Can Amethyst Go in Water?: The Benefits of Putting Amethyst in Water -

Can Amethyst Go in Water?: The Benefits of Putting Amethyst in Water

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Ever wonder if your amethyst can go in a different variety of water? Did you ever ask, “is it safe with water?'”. We all know that water cleansing is one of the most popular tools used to clean crystals; not only is it good with cleansing but it is also used to charge Crystals.

Amethyst came from a variety of quartz. Quartz ranked 7/10 on the Mohs hardness scale, which means that amethyst is safe with water. 

Cleaning your amethyst is necessary to let go of negative vibrations and recharge it with high vibrations. 

Cleaning your amethyst with water is the most straightforward and most used technique. Considering the hardness of the Amethyst, its texture will not be affected. 

You can purify your Amethyst using water by immersing your Amethyst in a bowl with water. And let that soak in water for about 3 hours.

It is essential not to put your Amethyst in a bowl with other crystals.

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Another thing to remember is never to put your Amethyst in direct sunlight. The sunlight can cause cracks and breaks on your Amethyst.

An important note is never to re-use the water that has been used to clean and recharge other crystals, as it contains negative energy that can be transferred to your Amethyst. 

Always use new and freshwater whenever you wish to recharge or clean your Amethyst or other Crystals safe with water.

The Amethyst has different reactions with the different types of water. 

Below are some explanations and tips on which variant of water can be used in cleaning and recharging your Amethyst.

Can Amethyst Go in Salt Water?

Even though amethyst is safe with water, putting your amethyst in saltwater is not advisable. The amount of sodium and salt particles can damage your Amethyst. 

Most people preferred using ocean water to clean their Amethyst. As ocean water provides huge energetic benefits in crystals.

The ocean's salt can and eventually will break your Amethyst.

If you accidentally put your Amethyst in saltwater or intentionally clean your Amethyst in the ocean, rinse it very well with fresh water and let it dry.

The salt particles may be hard to remove, but they must be taken away from your Amethyst.

It is best if you avoid any variant of water that has salt.

Can Amethyst Go in Fresh Water?

Yes, Amethyst can go in freshwater. It is safe to use fresh water to clean your crystal.

It does not have any chemicals that can harm the beauty of the crystal.

Can Amethyst Go in Rain Water?

It is highly recommended to cleanse your Amethyst with Rainwater.

Rain water is an excellent way to purify unwanted energy from your Amethyst. It can neutralize negative energy.

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Rain water is the most potent charged water since it comes from nature. It allows the raw cosmic energy of the earth to clean and recharge the Amethyst and raise its vibration to the highest.

You can also try collecting rain water, put it in a bowl, and let your Amethyst sit there for a couple of hours.

You may also put your Amethyst outside while raining.

Can Amethyst Go in Hot Water?

No, it is not recommended to put your Amethyst in hot water. High temperature can damage your Amethyst as Amethyst is sensitive to hot water.

High-temperature water can break, and worst is it can dissolve your Amethyst. Sudden temperature changes can cause cracks in your crystal.

Can Amethyst Go in Warm Water?

If your goal is to clean your Amethyst, it is best to use warm water. Put warm water into the bowl and let it sit for a few minutes. 

Ensure that the Amethyst is not too cold and the water is not too hot. We want to avoid sudden temperature changes.

Can Amethyst Go in Under Running Water?

Yes, it is safe to clean your crystal under running water. Since Amethyst comes from the quartz family, it contains rugged and durable properties that can break easily.

You can clean your Amethyst while holding it beneath the running water.

You can clean it without worrying if it can affect or damage the Amethyst. Just make sure that the water is not too cold or not too hot.

Can Amethyst Go in Filtered Water?

Another great way to clean your Amethyst is to clean it using Filtered Water. Filtered water will reduce the minerals that can cause damage to your crystal.

Charcoal as a water filter is highly advised because of its effectiveness in eliminating waterborne pathogens and chemicals from the water.

Can Amethyst Go in Spring Water?

Spring Water has a rich source of nourishing and healing energy. Cleaning and recharging your Amethyst in spring water is an excellent technique for cleaning. 

The energy that the spring water has can be transferred to the crystal. And it help the Amethyst maximize its restorative magic.

Any clean river stream is also an effective and safe way to cleanse your Amethyst.

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Is Chlorine Water safe for your Amethyst?

Chlorine water contains chemicals that kill bacteria. Those chemicals such as chlorine can affect the beauty and texture of your Amethyst.

It is not advisable to put your Amethyst in Chlorine Water. It can damage your Amethyst, and its color may fade.

Avoid putting your Amethyst in Chlorine water.

Can Amethyst Go in Under Moon Water?

Moon Water is known as an effective method when it comes to recharging and cleansing your Crystals. Moon water with Amethyst is an excellent way to balance its natural energy and improve communication and clarity.

It is also a great way to enhance the power of the moon water and the Amethyst. 

Simply soak the Amethyst under the moon with water in a bowl, and let it sit overnight.

It is best to perform moon water cleansing at lunar infusion during the full moon, because the energy of the moon is at its most potent during those times.

Avoid making moon water during eclipse as it is believed that this celestial event has high levels of negative energy.

Can Amethyst Go in with Bath Water?

Yes, Amethyst can go in with bathwater. It helps you calm your mind, has a peaceful environment, and helps create a tranquil and soothing environment.

Taking a bath with Amethyst is a next-level type of self-care. Amethyst has a lot to offer, as it can generate luxury and serenity.

Putting Amethyst in your routine while taking a bath can create a relaxing atmosphere. It can help a lot when it comes to your mental health.

It can block stress, aid your psychosomatic disease, and calm your anxiety. 

Remember to use bathing products that are friendly to your Amethyst; avoid using products that contain salt as it can damage your crystal, and always take note of the water temperature.

Amethyst is sensitive when it comes to high-temperature water.

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Is it Safe to Drink Water with Amethyst?

Amethyst-infused water contains healing properties, royal crystal essence, and its tranquilizing effects. Drinking water with Amethyst can help you remove toxic substances from the body.

It is highly recommended to drink water with Amethyst as it can help you instill peace of mind and resolve anxiety.

Aside from that, Drinking Amethyst-infused water can help you with your hormone production and balancing the endocrine system.

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And it can also help in enhancing the circulation of the healing energy inside your body.

Drinking Amethyst-infused water may help keep away the bad energy and uplift the spiritual life.

In preparing Amethyst-infuse water, the first thing you should do is clean your crystal. We want to make sure that the crystal is cleaned thoroughly before putting it in a jar.

The best is to use a mason jar or other tumbler made for Crystal-infused water. Add fresh water to the mason jar and then put Amethyst.

Let it rest in the fridge for a couple of hours.

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