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Pisces Man Ignoring Me: Is He Playing Games?

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“What are the things that I can do? My Pisces man is ignoring me” is the first question that you will ask yourself when you are in a situation where your Pisces man is ignoring you.

Simply ask him what's wrong, give him space, talk about the situation, and know his soft spot. Then, you are in the right place to help you with what you can do when your Pisces man is ignoring you. 

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Pisces men are known for their warm and loving personalities. Pisces men are indeed softies and very understanding and easy to be with, which is why many people love Pisces men. 

Since a Pisces man is known for his understanding personality, it is somehow hurting when a Pisces man ignores you. But, unfortunately, there are many reasons why your Pisces man is ignoring you. 

If your Pisces man is ignoring you for about an hour, maybe he is just busy with his life outside social media. You do not have to worry. He will give you his attention after doing all of his responsibilities. 

If your Pisces man is ignoring you after a fight, maybe you upset him, and he wants to be alone in the meantime. Give him space for a while and let him think about what happened. Then, you can do the same. 

If your Pisces man ignores you after the breakup, he is probably processing his feelings. Now, you need to move on and live your life without him. 

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What you can do when your Pisces man ignores you depends on your situation. See if your Pisces man just is testing you.
Here are the things you can do when your Pisces man is missing you: 

How can I make a Pisces man stop ignoring me?

Make yourself busy 

You do not have to wait for him while he is doing something. Instead, find a hobby you will enjoy, and make it your pastime while waiting for him to be done. 

There are a lot of activities you can enjoy while you are waiting for your Pisces guy. Of course, the action depends on your liking, or you can just ignore him back and try to do new things you think you will like. 

You can try playing mobile games online, which are famous these days for children to adults. You can play with your friends online and in real-time. It serves as a bonding with your friends and family. 

You can also try watching K-dramas, Thai series, or American series. Although it is really popular in today's generation, most people tend to use it as a pastime. 

Most people watch series and movies when they have free time or wait for someone. There are a lot of online streaming apps that you can watch for free. 

You can also try to sleep while waiting for him. It is to help you relax about everything, especially with him, since it is bothering you that he is ignoring you. 

Try baking if watching and sleeping makes you think about him and get distracted. Baking can help you get distracted and forget about him in the meantime. 

Baking can also help you relax your mind and free yourself from stress. So enjoy the sweet pastry you bake while waiting for him. 

Going out with your friends is also a good choice, which will surely make you forget about them for some time. Have fun with your friends, these days, going out with a friend is kind of difficult. 

If you have some time, take a chance and go out with your friends. They will not make you feel only, and they will actually help your mind to get distracted and feel relaxed. 

If waiting for him is bothering you, why don't you try and make yourself busy instead? Do not burden yourself with him when you can have some fun while he is away. 

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Talk it out with him  

If your Pisces guy ignores you after the fight, give him space for a while, then talk it out with him. Be patient with each other, as you might start another fight if you refuse to understand the other.

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Always try to communicate with each other after having a fight. It does not matter if it is a small or big fight, do not just let it pass. 

Who will reach out first after a few hours of not talking to each other does not matter? What's important is you will talk about it with him. 

Give him time and space to process the situation. Let him think about what happened first, and he will reach out to you when his mind is in condition. 

The first thing you should talk about is the problem, do not let it pass and not just talk about it since it has happened already. Pisces men are understanding.

They will try to understand your side while considering his feelings.

Do not be afraid that you might upset him, even more when you initiate to talk about the problem first. But, on the other hand, he will get more upset if you refuse to talk about it. 

When talking to him about the problem, be gentle with him. Do not come to him so aggressively, especially if you are the wrong one. 

Gently talk to him. The tone of your voice must be as calm as possible. Letting your anger out first will not help you at all. 

Relax yourself 

 Do not pressure yourself to get noticed by him again. Do not spam his texts and messages; he might be busy at the time, but it will not help at all if you will keep on spamming him. 

Calm yourself first and surround yourself with positive energy. Do not think of the worst scenario in your head. 

If he is ignoring you for about an hour only and not a day, the reason is he is busy. His life does not only revolve around you and on the internet. 

Do not stress yourself too much on him. Let him breathe outside your relationship. It is also lovely to be busy with other things, not just you. 

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Know his soft spot 

Pisces men will not stand on ignoring you; they are a soft type of person. They do not like having a fight with someone.

If you did something wrong with him, you must try to reconcile. Therefore, approaching him first and giving him something he likes is a great move. 

Apologize to him sincerely and genuinely. Put down your pride and do not let your ego control you, you did something, so it is better to make the first move. 

If you know of any of his likes, it will help you to reconcile with him. Moreover, it will give you a higher chance of being forgiven if he sees your sincerity through your actions and words. 

Although Pisces men are very forgiving, it will be challenging if you do something wrong with him that makes him mad. This is because they are the hardest ones to reconcile again since you will not know what to do to make him feel better. 

Apologize to him. If it did not work on the first try, you must do it again and put in some effort. 

Most people want to receive ice cream when they are upset. So try giving him ice cream and inviting him to watch his favorite movie. 

Ice cream is most people's comfort food; it's sweet and cold and makes you feel better. Watching his favorite movie is a good idea since Pisces men find comfort in watching a movie. 

If it does not work, you can try inviting him on a date. If you know his favorite activity, it is much better. 

You can also try suggesting to him activities that both of you can enjoy. For example, you can try inviting him on a picnic date, and it is fun and very relaxing. 

When you are on a picnic date with him, you can also try to talk to him and apologize. It is the perfect time to speak with him since you two can see if someone is sincere with their words. 

You can also try inviting him to an arcade date, it is fun, and you can play many games. Arcade places are everywhere, it is not expensive, and there are a lot of enjoyable games. 

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Move on 

If your Pisces man ignores you after a breakup, it is most likely because he is not interested in you already. He already had enough that it made him forget you right after your break up. 

Moving on is the best thing that you can do after breaking up. Just accept the fact that he is ignoring you already.

Accepting the fact that he is ignoring you already is a little bit hard, but you will have hope that you can still talk to him. 

Accepting is the first thing you must do to be able to move on and let go of him. If you are taking too long to admit it, it is fine, it is really not easy to do, and it is not something you can do overnight. 

Moving on is a process, do not feel pressure to move on so fast. It is a long process, but it is worth it. 

Do not compare your progress to other people. Different people have different types of coping mechanisms and ways to move on. 

It might be too fast for them, and you might feel your progress is taking too long. Do not worry; do not stress that you continue forcing yourself to move on. 

Allow yourself to move on. Accept that a Pisces man will disappear and is not coming back. It is easier that way to move on and let go of him. 

Do not stress yourself too much and feel the pressure of moving on. Instead, give yourself time and space to think about what happened. 

Forget everything that makes you remember him, from your favorite activity to his favorites. Instead, cut off things that you have a memory of him. 

As much as possible, throw the things he gave you. It is easier that way to let go of him. 

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