Twin Flames Reunion Signs and Symptoms: You Should Look For -

Twin Flames Reunion Signs and Symptoms: You Should Look For

Twin flame relationships can be very intense, and there are twin flame relationships that can end up in separation. The twin flame separation stage can be a difficult phase in your life. However, you have to know that for twin flames, the separation stage must come to an end. It’s either they don’t end up together with their twin flame for a lifetime, or they come back together.

That period of coming back together is called the twin flame reunion. This reunion is different from the true twin flame union stage, even if they’re both reunions in a sense. The two terms both signify the coming back together of two twin flames. However, whereas the true twin flame union stage signifies the reuniting of two twin flames in soul and spirit, the twin flame reunion is the coming back together of two twin flames after they get through the twin flame separation stage.

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There is still a lot to go for reunited twin flames after they get through a twin flame separation stage. They still have to be ready in all aspects, including spiritually, before they can go for true twin flame union with their twin flames. Because of that, there may even be times when twin flames go through another twin flame separation stage, possibly even more than once.

Still, a twin flame reunion is a happy event for twin flames. That means that they’re ready to go to the next stage of their twin flame relationship and that the twin flame separation stage is going to end. Because it’s a happy event, you’re sure to look forward to it.

What does it mean when you have a twin flame reunion?

Because of the intensity of the twin flame journey, there will be instances when twin flame separation happens. It can happen right after the awakening stage when you first meet your twin flame. It can also happen right before true twin flame union because you might still not be prepared enough for such union. Not every twin flame pair experiences twin flame separation. However, there are way too few such pairs if you compare their numbers to those who have experienced the twin flame separation stage.

The twin flame separation stage is like a crucible for twin flame relationships. It can either refine golden relationships or destroy the relationships not strong enough to withstand the heat of the crucible. That’s why only the strongest twin flame relationships can get to the true twin flame union stage. The twin flame separation stage filters out those that are not strong enough from those who are not.

If you have a reunion with your twin flame, be happy. That means you have passed a twin flame separation stage. However, you can’t be too happy because there’s still a lot to do. You only passed a single twin flame separation stage. Who knows if you’ll go through another one? You have to be ready for each circumstance and adapt to the unexpected because there will be a lot of that in twin flame relationships.

For now, know that a twin flame reunion marks an end to the harsh twin flame separation stage and you’re onto the next stage in your twin flame journey.

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How long does it take?

The short answer is that the twin flame reunion depends on the circumstances surrounding the twin flames, as well as the twin flames themselves.

The twin flame reunion itself is a short one, as it happens in but an instant. However, the lead-up to that, which some people believe is part of the reunion itself, is the one which length is undefined. It depends on the runner twin flame as to whether it will be a long process or a short one.

There are even times when the positions of the twin flames swap, where the runner twin flame becomes the chaser twin flame and the chaser twin flame become the runner twin flame instead, turning the process into a lengthier one.

During the lead-up towards the twin flame reunion, there are signs which indicate that a reunion is coming near. It can be felt by both the runner twin flame as well as the chaser twin flame. Listed below are some of the most common signs that tell you your twin flame is coming back.

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Common Twin Flames Reunion Signs and Symptoms

If you are the chaser twin flame, there might be times when strange events happen to you. Things like feeling hollow and downcast even when the mood around you is festive, or perhaps you can perceive certain numbers rather frequently. If you are, and you are in the twin flame separation stage in a twin flame relationship, then it’s time for you to prepare. Your twin flame may be coming soon.

Here are some of the signs that you’ll get when you are about to have a twin flame reunion.

Stronger twin flame telepathy

Are you having dreams about your twin flame? Are they also having dreams about you? Was there a time that you asked your twin flame about anything and he/she gave an answer the same as what you were thinking about? If the answer is yes, then you’re experiencing twin flame telepathy.

Twin flames experience twin flame telepathy during the twin flame separation stage. However, they experience it stronger when they are nearing a twin flame reunion. The reason for that is that twin flames usually advance higher in their spiritual growth enough to comprehend the situation they are in, causing the twin flame separation stage to end. People with higher spiritual growth tend to have more connection to the spiritual plane and thus are better at receiving and controlling telepathic communication.

Dream sharing

Telepathy can manifest in what we call dream sharing. You may see your twin flame visiting you in your dreams, or your twin flame can see you visiting theirs. What’s more, the higher the stage that you and your twin flame are in your spiritual journey, the more synchronized your dreams become. For example, if you and your twin flame have quite a gap between your spiritual levels, you may be able to visit them in their dreams and they can also appear in your dreams.

But you won’t necessarily be able to dream at the same time and details may not be that clear. However, if you and your twin flame have high spiritual levels and the gap between you two is not that big, you start to have the same dreams as your twin flame, with more details.

With high spirituality, you and your twin flame can travel around through astral projection or communicate through dreams. You can even have intercourse in your dreams if possible.

Thought and emotion sharing

Another facet of twin flame telepathy is the sharing of thoughts and emotions. The sharing of thoughts here doesn’t necessarily mean sending out verbal communication through the mind, although with sufficient spiritual level and connection, you can do something like that. It’s mostly the sending of emotions through your spiritual link that’s most at work here. During the twin flame separation stage, sending emotions to become more frequent, with its frequency peaking right before the twin flame reunion and after the true twin flame union stage.

If you sense that the frequency of shared dreams, emotions, or thoughts has become a lot higher lately, it may be a sign that your runner twin flame is coming back. (If you want to know if your twin flame is thinking of you, click here). The case is most especially so if you keep getting positive dreams, thoughts, and emotions. Excitement is one of the best emotions to look out for, though make sure that the excitement is not only the result of your surroundings or some good news you have seen or heard.

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Presence felt

This sign is different from the twin flame telepathy that was discussed in the preceding section. Although there are still similarities to telepathy, such as needing stronger spiritual connection and spiritual growth, the requirements are not as required in this case. Remember that you and your twin flame are bound together through karma and a strong spiritual bond that existed even before the two of you are born.

You and your twin flame’s soul came from one source. This does not refer to the source of everything, but that your souls came from a single soul that was split asunder.

The soul in your twin flame came from the same soul as your own soul. That’s why you can feel your twin flame nearby because your twin flame is practically inside you. You can’t feel it yet without the proper stimulus, and the approaching twin flame reunion is that stimulus that your soul needed. Your twin flame may be a hundred miles away from you, but you can feel them nearby, and that’s a sign that your twin flame is about to reunite with you.

Magnetic attraction to certain places

Are there times when you feel compelled to go to certain places for no reason at all? You think there’s no reason, but it is actually your soul compelling you to go to that certain place. Think about it: you and your twin flame were originally one soul, but that soul was torn apart and given to two physical bodies. Now that you two have reunited before, you wouldn’t want to part again, but circumstances required that you and your twin flame be separated again. Now that you’re ready to be reunited once again, your soul finds ways to attract your other half.

If you find yourself looking for certain places and getting compelled to go to them, it might be because your twin flame might be there, or that your twin flame will be there sometime in the future, thereby reuniting both of you.

Signs from the higher plane

For most people who are familiar with twin flames, the most common example of this is angel numbers. They are numbers that are sent by your guardian angels to guide you in your twin flame journey. You won’t just see angel numbers during the twin flame separation stage, however, you will see angel numbers the most during those times. The fact is that you can see angel numbers during the times you need them the most.

Examples of positive angel numbers include angel number 333 and angel number 1010. Both signs, if either of them appears during the twin flame separation stage, mean the reunion of you and your twin flame. That’s the green light for you to do moves that may be able to get you to your twin flame quicker. You may call them or communicate with them in whatever way possible. You can even use twin flame telepathy if you can control it properly.

However, angel numbers aren’t the only signs that come from the higher plane. If you spot coincidences like consistently seeing paired animals (birds, dogs, etc.), then that might also mean that your reunion is almost happening. Some song lyrics or movie lines may even stand out to you, and that may mean that the higher beings want to say something.

All the ones listed above, however, are only some of the signs. You may not get the same signs, or you may get nothing at all. That doesn’t mean that you will not experience a twin flame reunion. There are many paths to that single destination, after all.

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After the twin flame reunion, what’s next?

Once the twin flame reunion happens, you are with your twin flame again. However, that doesn’t mean the end of the twin flame journey. Remember that the twin flame reunion is not the same as the true twin flame union stage. The latter one is the end of your twin flame journey, and the former is the beginning of another stage in your twin flame journey that will guide you closer and closer towards true twin flame union.

A twin flame reunion may mean the end of a harsh stage in your twin flame journey, but the challenges have just begun. You still have to work hard towards a true twin flame union if you want to be together with your twin flame for this lifetime.

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