Twin Flame Suicidal: When Love Turns to Pain! -

Twin Flame Suicidal: When Love Turns to Pain!

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Taking one's life is a serious matter because life is a precious gift. Many people experience suicidal thoughts, and twin flames are no exception.

There are many ways to stop suicidal thoughts from taking over your mind. The first thing to do is talk to someone you can be completely honest with.

Some of them are triggered by a personal loss or a significant relationship breakdown. Others are a result of a medical condition, such as depression.

If you have lost a loved one to suicide, moving on with your life is complicated.

What are suicidal thoughts?

Suicide is an act of extreme desperation and despair. It is about thinking of ending your life by taking your own life.

Events can trigger suicidal thoughts and feelings for a variety of reasons. If you have suicidal thoughts, you need to know what triggers them and how to overcome them.

Many things can trigger these, and everyone has been there. We all know someone who has taken their life, and we've shared our hopelessness sometimes.

The idea of taking one's life is terrifying but also a real possibility. It has been a big issue; more people are expressing concerns today.

Be alert if you have a friend or family member who has had suicidal thoughts. You know it's serious, and ignoring signs can lead to a tragedy.

Many people are afraid to talk about suicide and even avoid the topic. Some don't want to open up because they feel like they are being judged for having those thoughts.

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Examples of Suicidal Thoughts

You are having thoughts about killing yourself. You are thinking about death a lot because you are depressed and hopeless.

You might feel guilty about something in the past that keeps bothering you. You can't sleep soundly at night because of these thoughts about hurting yourself.

The only way to compensate for the guilt is to end your life. You haven't got over what happened and blamed yourself for it.

You often feel anxious or agitated without apparent reasons. You feel like you are a burden to others, so you want to disappear.

As a result, you don't talk about it or any of your hardships. You want to keep it all to yourself and let others worry about you.

When you are having thoughts about dying, you plan to kill yourself. You are thinking about tools that you can use to execute them.

It can be a weapon to hurt yourself or something to drink, like pills or alcohol. It can also be an action like jumping off from a high building or out of a moving vehicle.

Risk factors 

Persons with mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety disorders are prone. People experiencing long-term pain or having a terminal illness are thinking about it.

They may also have money or debt problems that have been troubling them. The pressure from creditors may have taken its toll on them.

Any abuse problems that might involve alcohol and other substances are possible. Moreover, it could be having violent or impulsive behavior with easy access to self-harm methods.

Above mentioned factors commonly stem from the internal struggle of a person. Relationships and society can also contribute to thinking about self-inflicted harm or death.

First, some are ashamed to ask for help, especially with mental health conditions. They lack access to healthcare services that could give them appropriate treatment.

It may also be part of a stigma in cultural beliefs.

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What are suicidal signs to look out for?

Each individual has a different mindset and perspective in life. Thus, no two persons are precisely similar, making each one unique and erratic.

It's also the same when they deal with situations, their emotions, reactions, etc. Not everyone responds well and handles things all right.

Looking out for signs of depressed people is not easy. No one can tell the turmoil within if you choose to hide everything and keep it to yourself.

However, the closest to you may have hints because they are the ones who really know you. As for twin flames, they can see you through without words coming out from you.

Twin flames connection is a valuable tool that could prevent suicide attempts. Be watchful of each other's actions, thoughts, and feelings.

Twin flames can be reliably detecting attempts because they are empaths. Their soul connection is profound that they can be each other's source of strength.

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But what if there was a way to identify the people who are at risk? What to look out for and how to help them before they reach that point?

Common Warning Signs of Twin Flame Suicide

Being overly sad or moody over a long period is one. Twin flame depression is a major risk factor during the separation phase.

We'll discuss it later in this article.

It is also vital to watch over them after depression or moodiness. Sudden calmness is intriguing, and anyone wonders what's on their mind.

Maybe you know someone who often withdraws himself from others. It is not just about avoiding friends or social activities.

It is more about losing interest in things and activities they previously loved and enjoyed. They might no longer find pleasure in doing them, which is unusual or unlikely.

They are sleeping more or even less than they usually do. The changes in their sleep pattern can also affect their personality.

Their attitude and behavior change; they speak or move much slower. They are showing unusual speed than their usual way of doing things.

They may be experiencing recent trauma or life crisis. It may be the death of a loved one, divorce, or a relationship breakup.

When they talk a lot about feeling hopeless and in deep despair, it's a red flag. They begin to say that they no longer have a reason to live.

It is like feeling trapped in severe emotional pain without any light. They say they want to die and threaten suicide.

Although not everyone threatens to do it and cannot follow through, still be vigilant. Everyone should take every threat or sign seriously to save a life.

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When you have suicidal thoughts, does your twin flame feel it?

This question has an obvious answer, yes, simply because you are twin flames. However, not all twin flames are aware and capable of handling the situation.

Primarily twin flame pain can be one of the causes of depression. Feeling physical and emotional pain that seems like your spirit is even broken.

Every part of your body feels like it is getting numb. You are losing yourself and might even think about how to live your life without your twin flame.

You become desperate to want them back, and that living life without them is useless. There's no point in living life without that kind of mentality.

You may have done everything to search for them that leaves you disheartened. You couldn't stop thinking about them, and you couldn't do anything else.

You stress over yourself, which affects your job and compromises your health. You might fall into old and new addictions.

Thinking and wondering how your twin flame is doing strains you. But little did you know, they are also struggling at this point, being away from you.

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They feel what you are feeling but are not yet ready for you. No matter how much you tried reaching out to them, you got no response.

It is heartbreaking, but you should never forget that there's always hope. This is just part of the process you have to endure and surpass.

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How do you overcome suicidal thoughts?

Steps in Overcoming Suicidal Thoughts

Identify the problem: Is there a mental health issue?

Analyze the problem: What are the reasons behind the thoughts?

Describe the problem: What do you feel and why?

Look for root causes: What can you do to prevent the thoughts from coming back?

Develop alternate solutions: What would be the consequences of taking one's life?

Implement the solution: What are some options that you could try?

Measure the results: How do you know if your efforts working?

They can talk to a friend, a teacher, a counselor, or a family member. The important thing is to open up and tell someone what is going on.

They may think about taking their life if they don't talk about their feelings. They must be honest with themselves and others and express their thoughts.

It is important to understand that no one cannot control other people's actions. You can only try to help them or seek help on their behalf.

You cannot control their thoughts or their feelings. If you can't control someone else's thoughts, you can't control the person's behavior.

It would help if you always remembered that you are never responsible for another person's actions. You can only try to help them.

Even if they act like they don't care, tell them you care for them. It is important to tell your loved ones how much you love them with warm sincerity. 

They need to know they are loved and that many people care for them. It would help if you expressed how much they mean to you because they likely feel unloved.

Some stories say they did not receive the love and attention they needed. So, they want to take their own life without causing trouble to others.

The best thing to do is get help; they should talk to someone they trust. They can also call a suicide hotline if they prefer to be incognito.

People on the other line of the line listen to anybody who calls. They are well-trained professionals and also engage in debriefing.

Many people are hesitant to open up because they fear judgment and criticism. They feel like people invalidate their feelings and comparing to others.

Not everyone has the same tolerance for pain and mental fortitude. We should respect everyone going through this challenging phase in their life.

Remember that the separation phase is essential in a twin flame journey. This, too, shall pass because soon, they will be reunited with their twin flame.

It may seem impossible now when they look closely. But the Universe has much grander plans for them. 

That's why trusting the process and surrendering is crucial.

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