Venus Conjunct Neptune: You Put The Love On Top! -

Venus Conjunct Neptune: You Put The Love On Top!

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Venus conjunct Neptune people are sensitive people, and they hold on so much in their idea of love. These people would often find themselves falling for the person they cannot have. 

Venus-Neptune conjunct people are creative. They are more likely to be involved in arts, crafts, music, and literature. 

Venus-Neptune conjunct persons see the world in rose-colored glasses. 

People who have Venus conjunct Neptune in their birth charts always see the good in everything.

Venus As A Planet

Venus got its name from the Goddess of Love and Beauty. The planet is one of the personal planets in astrology. 

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By this, the planet Venus then is in touch with our feminine and sensual side. Like its namesake, it represents love, pleasure, and beauty. 

Venus favors art, aesthetics, literature, and finances! Venus rules our attitude and perception towards love and relationships. 

Venus even goes beyond what type of person we are interested in and the kind of person we attract. This planet is all about relationships, affection, sex, and intimacy.

Venus As An Individual

People ruled by Venus may come off as materialistic because they all like pretty things! They want to make themselves look glamorous.

Being governed by Venus, they like to be surrounded by splendid things. They typically fall into the trap of overspending. 

Buying something that looks pretty is their hobby. They gain immense satisfaction in seeing themselves and their surroundings pleasing to the eyes.

Ruled by pleasure, these Venus people also like to please everyone around them. They are naturally caring and loving creatures, but they hate conflict. 

Challenges distort the pleasing surroundings they built around them. They believe that challenges destroy the balance and harmony of their environment.

With this notion, they tend to stay forever in their safe zones. Venus people would rather be stagnant than encounter problems and become free-flowing creatures.

Neptune As A Planet

The farthest planet in the solar system got its name from the God of the Sea. Neptune governs spirituality, fantasy, and intuition. 

This planet is concerned with your spiritual development. It can be all about a religion or a private practice within you. It rules your dreams, magic, and illusion as well. 

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Neptune As An Individual

Neptune is concerned with all things abstract, in contrast to Venus. They gain satisfaction by attaining spiritual enlightenment. 

They gain a lot of dreams, which may be prophetic or not. Being in tune with their soul, they might come off as psychic as well.

As opposed to Venus, Neptune people are adaptable to change. Being enlightened, they believe that people should welcome change. 

These people also face problems head-on. Neptune people value growth because enlightenment and development go hand in hand. 

Unlike Venus people, Neptune people are inborn risk-takers. They thrive in exploring the unknown, not caring if it will bring them to a wrong turn. 

With their kind and gentle heart, they encounter unexpected success with the risks they take. These people are compassionate and merciful. 

They can even appear to be childlike and innocent. Neptune people are optimists, and they always think the best in every situation. 

People ruled by Neptune feel that they have a deep connection with the universe. 

When confronted by a difficult situation, they do not focus on the negatives. The reason for this is Neptune people get this sense that everything that is happening to them is a part of something big that is about to come.

Venus-Neptune Conjunct

Venus Conjunct Neptune Natal

When confronted with a complicated situation, they will always see the silver lining in it. They also believe that there is always underlying goodness in people. 

Such persons are likable, and they attract a lot of people. And this is why it is difficult for them to accept the horror that even they have.

Venus-Neptune people view love most magically: the prince charming meets the poor maiden, and they will live happily ever after. For them, love is a fairytale, and it should have a fairytale ending too. 

Venus-Neptune people believe that love will always be butterflies and rainbows. They find their loved ones to be flawless creatures. 

And when their illusion is shattered, as sensitive people, this will make a deep scar on their hearts. When their loved ones start to show imperfections, this may drive the Venus conjunct Neptune person hurt. 

These people are childlike, too; this is why their hearts are pure and trusting. Unfortunately, with the kind of heart they possess, they are prone to controlling and deceptive ways. 

Because these people are sensitive, Venus conjunct Neptune people shy away from conflicts. They hate rude people; they dislike confrontations. 

These people do not like to feel anger and aggression. Instead, they want to feel happiness and satisfaction. 

When in a relationship, Venus-Neptune conjunct persons will try so hard to maintain the flame. Their fantasies in love involve a never-ending spark and connection between them and their partners. 

This thirst for spark is why these people would not like the long-term relationship, especially when it starts to stale. They wouldn't want their fantasies destroyed now, wouldn't they?

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Venus Conjunct Neptune Transit

It is high time to reevaluate yourself when it comes to love. Try to assess whether your idea and feelings of love are practical. 

If you are in a relationship, try to ask yourself: do I love the person and the relationship? 

Because there is a possibility that you may love the idea of this person and the relationship. 

With Neptune governing illusion, this is an aspect where you would not see things. Things would seem to be rooted in fantasy. 

You are likely to become disappointed if you haven't been looking clearly at the negative aspect of yourself or your relationship.

This event is suitable for yourself in the sense that Venus-Neptune transit will induce you to surround yourself only with the good things. You may feel that you want to cage yourself in comfort and pleasure. 

There will be an urge to shy yourself away from a toxic and unhealthy environment. Hence, this transit is an excellent time to remove the clutter and ugly parts of your environment and yourself. 

It can be writing poetry, trying to paint, or learning to play a musical instrument. This event is an excellent time to welcome these creative impulses and pick up the hobby as well.

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