Mars Conjunct Neptune: Time To Tap Into Your Spiritual Energy -

Mars Conjunct Neptune: Time To Tap Into Your Spiritual Energy

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Mars Traits

Mars got its name from the God of War. The God of War is said to be brutal, violent, and chaotic. We can infer from this fact that the planet Mars, in astrology, is the ruler of war and destruction. The Red Planet governs anger and aggression. Mars is all about sexual desire, tension, and aggression as well. This planet is not altogether evil because it also signifies our determination. Mars also encompasses willpower, motivation, and persistence.

This planet shows how you express your anger. Mars reveals how you take charge and what is your sexual desire. Expect that the people ruled by Mars are hot-tempered. They are easily angered and impatient. Often, they would burst into a rage over petty things. Since these people's anger are extreme, expect that they are also naggers.

These people are ambitious; hence, their egos are big. With a trampled ego, expect that Mars people will not take this trampling lightly. It might be the last thing you will do to them. Being ambitious, they are focused on achieving their goals. Mars-ruled people are rarely get sidetracked by distractions. Their eyes are on the prize. These individuals will do anything to get the award, even if it means hurting other people in the process.

Mars people are dominant ones. They always like to take the lead, always want to act. Hence, these people are born leaders, albeit authoritarian ones. When these people lead, expect that they get angry by the slightest imperfection. These leaders may shove down their beliefs right on your throat.

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Mars people govern strictly and scarily. This trait is the reason why Mars people come off as intimidating. Because the headstrong Mars rules them, they have a fiery and robust aura in themselves. This aura is what people acknowledge at first glance.

Because of their headstrong attitude, it is not surprising that they gain enemies. Most people cannot stand the way these people are. But don't cross a Mars. These people are not friendly when they get mad. They can become violent. Even if they are not, expect that they will shower you with words that will cut deep.

Neptune Traits

Neptune's name came from the ruler of the sea. This planet is associated with illusion, dreams, and fantasy. In astrology, Neptune rules on the thin line between reality and illusion. Because of this, it is safe to say that Neptune also rules everything psychic and confusing.

As you may observe, Neptune is all about the abstract things in our lives. It does not concern much about the material things that this world offers. Neptune signifies our spirituality and spiritual development. This spirituality can be through the help of religion. It can also be a practice that you do to replenish your spirituality.

This planet shows how we escape reality. It reveals how deep our spiritual connection is. Neptune, unlike Mars, is not a personal planet. Meaning it does not play a significant role in our personalities. But despite not being a personal planet, its influence can still be felt.

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People influenced by Neptune are in touch with their spirituality. These people feel that they connect to the universe and the cosmic energies. Being ruled by Neptune, these people also possess psychic abilities.

Because Neptune rules them, these people's imaginations are wild. Hence, they can be great authors and storytellers. These people can delve into the genres of science fiction, fantasy, and dystopian. Expect that these people are idealists too. They see the goodness of every people they encounter.

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Mars Conjunct Neptune

Mars Conjunct Neptune Natal

People born during Mars conjunct Neptune are passionate and innate romantic people. These people are always the center of attention, because why not? With their passion and loving heart, they are a magnet to all kinds of people. And the people you attract will find it hard to resist your pull. They will find everything in you flawless. But this strong pull mostly comes from your strong spiritual connection with the cosmic energies.

Because of this spiritual connection, people who have Mars conjunct Neptune also believe that their destiny relates to a grand plan. This great plan may not reveal itself yet, but it relates to the people's common welfare. These people highly believe that their existence has a particular purpose.

But because Mars conjunct Neptune people are prone to chasing their fantasies, chances are they would not keep their feet on the ground. If these people would not moderate their dreamy traits, they can be involved in law-breaking and controversies. Better to tone down being an idealist than spending time in jail.

It is also good to note that they are often disappointed since these people see the good in people. People would let Mars conjunct Neptune down at some point. The tendency would be these people will be hurt because of their shattered fantasies.

But since Mars also rules in these people, it is easy for them to moderate their fantasies and stay grounded. Because of this Mars placement, Mars-Neptune people tend to be accountable when things go south instead of escaping from it. Their decisions would be based on rational thinking instead of their fantasies.

Other people should be aware that Mars-Neptune people are deceptive too. Because Neptune rules them, these people conjure lies and cover their ugly scars. They are not what they seem to be. They will feed you lies about themselves and even your surroundings.

This deception can also be the reason why people are just so drawn to them. Being an expert in making a web of lies, these people can create an illusion of themselves to show other people. They are well-liked, alright, but just how well-liked will they be if they reveal their true selves?

Mars Conjunct Neptune Transit

This transit can bring a mix of emotions, especially being sensual and delusional. Be careful in investing in business and anything that involves risky decisions. These things may turn out to be a scam. Because there is deception in the air, someone may be prone to these scams.

This event will also urge us to assess our spirituality and spiritual development. Hence, this is the best time to practice what spiritual method works best for you. Try to meditate and look deep within yourself to know the answer.

Since romance is in the air, it is the ideal time to enter into relationships. There would be an extra charm and attractiveness to people. But be careful to see through some of your potential love interests. There may be a hidden agenda underneath their pursuit.

In relevance to Mars Aspects, since spiritual energy is evident during this transit, it is best to reflect with this energy. Take advantage of this transit by being generous and optimistic. Try to be an angel to everyone. Volunteer to animal shelters and donate to charity.

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