Aries man jealous: Tame his green-eyed monster! -

Aries man jealous: Tame his green-eyed monster!

We all have the green-eyed monster living inside us.  And the Aries man is no exception.

Jealousy is a natural reaction from the Aries man who truly loves you. And a healthy amount of jealousy can make a relationship with him happy and long-lasting. 

In this article, you will learn if the Aries man is a jealous type and find out what reasons he can have to be jealous. Finally, I will show how to tame this monster and use it to your advantage.

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The personality of the Aries man 

Aries is a Fire sign ruled by the planet Mars, the Roman god of war. It is also a Cardinal sign that initiates the season of spring.

The Aries man embodies passionate leadership, confidence, and impulsiveness. He is fiercely competitive and always strives to be the best.

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Often seen as proud and egotistical, the Aries man can also exhibit jealousy and possessiveness. His mature and confident exterior hides a petty and selfish child inside him.

When the Aries man falls in love with a woman, he tends to obsess over her. He will want to fight for her love and conquer her completely.

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The reasons for the Aries man’s jealousy  

The Aries man gets jealous due to his inherent insecurity and fear that the people he loves will leave him. He will get jealous out of fear that he might lose you in some way or the other, showing how genuinely he loves you.

Jealousy can also motivate the Aries man to work harder to be a better partner. He will focus on competing for your affections and do everything to win you back and keep you.

Making your Aries man jealous can be a good thing for your relationship, but too much of a good thing is bad for you. Taking it too far can damage your relationship by hurting your man and pushing him away for good.

Below are the common reasons your Aries man gets jealous. Learning more about his jealousy will let you know how to use it properly to better your relationship with him. 

You are too popular

The Aries man will feel threatened if he sees that there are a lot of people vying for your attention. If you are in a relationship, he will show his possessiveness by demanding more of your time or preventing you from going out without his presence or consent.

If you feel restricted by the Aries man’s actions, this is the moment to tell him because chances are, he is not aware of his actions or feels that they are justified. Be honest with your feelings and reassure him that he has nothing to worry about; don’t dismiss his feelings either, or he’ll lash out and get angry with you.  

Let your Aries man know that he is still on the top of your list, only that you also need to spend some time with your friends and family. Spending some time with other people is healthy for both of you and your relationship.

Your career is taking off

The Aries man will not own up to it, but he gets jealous when his partner experiences success in her career. But before you think ill of him, know that his jealousy does not come from envying your success and wanting it for himself.

An Aries man who truly loves you will be happy for you and support your career goals, but he will be jealous of the time and focus that your career will take away from him. He will feel neglected and rejected if you put himself aside for your ambitions.

Work hard to maintain a healthy work-life balance to prevent your Aries man from getting jealous of your success. Build the trust with him that no matter how demanding your career gets, you will always give him the time and attention to stay happy in your relationship.

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You’re focused on the kids

If you and your Aries man are raising kids, he is likely to get jealous of the attention and focus you give to them. I know it can be hard to think that your partner is jealous of his own kids, but the human being is naturally selfish, and it is a harsh truth that we must accept.

The Aries man will not admit to it and try to hide his jealousy, but in time, these feelings will build up inside him and lead to resentment and bitterness. And if this goes unchecked and unfixed, your Aries man will look for love and attention someplace else.

Don’t dismiss the possibility that your Aries man feels jealousy over his kids, and don’t call him out if he does; jealousy is an irrational feeling, and he can’t help himself. What you need to do is to devote some of your time and attention to him to make him feel loved and appreciated.

You don’t include him in your plans

The Aries man loves an independent woman who goes after her goals and can take care of herself. But as much as he loves you to be independent, he also wants you to depend on him and see him as the knight in shining armor in your times of distress.

The Aries man will feel inadequate and unimportant if you don’t consider him a necessary part of your daily life and your plans for the future. He will feel left out and excluded from your life.

Make your Aries man feel needed by asking him small favors once in a while or even just by confiding your problems in him. He doesn’t need to help you solve them but let him know that listening to you is more than enough.

Use the green-eyed monster    

Now that you have an idea of what makes the Aries man jealous, you can purposely but carefully use his green-eyed monster to your advantage.

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If you are not together or have broken up

If you are looking to get together with an Aries man or want your Aries man to come back after a breakup, jealousy can be a powerful tool for you. But if not done correctly, you can lose him for good.

Jealousy comes from the fear of losing something you have and care about, so how can the Aries man fear losing you if you are not his in the first place? The trick here is to form a connection with him; be his friend or get back to being friends with him again.

Once you’ve established yourself as a stable part of his life, you can go about waking that green-eyed monster in him. Go out and put yourself out there, spend time with friends, go on dates, be sociable; these will let him know that you are not bound to him.

But be careful not to overdo it, or your Aries man will think he’s lost his chance with you and make him give up on you. If he cares about you and wants you for himself, he’ll let you know.

It will take some time for the Aries man to realize and come to grips with his feelings, so be patient. You can take this chance to enjoy your current friendly relationship with him, as well as the freedom to explore your interests.

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If you are together

Is it good to make my Aries man jealous? In my opinion, there is no yes or no answer to this question.

Jealousy is a dangerous thing to add to a relationship because it breeds doubt and mistrust. And trust is the foundation of a healthy and lasting relationship.

If trust is already lacking in your relationship with an Aries man, making him jealous will further reduce that trust and weaken your relationship. If he doesn’t trust that you are loyal to him, being sociable and flirting with other people will make him trust you less.

Jealousy is useful when you feel that your Aries man is losing interest in you or taking you for granted. It’s when you feel that the spark in your relationship is going out and that he’s becoming bored with routine and stability.

You can shake your Aries man from your monotonous relationship by shifting your focus to other areas in your life. Take some of the time you usually spend with him and use this extra time in your hands to have fun with your friends, try out new hobbies, or have some time alone with yourself.

You can also try reconnecting with people you’ve stopped seeing when you started a relationship with your Aries man. There is a chance that one or two of these people are your past flames or close friends that you had to drop because he saw them as threats to your relationship.

These changes will be subtle, but if your Aries man truly loves you, he will feel it and be reminded that he shouldn’t take you for granted. He will be reminded that you are a woman worthy of being pursued, a woman he must compete with others to get, and a woman he will lose if he does not shape up.

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