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Jupiter Conjunct Neptune: What To Do In The Season Of Giving?

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Jupiter Traits

When we look through Roman mythology, Jupiter is the mighty god of the gods. He rules over the sky, and his weapon is the mighty thunder. He is not only famous for being the god of the gods. But he is also prominent as the god who dethroned his father, Saturn, and exiled him from Rome.

In astrology, astrologers anticipate Jupiter's influence for being the bringer of good luck, most especially when Jupiter is in the 5th house. The giant planet in the Solar System brings great fortune and auspicious time. It is associated with blessings, positive energy, and hope. The planet represents morality, honor, integrity, and law.

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At the outset, Jupiter seems to induce all the good things in this world. But too much of anything is bad news. When taken advantage of in the wrong way, Jupiter can turn into toxic positivity and blind optimism. It is also possible that people might become irresponsible and greedy.

Jupiter represents gratitude, patience, and tolerance as well. For this reason, this planet reveals how we express gratitude. Are we grateful for everything, or we take advantage of anything that comes our way? How patient are we in letting things fall into place eventually?

Since Jupiter is about honor and integrity as well, it shows how we value these things too. Are we dignified people? How much are we willing to sacrifice for our integrity? This gas giant knows if we value our honor or not. This planet represents wisdom and expansion as well. Hence, this planet reveals how thirsty we are for growth. Jupiter encourages us to expand ourselves not only in terms of knowledge but also experience. This planet promotes reaching great heights and not just stay contented in the same place.

Neptune Traits

The god of the sea is Jupiter's brother. Neptune's dominion is not only saltwater but also freshwater. Neptune is also the lord of the horses, making him their protector.

In astrology, Neptune rules over the abstract things in the world. It governs dreams, fantasies, and illusions. This ice giant reveals what we do to escape the burnout of our daily routines. How do we escape reality? Do we daydream a lot, or do we read a book to escape the harsh reality?

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When this planet is taken advantage of in the wrong way, the consequence will be dire. It is possible that the person will focus on the fantasies too much, and they would not keep their feet on the ground. Too much escapism would lead to not living in reality.

This ice giant concerns itself in our spirituality as well. Do we nurture this aspect of our personality? How much do we value our spirituality? Neptune does not care if this spirituality practice came from a recognized religion or self-practice. What's important is that our spiritual aspect gets noticed too.

Neptune also makes our emotions soften. It is the planet of compassion, sensitivity, and intuition. Hence, when this planet influences a transit or natal chart, expect that there would be heightened intuition. There will be kindness in the air, and you will feel more connected with the spiritual realm.

Jupiter Conjunct Neptune Natal

These people are the embodiment of sunshine and rainbows. Jupiter conjunct Neptune natal are optimistic. Their positive thinking is contagious, and their vibrant energy quickly lifts everyone. These people are generous and selfless. They are grateful even for the smallest of things. Being a giant ray of sunshine, these people will always see the good in everything and everyone.

For this reason, when these people encounter difficult circumstances, they worm their way out of them effortlessly. They do not focus their energy on the wrong things. Their mindset is always to see the good that will come out of that dire situation.

Because Jupiter rules them, they are adventurous. They always like to gain knowledge and experience. These people believe that life is like a flowing river. It will take you to different places and face various obstacles along the way. But when you reach the expansive sea, that's when you know you've reached your destination. Unlike having the Mars-Neptune aspects, people born under Jupiter conjunct Neptune transit are in touch with their spirituality. They may immerse themselves in meditation, astrology, or religion.

But these people are not all about the good things. Jupiter conjunct Neptune people are prone to toxic positivity. Because they like to focus on the good stuff so much, that may be all they will see in every situation. At this point, the positivity is not helping. Instead, it can downplay the situation.

To avoid this from happening, these people should sensibly take their optimism. It is good that you see the excellent outcomes in everything. But Jupiter-Neptune, similar to Neptune-Ascendant, people should take not everything that lightly. Learn to assess the situation before cheering someone up.

These people, if not careful, could be the subject of controversy or issue. They might be the subject of gossips. You are popular, and it is natural to be the subject of whispers. But best to stay away from any controversial acts.

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Jupiter Conjunct Neptune Transit

Jupiter conjunct Neptune transit brings a lot of positive energy. With this transit, you may want to tap into your spiritual development. Take advantage of this transit by reading books related to spirituality. Immerse yourself in astrology, meditation, or healing.

This aspect will bring about enthusiasm in helping the people in need. Take advantage of this urge by donating to charities or volunteer at animal shelters or orphanages. You may find yourself a little generous too, and you may find yourself giving a lot more than you should.

For this reason, this transit is the time for you to manage your finances well. You might find yourself giving a lot or spending a lot. You may even get the urge to try gambling. It is best not to push your luck on these things and take care of your money.

Because Neptune is in the influence, this transit may bring fantasies and cloud your judgment. It is best to take caution in making decisions or closing business deals. It is best to do these things when there's a clear head without distractions of the fantasies.

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