Venus Trine Neptune Synastry: Fairytales Do Happen In Real life! -

Venus Trine Neptune Synastry: Fairytales Do Happen In Real life!

Venus Traits

This planet's name came from the Roman Goddess of Love and Beauty. Being named after such Roman Goddess, we can assume that the planet also rules the same in astrology. Some planets are personal. Personal planets govern an aspect, or in some cases aspects, of our lives. As for Venus, this planet rules the aspect of love and relationships. This aspect also includes intimacy, sex, desire, and affection.

Our Venus shows who we are when we are in love or in a relationship. Do we tend to prioritize romantic relationships? How do we express our love? Looking at Venus, you will also find out your love language. How do you manage to resolve the conflicts between you and your lover? It's all here. Venus also reveals our best charms. What is our point of attraction? It can also show which qualities we look for in a romantic partner.

The Roman goddess is also the protector of artists. She is artistic and creative. Hence, the planet Venus also rules over arts. Arts is not only limited to visual. It encompasses performing and theater, even literature. Historians believed that the Roman goddess has a taste for lovely things. Because of this fact, Venus also rules pleasure in astrology. What is the best way for us to be pleased?

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The planet Venus is the brightest planet in the Solar System. And Venus people embody this brightness. They are loving and full of life. Their kind and loving heart is the second thing you will notice. What is the first, you ask? It's their glam. Venus people are bewitching. They are attractive, and they know it. Hence, they know how to highlight their best features. Their fashion statement is exquisite. People tend to flock to them to ask for fashion advice. 

These people have a high-end taste, not just in clothes. Expect that these people like lovely things. These things include furniture and shiny objects. You are not sure whether these people buy their items to use them or just for display. Because of this trait, they are prone to overspending on themselves and their surroundings.

They like to keep things easy on the eyes. The same also happens in their environment. Venus people do not like chaos in their surroundings. They tend to shy away from conflict because it is uneasy for them to have these negative feelings. Hence, others perceive them as shallow, and they refuse to grow. 

Venus people are creative, and it is not surprising if they are into the arts. These people like to express themselves creatively. You will find the painting or even writing. It is also possible that they are involved in singing or dancing lessons.

Neptune Traits

Neptune is the God of the Sea. There is a little fact known to this god. Only that, he also governs dreams. We take all these facts and relate them to astrology. The planet Neptune rules over intuition and the subconscious. This gas giant rules over illusion and dreams. Astrologers believe that this planet lies between reality and fantasy. Sometimes, confusion and psychic traits also come under the realm of Neptune.

This blue planet represents spirituality as well. It also oversees your spiritual development. But take note that it does not discern whether you are part of a religion or just self-practicing. What matters on this planet is your spirituality as a whole.

Neptune reveals how in tune we are with our spirit. Is our spirituality nourished? Do we need to enhance our intuition more? It also shows if we often escape reality and how we prefer to escape. Is it through meditation? Does this person choose to read to escape?

If you notice the pattern, Neptune is all about abstract things. It is not much concerned about the material things that this world has to offer. Unlike Venus, Neptune is not a personal planet. But when Neptune aligns with a unique planet, its influence will be heightened or limited. This phenomenon is true to the other gas giants (Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus). 

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Venus Trine Neptune Synastry

With trine in the air, expect that this relationship is for keeps. Similar to the Venus-Pluto aspects, the couple will feel blessed to have each other. Expect that this relationship will be full of loving and positive energy. These energies will pull the couple closer and make them cherish each other. Many believe that this romance is a fairytale relationship.

Venus trine Neptune couple feel that they pull each other. This couple's path is the same. With Venus trine Neptune, this Venus will shower their partner with love and comfort. Neptune will welcome this shower of affection instead of shying away. The synastry chart shows that the more this couple lasts, the more that their love blossoms.

Bear in mind that Venus people like lovely things. Everything should be perfect. But this Venus partner will learn to accept Neptune's flaws. Neptune, on the other hand, will feel grateful for Venus's tolerant attitude. Neptune will reciprocate the love that this Venus gives.

Although the Neptune partner is dreamy, they would not live in their fantasy world because the reality with their Venus is much better. Neptune partner does not bother putting on the fantasy version of themselves. They are free to show themselves to their Venus, including their flaws. 

Seeing as how the Neptune reveals themselves to them, Venus will do the same. They will let the Neptune in their ugly parts comfortably. This couple will see through each other, but they accept their partners for who they are. The couple will feel the love in their veins. This love is magical, dreamy, and one for the books. They have mutual trust and tender affection for each other. 

It is likely that their relationship also thrives on minor things. Venus is contented just by having Neptune by their side, rubbing their skin. Neptune is contented, just seeing Venus's face in the morning, just like the Venus-Mars aspects in the synastry chart show. This love is fantastic. And what can we do but dream of a love like that?

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