Venus Square Saturn Synastry: A Dessert Turned Sour From Sweet -

Venus Square Saturn Synastry: A Dessert Turned Sour From Sweet

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What Role Do These Planets Play In Astrology?

Saturn and Venus are both significant planets. Like its namesake, Venus rules the aspect of love, pleasure, and beauty. It favors arts, literature, and aesthetics. Our Venus shows us how we act when we are in love. This planet defines who we are attracted to, as well as who we attract. Like its namesake, Venus is all about love and relationships.

Saturn, on the other hand, is not a personal planet, unlike Venus. But it certainly has a massive impact on our personality as well. Known for its planet rings, Saturn governs the aspect of one's willpower. It is concerned with determination, responsibility, and hard work. This planet tends to preserve culture and tradition. If Venus shows what we are in love and relationships, Saturn shows how we deal with our obligations and responsibilities.

What Does Square Mean?

Many view square as a negative aspect of astrology. Square brings out conflict, tension, and worse, destruction. They say that if square happens, expect that challenges will surface. These obstacles may either be existing before yet unrecognized. It can also be a new barrier to go through.

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Bringer of tension, this event causes turbulence on your inner self. There might arise an internal battle within you. Thus, this aspect can force you to self-reflect and self-analyze. Square does not only bring pressure within yourself. It may also manifest in your relationships. This event surely will test the strength of your connection with other people. It will challenge you to resolve the conflict the best way that you can do.

Despite the negative connotations of this aspect, there is still some good in it. You will be given a clearer eye during this event. Expect that these clear eyes will help you see the root of the problem. See not only the problem but also resolve it. This aspect sure is challenging. There may even be a lot of falling out in your relationships. But one thing is for sure. It can help you grow and know yourself and your relationships better.

What Is Synastry?

Synastry assesses the natal chart of two persons. With its assessment, it can reveal the relationship between this two. Synastry shows us how the couple will deal with their differences. Are they compatible? Synastry shows us what problems will arise between the two. What is the best way to solve these problems?

Synastry is the aspect of astrology that defines a romantic relationship as a whole. But take note that this aspect can only show the possibilities. These possibilities are not the future. Synastry serves as a warning to the couple about the things that may come in their relationship. 

Remember that what happens in the relationship will always be due to the partners' decisions and acts.

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Venus As An individual

People ruled by this planet are calm. They value balance and harmony above all. These people take pride in making themselves gorgeous. Being ruled by Venus, these people tend to dive into deep depths to make themselves and their surroundings attractive. They would often fall into the trap of overspending. Buying the things they would not is possible to these people also.

Venus people are shopaholics, and their fashion statement is on point. Their opinions are of importance in terms of this topic.

These people are romantic. They expect that their partner will return the affection. Being ruled by the love planet, they want all people to love them. This trait is why they can come off as sensitive people. Hurtful words scar them deeply. In alignment with this, they take rejections to heart.

Since Venus governs pleasure, Venus person likes to please others too. But of course, they will always put themselves first. Because of this, they can come off as selfish people.

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Saturn As An Individual

Since Saturn is not a personal planet, we cannot say how a person is when ruled by it. But as mentioned, it is an influential planet. When Saturn is in transit, expect that you will feel more responsible. You might take on more responsibilities at work. An overwhelming sense of duty will fill you. 

When this planet is in transit, it will show you the things where you should practice patience.

Venus Square Saturn Synastry – The Good Things

These people are in for a long ride. And, oh, I hear wedding bells! This ride can even end up in marriage! There may be a difference in age between this couple. And most likely, Saturn is the older one. If not, Saturn will be the mature one.

Since Venus and Saturn are working together, the relationship is serious and committed. Both of them will feel responsible for each other. Also, you can see that their energies balance each other. Since a harmonic person and a dutiful person blend, there is a peaceful relationship along the way. 

A Venus person's perception of love can be pretty different than the rest of us. They believe that love is ever-changing, accessible, and liberated. This perception of theirs can be the reason why they are rarely single. But when paired with Saturn, this person will show Venus that love isn't like that. Love is all about stability and is in one person. It is all about building a foundation with one person and making it grow over time.

Saturn always makes Venus grounded. Venus craves a sense of freedom in many ways, more than one. And this Saturn will surely make them realize that you cannot always soar. At times, you have to keep your feet on the ground. You have to take on responsibilities in life to stay grounded.

Where Is The Square?

As there is a negative connotation surrounding the square, expect that there are negative things that might happen as well. Venus, being grounded by Saturn, may become dependent on them. With this dependence, Saturn might feel the need to control Venus. This control may go ways beyond one could imagine. Saturn would refuse this Venus to go out without him. There would even be times where Venus would feel like Saturn's eyes are always on them. 

Saturn, on the other hand, might become overly possessive of Venus. Rooted in their fear of being dropped, Saturn would become demanding of the Venus person's time and attention. Venus' reaction would go the other way. They will withhold themselves and their affection as well. 

The worst-case scenario would be when Venus feels pressured by Saturn's demands. Venus will be unhappy in the relationship. But Venus person would not leave. How could they? They love pleasing people. Hence, Venus person would grow resentful in the relationship and also to their Saturn.

Saturn may also become judgmental towards this Venus. They may view Venus as superficial because of the things they like. This opinion may result in Venus refusing to hear this Saturn out. Venus may even start disobeying Saturn's requests.

In Conclusion

This relationship can start as the best thing. In the beginning, there would be a mutual attraction. The couple might feel that this is the best experience ever. Both of you help each other grow because Saturn makes Venus stay grounded. And Venus gives affection to Saturn. However, things may go from South if both of them will refuse to adjust to each other. This relationship is where you can either wholly love the person or intensely hate the person.

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