Libra Man Playing Games: The Dance of Love & Deception! -

Libra Man Playing Games: The Dance of Love & Deception!

How will you know if a Libra man is playing with you? Is there a way to determine if he is not taking your relationship seriously?

A Libra man is playing games with you because he has fallen out of love or had no interest in you from the beginning. Therefore, dealing with a Libra man who only plays you is very challenging. 

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Even if a Libra man is one of the most honest people, he is far from perfect and has negative traits. However, he has a unique ability to keep you hooked while keeping his options open.

A Libra man is an expert in sending mixed signals to you. But you need to tell him he has no right to play with your feelings.

How to know If a Libra man Is playing games with you?

  1. You are just an option to a Libra man because you are not his priority. 

It is painful to know that he only keeps you as his option. But you know that you are only temporary in his life if he only keeps you around for convenience.

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You are only an option if a Libra man has been treating you as his second choice for a long time. If you see that everyone is more important than you, you are not his priority. 

  1. A Libra man is giving you hot and cold treatment. 

If a Libra man is being nice to you and rude the next day, it signifies that he is playing you. You never know what to expect next from a Libra man.

One day, a Libra man will treat you like a princess. He will make big promises and swear his eternal love for you.

You finally think that this is it. Then, finally, a Libra man comes to his senses, and this is a fresh start for your relationship.

However, all of a sudden, things change. Of course, it is always for the worse.

You are unaware of what and how it happened. But one day, a Libra man becomes an entirely different man, with no trace of that loving and caring guy from before.

A Libra man may start treating you like shit or just disappears without explanation. Then, when you finally accept the new situation and that it is the end, there he is, as if nothing happened, better than ever.

  1. A Libra man constantly lies to you. 

If you catch a Libra man lying to you, it indicates that he is playing you. A Libra man is likely unable to tell you the truth. 

A Libra man will lie to you about everything, including every detail of his life. For example, he lies about his location, does not tell you the truth about his future plans, and even lies about the past. 

When a Libra man hides everything from you, it could be because he is already married or having a serious relationship with someone else. It could be painful since you are unaware when a Libra man is cheating, but it could be possible.

Naturally, whenever you try to discuss and provide evidence of his dishonesty, he attacks your trust issues and turns the tables on you. A Libra man cannot make eye contact with you when he lies because he knows you realize he is trying to fool you.

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  1. A Libra man keeps refusing to label your relationship. 

One of the red flags that a Libra man is playing with you is that he keeps refusing to label your relationship. It is painful to know you do not see what you are to him. 

A Libra man will see you whenever he feels like it. He wants you to wait patiently for the rest of your life for him to find room in his life for you.

You are granting girlfriend rights to a man who has never claimed you as his girlfriend. Even though you are not in a relationship, you are experiencing relationship issues.

Do not allow a Libra man to convince you he is unsuitable for a committed commitment. On the contrary, a Libra man is capable of giving commitments.

  1. A Libra man is being emotionally distant.

A Libra man may be attempting to emotionally eliminate himself from you if he has been acting differently lately. A Libra man will not talk to you about anything. 

Instead, he will create high barriers around his heart and soul. He will not let you in.

You can do nothing to influence a Libra man's behavior because he is emotionally unavailable. Therefore, your declarations of love and attempts to extend your relationship are ineffective.

  1. Physical intimacy is the only thing that concerns a Libra man. 

When a Libra man is only after physical intimacy with you, it only portrays that he is only playing you. He is only after intimacy instead of talking things out. 

A Libra man will never take you out. He does not talk to you and is not interested in listening to you or sharing his secrets with you.

He does not concern about your thoughts. For a Libra man, your body is more than enough.

  1. A Libra man makes fake promises and empty words. 

If someone hears a Libra man keeping promises with you, they might assume that a Libra man loves you. However, everything he said was just an empty word. 

A Libra man's phony assurances are just a performance. He purposefully pretends to be someone he is not to keep you around.

The truth is he will keep making false promises and will not fulfill them. Instead, he will continue to find justifications for his lies, and a man who loves you would never act in such a way.

  1. Nothing you ever do is good enough for a Libra man. 

One of the signs that a Libra man is not serious with you is when he puts you down. He is constantly annoyed by every word that comes out of your mouth. 

If nothing you do is good enough for a Libra man, then he only plays you. Either he falls out of love with you or does not even love you in the first place. 

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  1. A Libra man does not initiate contact with you. 

If a Libra man does not call or text you first, he is not serious with you. You need to know that if a Libra man is into you, he will chase you. 

The fact that you are the only one that keeps your communication alive. If you do not call or text a Libra man, he will ignore you, and it will be weeks before he remembers you exist.

If you are the one that suggests dates and literally begs for his time, he is really not into you. It is your time to move on and walk away. 

  1. A Libra man is not including you in his life. 

A Libra man has many friends, and he likes social gatherings. Therefore, if a Libra man does not invite you, he only plays games with you. 

A Libra man will not introduce you to his friends or anyone in his life. It could be a huge reason that he is not serious with you. 

  1. A Libra man has no future plans. 

If a Libra man does not discuss future plans with you, he is only playing you. Therefore, he will not include it in his short-term goals. 

Are you asking why he is doing this to you? Of course, he only sees you as an extra and temporary in his life. 

  1. Poor communication with a Libra man.

A Libra man is a good communicator. However, if he is playing you, he will never try to build healthy communication. He will choose to be quiet.

He became angry when you tried to ask him. Then, whenever you talk about your relationship, he responds that he is not interested in the topic.

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What to do if a Libra man is playing games with you?

  1. Flirt with a variety of people. Give a Libra man a taste of his own medicine by flirting with everyone if you want to play mind games with him. Have a no contact rule with a Libra man.
  2. Be passionate and emotional in your performance. Play on a Libra man's sympathy and use dramatics to attract his attention and make him feel terrible if you want to control your Libra man and screw with his head.
  3. Notify a Libra man what other people are thinking about him. If you want to captivate a Libra man, let him know that you are aware of what other people think of him.
  4. Inform a Libra man that he is being unjust. A Libra will frequently exclaim that it is not fair.
  5. Make social media your weapon against a Libra man. Since he is so invested in his online presence, playing mind games with a Libra male online is not difficult.
  6. Keep track of your progress because a Libra man may keep score in his relationships because of his obsession with justice and equality. You can start maintaining a score to defeat a Libra guy in this mind game.
  7. Keep your phone to yourself as much as he does and resist putting it down. Instead, keep an eye on your screen and smile sweetly while you check your messages. 
  8. Make a big decision for him to make if you want to play with his mind. He will start worrying about making the right decision.

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