Sun Conjunct Jupiter: The People Whose Every Day Is A Lucky Day! -

Sun Conjunct Jupiter: The People Whose Every Day Is A Lucky Day!

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Like the star that shines brightly on Earth, the Sun shines brightly on our personality as well. In astrology, the Sun is the most vital part of one's personality, identical to the Sun's role in our Solar System. The Sun is concerned with self-concept and self-perception.

The Sun gives life to Earth, consistent with the role of the Sun in astrology. This star is concerned with the overall personality of a person. It is what wholly forms our identities. The Sun gives our identities life and strength. The Sun also represents our confidence, persistence, determination, motivation, and drive. It signifies our energy. But this star also has its negatives. The Sun represents ego, selfishness, and vanity.

Jupiter derived its name from the God of Sky and Thunder. This planet is also the brightest celestial body in our night sky, next to Venus. In astrology, however, Jupiter is the governs prosperity and good fortune. This gas giant is concerned with healing and new horizons. Jupiter signifies merriment and enjoyment.

The planet Jupiter is also associated with growth, be it mental, emotional, or spiritual; it can be any development! Astrologers mainly see Jupiter as a favorable planet. Its wrong side would be toxic positivity (being overly optimistic), irresponsibility, and immoderation.

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Conjunct in Astrology

Conjunct in astrology means the planets are in perfect alignment with each other. When this happens, expect that the planets' energy blend together. This event is perfect when the celestial bodies aligned together are positive planets. You will be expecting a lot of good luck and new opportunities coming your way. 

The person and the transit will be harmonious. The conjunction will affect you in a good way. This conjunction is real bad news when the planets that align are opposites. Expect that there's a push-and-pull dynamic happening on yourself or your surroundings. 

It is challenging to find balance and harmony between the two planets. This is harder if they also differ in personalities. But certainly, this is will also affect you, but not in a good way. But one thing is for sure: the conjunction between Sun and Jupiter will be the silver lining we all need!

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Sun Conjunct Jupiter Natal

People whose natal chart have Sun conjunct Jupiter are fortunate persons. These persons believe that they have an impressive lucky streak, and rightfully so!  They will find themselves achieving what they want and all the doors open to them. 

Since things always go their way, these people are optimists. They prefer to focus on the good of everyone instead of the wrong way. Sun-Jupiter conjunct persons are an encouraging bunch of people. They would support everyone close to them. This trait is why they make good friends, and their friends love them to bits as well.

People born during this transit give value to religion and morals. These people like to make fun! And with their lucky streak, nobody can stop them. Their definition of fun can also be extreme. It can involve a lot of adrenaline or dangerous situations. With their free-spirited nature, these people are natural explorers. Sun-Jupiter conjunct people like to travel. Being ruled by Jupiter, these people want to expand their knowledge. And their way of expansion is traveling.

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Since these people are thirsty for expansion, expect that these people value wisdom as well. Sun conjunct Jupiter people are open-minded and flexible. Because of this trait, Sun-Jupiter people chose to build a career in education, medicine, law, philosophy, and social studies.

Similar to the Mars-Jupiter aspects, people born under the Sun-Jupiter conjunct are generous. Their generous hearts complement their loving and kind attitude. Because of this, they like to help out people sincerely. These people are also enthusiastic, always taking every opportunity that comes their way. They are courageous and thrilled about every adventure.

But Sun-Jupiter conjunct people do not always have rainbows and butterflies in their lives. Like all people, there may arise some ugly parts of them. These people are born lucky. And they take pride in this. But because of this streak of good fortune, they will find their egos grow inflated! 

Just like what the Moon-Jupiter aspects say, Sun-Jupiter people are aware that they are lucky; this is why they tend to be confident. But there is such thing called overconfidence, and such people are prone to overconfidence. And when overconfidence and ego fuse, there will be superiority developed within them. Sun conjunct Jupiter person tends to think everyone is inferior to them. They can also appear to be selfish and self-absorbed.

When Sun-Jupiter people have fun, they take it to extremes. Believing that their luck will always save them from the worst situations, they will constantly push their luck. These people will come off as irresponsible. Hence, these people should take things the sensible way. It is better to always think things through before pushing your luck. 

Since these Sun-Jupiter conjunct people put utmost importance to religion, they may likely become preachy. And people will find this annoying. They may also become judgmental people and will crave perfection. Because no one is perfect, Sun-Jupiter conjunct people are disappointed by every people that they encounter.

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Sun Conjunct Jupiter Transit

The Sun conjunct Jupiter transit is rainbows and butterflies to everyone. Expect that there is immense happiness and contentment in the air. You will feel like every day is your lucky day. There is a lot of optimism in you, and you also share it with other people. Also, this event will make people feel like they are in good spirits mentally and emotionally. 

This transit will bring expansion. This expansion is not only limited to the wisdom and philosophy of oneself. Expect that your social circle will get bigger. This is also true with the opportunities that come your way. Everyone will feel like they are extra generous. Hence, this is an excellent way to donate to charities or volunteer at animal shelters.

With this aspect, people will tap into their spiritual energies. They may need the feel to connect to their souls or practice a religion. This transit is an ideal time to discover more about religion and spirituality. Everyone will also feel the urge to travel. Go and pack your bags and leave! These travel plans will bring good fortune and good experience for you.

But this transit is not always about the good. If there are a lot of negative energies surrounding your life, such energies may increase.

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