Can Angelite Go in Water?: It Could Lose Structural Integrity -

Can Angelite Go in Water?: It Could Lose Structural Integrity

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Angelite is made up of calcium sulfate, and it is a form of gypsum. If you are an owner of Angelite, you may want to know if it is safe with water.

Angelite is not safe with water. It may lose structural integrity, which could make it collapse.

Scoring at between 3.5 on the Mohs Scale of hardness, this score is too low to be considered a water-safe crystal.

Angelite is a soft crystal; it is quickly getting scratched, and the water may ruin this crystal. Aside from that, water can also make your Angelite crumble.

In this article, you will find out what will happen if your Angelite gets in different water variants.

Can Angelite Go in Spring Water?

Springwater is a natural water resource that contains powerful energies. It is said that the energy came directly from the Earth.

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Even though the Angelite cannot be in the water, you can cleanse your Angelite using the spring water. Kindly wash the Angelite in spring water briefly.

Let it dry using a soft cloth. And please do this not too often.

Also, if you are thinking of cleaning your crystal from the dirt and dust, you can use a soft cloth to remove the dirt.

Can Angelite Go in Salt Water?

No, Angelite crystals should not get in touch with water. Any variants of water should be avoided when you are cleansing your Angelite.

The surface of the Angelite is well-polished that could develop into microscopic floor roughness that can make it lose its luster.

Aside from that, the color of the Angelite may also fade when it gets put in water. 

On the other hand, salt alone is also not advisable to use as a cleansing method for any crystal. Salt particles may cause severe damage to your crystal, incredibly soft crystal.

Can Angelite Go in Moon Water?

Moon is known for having excellent energies that can be used to charge and cleanse the crystals. Moon water is also known as a tool commonly used for crystals.

Soaking your crystals under the moonlight with water can effectively provide positive energies throughout the night. 

However, the Angelite is a soft crystal, and it is not safe with water. It is not recommended to be soaked in water, even for a short period.

But your Angelite can still enjoy the energies of the moon. You can try to leave your crystal under the moon without the water.

To do so, leave your crystal in a safe place where the moon's rays are visible. You can leave it outside or in your windows

You can let your crystal under the moonlight overnight. It is recommendable to cleanse and charge your crystal under the full moon's light.

The full moon is where the moon's energy is at its peak.

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Can Angelite Go in Bath Water?

Crystal-infused bath water can provide countless health benefits for your health. Crystal also clears the water and the environment, forming a positive vibration.

Different types of crystals also provide different healing benefits. It depends on what crystal you will use.

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But since the Angelite cannot go in the water, it is not advisable to submerge it in your bathwater. The Angelite may react in water and cause problems such as skin irritation.

However, you can still enjoy your bathing experience with an Angelite. You can place it inside your bathroom where it is safe with water.

Taking a bath with your Angelite can radiate good power inside your bathroom. It will make the environment sparkling and vibrant.

How to prepare Angelite Elixir?

Crystal elixir also provides powerful healing properties to the consumer. 

Two methods can be used to prepare crystal elixir, the direct and indirect methods.

The Angelite cannot go in the water so the indirect method will be used.

To create an elixir, you need a clean jar, water vessel, freshwater, and your Angelite. 

To start, place the Angelite inside the clean jar, and fill the vessel with fresh water. Place the jar inside the vessel with fresh water and leave it outside.

It is good to leave the water vessel under the moonlight for the entire night. After the procedure, transfer the water to another container.

It is recommended to cleanse and charge your Angelite. The negative energies can block the healing properties of the Angelite.

What are the alternative methods to cleanse and charge Angelite?

Water is considered the most convenient way to cleanse and charge the crystal because it is accessible to anyone.

But since the Angelite is not safe with water, the water cannot be used as its cleansing tool. However, there are still other ways to cleanse and charge your Angelite.

Cleanse and charge the Angelite using Sage

Sage is a sacred plant; it contains a multitude of healing properties. It is said that sage is the safest way to cleanse and charge any crystals.

To perform this method, kindly light up the tip of the sage and let the smoke roam around your crystal for 30 seconds.

If it's been a while since the last cleansing of your Angelite, you can add another 30 seconds for the cleansing. 

You have to do this method in an open area, or if you plan to do this inside, you need to open your windows.

It is necessary to open the windows so that the smoke and negative energies will disperse in the air.

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Cleanse and charge the Angelite using Brown Rice

This method is also safe. The rice can remove the negative energies from your crystal in a safe place.

To do this method, fill a clean bowl with the right amount of brown rice, and then bury your Angelite for one day or 24 hours.

After the cleansing, throw away the rice as it is not advised to eat the rice after the cleansing. You may absorb the negative energies in the rice.

You can also use regular rice; it is just that brown rice is more recommended.

Cleanse and charge the Angelite using Sound

Sound healing can be performed in different ways, such as chanting, singing bowls, lovely bell rings, and even a tuning fork. 

It does not matter what type of Sound it creates. What matters is the Sound should be loud enough for the vibration to encompass the stone thoroughly.

Cleanse and charge the Angelite using Visualization

This method is the easiest way to cleanse and charge your crystals. It may sound intimidating and awkward at first, but you will learn how to do it properly as time passes.

Take a moment to ground and center your energy, hold your stone and visualize that your hands are filling with white and radiant light.

Envision that the negative energies are being removed through the stone, allow the stone to shine brighter with renewed purpose.

Continue to visualize until you feel the shift of energy to your Angelite.

Cleansing and charging using Earth

Cleansing using Earth's energy is suitable for any crystals. It contains energies that can renew your crystals and remove unnecessary energies.

Put your stone on the ground, make sure that the ground is safe and dry. Or you can bury it in dry soil or put it in your garden.

After cleansing, wipe off the dirt using a soft dry cloth.

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