Twin Flame Feeling Pressure in Your Heart: Battle with Pain -

Twin Flame Feeling Pressure in Your Heart: Battle with Pain

Twin flame connection is the unique and strong relationship you have in your lifetime. It is the purest of all relationships, and the energy bond between twin flames is like a magnet.

The first time you meet your twin flame, you feel inner joy because your soul is happy. The sensations you feel in your body become evident.

Twin flames are mirror souls, and you can sense the intensity when they are close. But the distance cannot stop the connection between them.

But like any other relationship, twin flames go through a lot. You argue and may decide to have some space to cool off things. The rollercoaster ride of relationships can be bumpy with pains and sadness.

There will be times when you are in conflict or undergoing twin flame separation. The separation is making your heart heavy and unhappy.

Sometimes, you feel this before you finally meet them, which was my experience. 

I used to be in such a bad place before I met my twin flame. I was overworking myself, struggling to make ends meet, and extremely lonely.

But when I finally met him, everything just started to fall into place so naturally. I launched a business and easily earned $11,300 during the first month, moved into a bigger home, and everything just kept getting better and better since. You can speed up your twin flame’s journey to you by identifying them.
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Why do twin flames feel pressure in the heart?

The pressure you feel in your heart is because twin flames affect each other's heart chakra. The heart chakra is responsible for connections and relationships with other people.

It is in charge of healthy boundaries and depth in relationships with others. It takes care of emotional control and love for oneself and others.

As mentioned earlier, not just happy moments; you also feel sad. You can feel heavy if you get hurt or feel lost in that area.

It does not only deal with pains in love but also with many things and events. You feel pressure in your heart when you lose a job or feel upset.

Sometimes, you long for each other, but circumstances do not allow it. You may be busy with work or traveling, but your other half is yearning for you.

And in a twin flame relationship, you always want to be together. You want to see, hug and spend time with them all the time.

Although it is impossible to be inseparable, that is why you feel heavy in your heart. The pain of not together hurts so bad.

It can worsen, especially during the separation stage in a twin flame relationship. You juggle the feelings of sadness, confusion, and discomfort that makes you feel like you are suffering.

The pain of being separated shatters you like glass within. It seems unbearable, and you feel so devastated.

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Whatever the reason is, whatever the energy is, it impacts your heart chakra. Your twin flame connection significantly affects the said chakra and heart itself.

An imbalanced heart chakra can affect your physical body. It leads to chest pains and poor circulation across your body.

You may also feel dizzy, breathless, faint, or even have a heart attack. If you feel these mentioned symptoms, then it means you have an imbalance in your heart chakra.

You need to make a few changes to balance your heart chakra to live a healthy and happy life.

Sometimes, you may also feel pangs in your heart that you cannot explain. How can you feel so much pain when you finally find the one you are looking for?

This question and a ton of more can give you doubts, is he really the one for me? Are we really twin flames?

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Pains associated with twin flames are often overwhelming. You begin to question why twin flames hurt each other, intentionally or unintentionally.

This can be a difficult question to answer since the twin flame souls are mirror souls. Therefore, you attract the soul to support your consciousness in your evolution.

In addition to the preplanned design of the Universe, the twin flame relationship has constant challenges. It is not a walk-in-the-park relationship just because you are twin flames.

The journey you are traversing is a long and winding road to take. There are no shortcuts, and the lessons level up in many ways.

Although it can be scary to step on that path, it is where you are supposed to be. It prepares you to be the best version of yourself through growth-boosting experiences.

You get to see and reflect on what aspects you have to develop more. It is necessary for your healing, so you get to face your deepest insecurities and traumas.

You are undergoing an awakening process as twin flames, so you must be patient. The situation may give you pain for now, but it will be rewarding in the end.

There will be times when you think that the situation does not look good. But everything behind the scenes is improving little by little.

It may take a while to get there and many issues to heal. You may have to work on them separately or together to resolve them.

There's an article I wrote about Twin Flame Pain, it might be helpful for you. 

You begin to understand self-love, and it can help you faster with your alignment. It is leading you and your twin flame into the completeness of the journey.

Thus, the twin flame reunion is nearing completion. It does not only mean union on Earth but also to help you grow to fulfill your mission.

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How to deal with the twin flame pressure in the heart?

Even if it seems like the excruciating pain is here to stay, it does not. Eventually, it will go away as soon as you learn the lessons but at the right time.

There is perfect timing for everything that is happening in your life. There's no need to rush this time because pain is not the end of the story.

You treat it as a beginning of a new phase in your awakening journey as you open your consciousness to a higher level.

But to deal with the pressure in your heart, you have to find your inner strength. If you can manage to discover it and take back your power, you become unstoppable.

You become stronger because you start to learn how to love yourself truly. So, think about the need to love yourself first in order to love others.

Acceptance is the key to loving yourself more because you are a beautiful soul. Open your eyes to your spirit's magnificence and a blessed human body.

Your experience on Earth becomes worth living, and you will never be afraid to be alone. You learn to enjoy your own company by doing stuff that you love.

You stop pretending to be someone else and start living your life.

You have to let go of the things you cannot control and surrender to the lessons for the soul. It also means when your twin flame runs away from you, allow it.

It can be beneficial for the both of you with your separation now. Regardless of the pain you feel, intensify your understanding of them.

Continue to love them without judgment for who they are. Think about the lessons they should learn without you by their side.

It may be exhausting and frustrating but know that it is for the both of you. You feel a sense of fatigue because the journey consumes a lot of physical energy.

It includes the contact and connection with your twin flame. With such an intense relationship, you may feel that you are losing your strength.

So it is ideal for taking some time to rest properly. Allow your body, mind, and soul to relax for you to regain your energy back.

Meditation is one of the best ways to connect with yourself, including your heart chakra. The blocked heart chakra is among the culprit of heart pains.

Blockage can manifest in several ways, and the deep pain in the heart is one of them. You may believe the illusions of love and think that you will never have a loving relationship.

Therefore, ensure that the energy points, known as chakras, are open daily. When the energy continues to flow naturally, you will feel better.

As you heal internally by having faith in love again, you open your heart more. Possessing a positive mentality despite the painful past will aid in your twin flame reunion.

You address the heart chakra pain when you do twin flame energy healing. It is a valuable practice you can do to alleviate the pain.

You can also use other energy healing methods that you know. It is best to find the root cause of the problem so that you can find better solutions to it.

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Working on your ascension process is not easy, but you can do something about it. Raise your frequency of feelings through psychological exercises.

You can also do vigorous cleaning of the body through doable techniques. You can do reflection, purging showers or cleansing through gems to manage the issue you are dealing with.

Frequent healing and cleansing can tremendously help you in dealing with pain. They are among the best energetic hygiene one can practice, which you can benefit from.

The energy work allows you to clear any present twin flame blockages. You do your part in healing and growing to overcome the painful state you are in.

Sometimes, you talk to someone to lift the weight from your chest. They can be your trusted person with whom you can openly share what you are going through.

If you want someone to guide you professionally, you can ask a spiritual or psychic advisor. It is also possible to talk to creatures from another realm.

Whether they are your ancestors, spiritual guides, or heavenly messengers, they will help you. They lead you to a profound inward harmony.

You pray and ask your guardian angels for support. Invite them to help you, be by your side, and support you through this process.

They indeed are glad to assist and offer you on your journey. As a result, you move forward smoothly and with less burden.

At this point, it is best to understand that you are going through all of this for nothing. As you work on your spiritual growth, you progress closer to where the pain ends.

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