you need to believe that it’s a positive one.

As you enter a new journey, surround yourself with extreme confidence. Because the power of faith is invincible, no one can take that away from you.

The World and the Emperor are an excellent tarot combination. They’re a sign that for every ending, you’ll still receive the success you deserve.

With the World, you need to treat this as a sign of abundance. Because you’ll continue to experience success from your hard work.

The Emperor guides the path to success.

Justice and the World

Things will be clearer and more concise for you now. You’re finally making sense and receiving the clarity that you need.

You’re trying to balance your responsibilities in a good way. Because you need to weigh what’s more important or needs to go first.

But you need to know that you’re doing a great job. The people in your life are proud that you have reached this new stage.

Justice and the World are a powerful combination. Think of yourself as someone who can be at the center of the world.

Someone who can view things from a different perspective. You’re trying to master managing your career, finances, and relationships.

With the Justice card, you’re trying to live a healthy and balanced life. You don’t want to act less or too much on your daily duties.

Even with your career, you don’t forget to spend time with your loved ones.

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Temperance and the World

This is a sign that you shouldn’t rush things often. You’re not living a fast-paced life; you’re just pressuring yourself too much.

Because you feel like everyone’s eyes are focused on you. They want to have high expectations or standards when it comes to you.

So you’re someone who doesn’t want to disappoint the people you love. Because everything you do is for their lives to be healthy.

The World and Temperance is a good combination for self-reflection. Take this as a sign to detach yourself for a while.

You can go through a journey that will enhance you to find yourself. Instead of focusing on what others want, think about what you want.

You have your own interests, views, and goals for yourself. So try to intertwine with your inner self and listen to your heart.

The things you want to achieve will eventually happen soon enough.

The Chariot and the World

You have to push yourself to be the best version of yourself. Because staying in your usual comfort zone isn’t part of growing.

You can’t grow when you’re too familiar with the space you’re in. So you need to open yourself to more possibilities that will resonate with you.

You need to place yourself out there; no one will do it for you. It’s you who needs to be brave and face countless challenges in life.

The World and the Chariot are a good tarot card combination. This is a sign that you’ll need to move some mountains and break bridges.

You need to enter life in a difficult way, instead of focusing on what’s easy. So have the confidence to extend your capabilities because you can do it.

Don’t think about the hardships for a while. But think about the relief and triumph you’ll feel when you finally succeed.

The World and Two of Cups

The most important part of a relationship is growing. You and your partner need to experience growth in a constant process.

This is beneficial, especially if you want to work things out. You want things to prevail and move to the long term stage.

So it’s important that you’re willing to break toxic cycles. You should be ready to improve and change your negative mindset.

The World and the Two of Cups are a good combination. They’re a reminder that second chances exist in relationships.

If you don’t want someone to have them, then be better for them. You should be willing to eradicate your toxic traits or behavior.

Show them that you’re worthy and deserving of their love. Show them that you’re willing to change for the better.

This combination is all about seeing each other’s energy. You both need to align your energy with each other to ignite.

Death and the World

Every day is a chance to start again. You’re always given countless opportunities to leave the past.

If you feel like your career isn’t for you, then resign. While it may be easier said than done, you know what you want.

Don’t waste your time providing and doing something that you don’t want. Instead, focus on what you want to be for the better.

The World and Death cards are a beautiful combination of transitions. This is a sign that you’re willing to enter another journey in your life.

You’re willing to change something for yourself to improve. As a result, you need to move forward and never look back.

Because the past doesn’t resonate with you anymore. It’s time to let go of people and situations that are only a lesson.

It’s okay if they’re not a part of you anymore. As long as you have yourself, you’re good.

The Hanged Man and the World

A cycle will come to an end, and change will enter the picture. You’ll soon receive a clearer view of what you need to achieve.

For now, you’re trying to be in a stagnant position. Perhaps you’re trying to see two sides of the coin or reflecting.

You’re trying to figure out how things occurred in your life. So you’re also thinking of possible choices and solutions to end confusion.

The Hanged Man and the World are a good combination. They’re a reminder that you don’t need to keep overthinking things.

Because you’ll eventually make a decision soon. It will just take time and patience to see how things will unfold for you.

The past has taught you to be stronger today. A past realization will benefit your present and future decisions.

So make sure you’re certain of what you want. You’ll enter a new journey towards a successful life.

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The Hermit and the World

If things are too overwhelming now, don’t feel ashamed of it. Remember, your emotions are valid when everything seems too much.

You don’t need to figure everything out to work things. You’re allowed to take a long rest after countless days of overworking.

Take this as an opportunity to explore new things. It’s okay if you want to detach and move away from people for a while.

The World and Hermit are a powerful card combination. They’re a reminder that you shouldn’t put all the burden on yourself.

Because you’re allowed to feel exhausted and sad. So you’re also allowed to make time for yourself when you’re feeling overwhelmed.

Maybe along this journey, you’ll gain new perspectives. You’ll realize that life is filled with complex but beautiful meanings.

Along this journey, you’ll realize that you have more potential than you think. So whatever battle you’re facing, you’ll get over it.

The Hierophant and the World

There’s so much to live than just relying on your old beliefs. You feel like you’re already content with your thoughts, but you need to explore more.

You need to realize that it’s okay to be open to different ideas. That won’t be a hindrance to the fixed traditions embedded in you.

Because you’ll still have respect for your tradition. It’s okay if you want to learn other things outside of your small bubble.

The Hierophant and the World is a powerful card combination. They serve as a reminder that you’ll learn new ideas.

But even if you educate yourself more, don’t forget your tradition. This is a sign that what you teach must inspire others.

This is relevant, primarily when you focus on teaching values. Teach what’s morally right to others in order to form their pleasing personalities.

You’re the blueprint for helping others in their own personal development.

The High Priestess and the World

Whatever happens, always trust your intuition. Because you have the ability to make things work for you to be successful.

So if you feel like something’s for you, then work on it. Instead of relying only on manifestations, exert more effort and energy into them.

Because you have the ability to create your dream life. And it starts from the bottom of the stairs before it goes to the top.

The World and the High Priestess is a powerful combination. This is a sign that what you’re working on will arrive at its completion.

You need to continue trusting your intuition. Believe in your own capability because it’s the most powerful thing to exist.

You have the upper hand to change things around. Don’t let yourself lose in the process; you got this!

Just keep the faith thriving, and don’t look back. All your efforts will soon be worth it.

The Wheel of Fortune and the World

Don’t pressure yourself in trying to control things. You have what it takes to live a successful and happy life despite the struggles.

Good news will soon appear at your doorstep. But they wouldn’t immediately appear, so you have to be patient and persist.

The good news is a product of your consistency towards hard work. You need to know that this is a sign of your strong skills.

The World and the Wheel of Fortune is a good combination. It shows that abundance and positivity will linger in your life.

Don’t overthink the situation, if it’s for you or not. Put your trust in divine timing, and let the universe do its job for you.

Continue to be patient, even if things start to be complicated. You’ll always find a way to solve matters that are within your reach.

Devastation will come to an end and continue to persist.

The World and Ace of Swords

 Everything will work out, so don’t stress yourself too much. In the end, you’ll receive the clarity that you’ve been wanting to hear.

Whatever the result is, a completion will soon appear in your life. This may be in relation to your career or relationships.

You need to be ready to open this with open arms. Don’t hesitate to show your abilities and willingness to work things out.

The Ace of Swords and the World are a powerful combination. They serve as a reminder that you need to finish what you started.

Because you’ll receive the results that you’re expecting. As long as you remain consistent and dedicated, you’re good to go.

Make sure that you know what you want. This connects to your certainty in terms of your current career.

It’s a take it or leave it situation. Choose what you think will bring out the best in you.

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The World and King of Cups

The world continues to revolve itself around your life. So take this chance to search for more ideas and interests.

Because the world has countless opportunities for you. But you need to be wise and confident about every path and decision you make.

This is a sign that you need to see the bigger picture. Instead of focusing on the shallow parts, choose the ones with a deeper meaning.

The World and the King of Cups are a good card combination. Take this as a sign that you’ll achieve whatever your heart desires.

You just need to put more faith in yourself and persist. You’re so much more than you think, and you’re made to do better.

Don’t hesitate to show your gifts and skills. Because this is the first step in being able to harvest human fulfillment.

You’ll keep receiving the success you deserve and will finally feel contentment.

The World and Knight of Swords

Despite the hardships you face, you’ll continue to be consistent. Because you know that this will engage you more toward being successful.

You’re someone who is willing to finish what you started. Even if things will continue to be difficult, you’ll continue to stand still.

You don’t want to surrender in a battle you want to end. So you’re willing to raise your fist and bring your sword along with you.

Because you believe that completion is already on its way. You just need to keep holding on even if things get more difficult for you.

The Knight of Swords and the World are a good combination. They’re a sign that the sacrifices and efforts you make have a prize.

And you deserve to live a wealthy and successful life. Despite the hardships you face, they’re not a hindrance to achieving your goals.

So continue to show your true potential.

The World and Page of Swords

It’s time to start shifting your perspective on life. Because something is about to arrive at its endpoint, so be ready.

You need to start reevaluating your choices and actions. Think about the positive and negative impacts they impose as you live.

This is a sign that a significant shift will occur in your life. This may be a time when you need to trust yourself more along the process.

The World and the Page of Swords are a powerful combination. They want to align your actions and words with positivity.

Because having a positive mindset can get you anywhere. It can take you to different places that will enhance new knowledge.

With the Page of Swords, you’re willing to receive the success you deserve. So you’re trying to sort out the goals you need to achieve.

With the World card, an ending will make its way to development.

The World and Page of Wands

Trust the process because you’ll be able to carry yourself. The journey awaits for new surprises and ideas to boost your creativity.

So even when an ending appears in your life, you’ll still thrive. This isn’t the end for someone who continues to crave for discoveries.

Because you’re willing to transfer and shift to different places. You know that this is beneficial in order to make room for growth.

The World and the Page of Wands are a powerful combination. They serve as a guide in order for you to see the light and straightened path.

An ending will make its way for a new beginning. It will welcome you to a path that may be peculiar and unfamiliar at first.

But you’ll soon adapt to the new path and make yourself comfortable for seeking discoveries. You can’t wait until you fill your cup with ideas to boost individual growth.

The World and Queen of Cups

Things may continue to appear at rock bottom in your life. You may feel overwhelmed because of the hardships that surround you.

But in the midst of chaos, you still choose to be calm. Being in a state of panic won’t enable you to find solutions to the problems.

So you choose to be in a calm state to think carefully. Despite the large noises and distractions, you’re still eager to be decisive.

The World and the Queen of Cups are a potent card combination. They serve as a guide in order to handle things on your own terms.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you don’t need any companions. But you’re the one who needs to keep going when things will end.

You need to keep in mind that endings can be beautiful. Maybe you’ll realize from the end that you’ll finally find your potential.

Keep your head up high.

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The World and Three of Swords

It’s okay to make mistakes even if they’re already innumerable. You’re not a perfect human being, and all of us are like that.

It’s okay if you still regret a decision you made in the past. You were not in the right state to make a difficult decision on that day.

Whatever sins or regrets you keep thinking about, you must learn to forgive. You must learn to forgive yourself and accept that the past can’t be reversed.

The World and the Three of Swords are a powerful combination. They serve as a sign that the pain you’re feeling will soon pass.

Because your problems aren’t meant to stay in this lifetime. You’ll find time to heal from a long-term relationship that ended.

You’ll learn how to forgive yourself for treating others poorly. So you’re also willing to apologize for the damages you caused.

Allow yourself to feel again.

Strength and the World

You’re now too focused on achieving your goals in life. So no one can take that away from you because you’ll succeed.

Don’t let distractions and irrelevant instances enter your life. The focus is on the goal, and you’re willing to put the ball into the ring.

Even if there are hardships that continue to resurface, you’ll still firmly stand. This shouldn’t be a hindrance for you to give up completely.

The Strength and the World is a powerful card combination. They may serve as your inspiration to continue trusting the process.

Because you’ll receive good results when the process is complete. The World card shows that your power will turn everything upside down.

This means that you’ll inflict positive changes in your life. So even if you’re struggling right now, you keep on choosing to stay.

And you won’t let yourself submerge in the hands of defeat and detachment.

The World and Four of Swords

Once the process is finally complete, you’re allowed to rest. You’ve been putting too much work and time into an output to be successful.

Maybe you’re trying to finish a massive project for the company. You want to show your competitive skills and reach the expectations of your members.

So you’re doing everything you can to make this possible. Not only possible but also to be able to inflict change and inspiration.

The process of creating this project isn’t as easy as it sounds. You need to constantly monitor and work on it each day to make it work.

The World and the Four of Swords are a good combination. Take this as a sign that you need to rest when everything is already complete.

Because you need to believe that others can do the work. You don’t need to consume your energy when this becomes successful; look after yourself.

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The World and King of Pentacles

Don’t worry if you’re not taking the right path because you’re doing good. Don’t convince yourself that everything will not work out.

You deserve to receive an abundance of blessings and wealth. You have this strong desire to inflict inspiration and change on others.

You’re ready to be someone who is a good provider. Someone who is willing to take care of their family until the end.

The World and King of Pentacles are a good combination. They’re a sign that you have the ability to acquire success and wealth.

With these two combined, you won’t have to worry about anything. Because it’s a stage wherein you can finally have everything.

With the King of Pentacles, take this as a sign that you’ll succeed. Perhaps you’ll bloom in your career and expand your business.

Because you continue to trust the process until the end. Even with doubts, you didn’t surrender.

The World and King of Swords

When things start to fall apart, you try your best to focus. Instead of panicking or wandering around, you’ll come up with a decision.

This is because you want to be sure of your choices. So you need to choose what’s best for you and others around you.

You’re facing struggles in your life right now, and they’re overwhelming you. It’s important that you need to clear your head first.

The World and King of Swords are a good card combination. They’re a reminder that you can still remain focused despite the fallout.

Don’t let yourself get distracted when making a decision. You don’t want to end up regretting and looking back on the past.

The World card is an assurance that everything will come to an end. So your constant anxiousness regarding your problems will wither away.

With the King of Swords, you have the upper hand in deciding.

The World and Knight of Cups

You’ll not be entirely upset until the end of time. You still have more chances of proving that you’re worthy of receiving success.

You just need to show that you’re capable of inflicting change. Because you’ll have to undergo another challenging stage in your life.

Surround yourself with positive energy for new beginnings. As you enter another stage, expect to receive new opportunities.

The World and the Knight of Cups are a good card combination. They’re a reminder that you’re willing to prove your true potential.

The World card shows that a cycle will come to an end. This may be about the current job you’re working on.

You’ll have the courage to move out of this environment. Because you believe that new opportunities will welcome you on the other side.

With the Knight of Cups, you’re preparing yourself for a long journey. One that will enhance you to grow.

The World and Knight of Wands

Every day is a new opportunity for you to learn more. So you’re willing to engage yourself towards another adventure of a lifetime.

The possibilities and knowledge of life continue to excite you. Because you believe that lessons in life will always be a part of you.

These lessons are applied all throughout your education or career. Also, they’re responsible for the formation of your principles.

The World and the Knight of Wands are a powerful combination. They serve as a reminder that your active state shows positivity.

Whenever you show that you’re willing to learn, you’ll receive good news. You’ll be able to open yourself to a wide variety of knowledge.

The World card shows that a situation may come to an end. But this doesn’t entirely upset you since you’re prepared for another opportunity.

You’re willing to switch to different places to grow. Let the wind take you.

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The World and Page of Cups

Now is the time to unleash your true potential. You don’t have to wear a mask in order to hide your true self.

Because you can present what you’re capable of. A large audience will be able to see and appreciate your greatest works.

Perhaps you’ve always hoped for a position in the spotlight. Your dream is to become a singer or an actress that will blossom.

The World and the Page of Cups are a powerful combination. They serve as a sign that you can make yourself the center.

Make yourself the center of everything beautiful and infinite. The universe is the representation of your audience.

Show the audience that you’re willing to inspire them and bring lessons. These lessons about values and morality will be necessary.

Just continue to show your confidence and courage to the camera. Don’t hold yourself back because the world is willing to watch.

The World and Queen of Wands

You’re someone who has a good soul and continues to be optimistic. Because you believe that there’s more to life than what you see right now.

So you’re willing to take yourself on an adventure. You’re eager to travel different paths that will enhance you to be wiser and stronger.

Because when you enter such paths, you’ll receive new ideas. These ideas can be beneficial for the foundation of your perspective.

The World and the Queen of Wands are an essential card combination. They serve as a reminder that you must remain consistent.

Because all your efforts will always be successful. But don’t forget to spend time with nature and leave work for a while.

With the Queen of Wands, you engage in meaningful conversations. You want to listen and understand the views of others.

And in return, you influence people through your words. You can be a good communicator.

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The World and Six of Wands

Don’t be so hard on yourself because you’re doing great. You’re trying to accomplish and finish what you started to aim for success.

And that’s a brave thing to do, given the struggles you experience in life. You’re not willing to surrender your efforts to someone else.

So whatever you’re doing right now, the results will be worth it. You’ll receive good news about something that may require travel.

The World and the Six of Wands are a good card combination. They serve as a guide for you to complete all your tasks.

You’ll be on a beautiful island soon, enjoying the waves. With the Six of Wands, this may be a sign of experiencing a vacation.

After hours of overworking, you’re allowed to witness this. Try to calm yourself and focus on constant relaxation.

The World card shows that what you’re working on will soon reach the finish line.

The World and Ten of Cups

Don’t worry because you’re following the right path. Soon, all of the events will unfold and align with where they should be.

You wouldn’t have to doubt if you made the right choice. Because you do, and it requires you to experience life the hard way.

You can’t magically receive your wealth immediately. You have to work hard for it in order to earn it rather than setting it aside.

The World and the Ten of Cups are a good card combination. Take this as a sign that you’ll unite with your friends and family.

You deserve this despite the struggles and responsibilities you face. The product of your hard work will permanently reside with good news.

It’s time to take harmony back to its rightful throne. Good news regarding your career may result in a massive celebration by relatives.

Don’t hesitate to engage in the event that’s about you.

The World and Ten of Swords

Now isn’t the time to remain in a dormant state. If you continue to do this, things will only be more difficult for you.

So you have to accept that things may not go the way you intend them to. They don’t have the capability to align with the wrong timezone.

The best you can do is to remain patient and optimistic. Even if this is easier said than done, there’s no other way.

The World and the Ten of Swords show a favorable combination. Instead of panicking or drenching in overthinking, you’ll never lose hope.

Don’t worry, because a cycle will come to an end. All of the late night worries and thoughts will soon lessen and relinquish.

You wouldn’t have to doubt your skills or if you’re worthy. Because you are, so stop convincing yourself that you don’t deserve good things.

You’re so much stronger than you think.


The World tarot card is a card full of positive energy. This card represents the natural cycle of life, wherein if one door closes, another will open up to you. The World tarot card is full of possibilities and gives a sense of wholeness to the person who encounters it. 

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