Citrine Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits & Uses -

Citrine Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits & Uses

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Citrine stone will provide a fast boost of energy to those who use it with care and reverence. Citrine belongs to the quartz mineral family. It can vary in shade from pale yellow to bright shades of amber due to the traces of iron in the quartz. 

The Citrine stone has a hexagonal crystal system and a blurry or smoky appearance in its natural state. Citrine's essence is to help its collector to focus on wealth, joy, and power.

History Of Citrine

Citrine came from the word “lemon” because it looks like that sweet and tangy citron power. Citrine is available and mined in Scotland's highlands, Spain, Madagascar, Russia, and Brazil. The golden gleam of Citrine crystal was famous as a dazzling decorative gem as far back as 300 BC.

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The ancient Greek and Roman jewelers are the ones who begun the usage of Citrine by making it as rings. Citrine never lost its status as a precious gem as time passed. Citrine stone was also a favorite of Queen Victoria, who wore it to make a statement in her 17th-century attire.

Reasons Why You Should Start Using Citrine

  • Physical Healing

The Citrine is a wonderful stone for soothing the physical body and elevating the overall state. If Vitamin D were a stone, it would undoubtedly be Citrine. By combining Citrine into your life, you can ensure that you will be away from weak energy that will not serve any good to your body. Citrine is an immediate energy booster and can be a wonderful gift if you suffer from chronic fatigue or other illnesses that drain your strength.

Citrine stone supports a healthy thyroid and promotes a healthy digestive system if you plan to lose some weight. It elevates blood circulation and prevents allergies and other skin irritations. Citrine's soothing vibrations are beneficial for women if they suffer from menstrual pain and an irregular period. Citrine stone may also treat nausea if you are planning to venture on long travels.

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  • Emotional Healing

Citrine stone aids in the opening of your core. It aids in the release of strained feelings of negativity and frustration. Citrine help in the inhalation of deep cleansing breaths that aid in the relief of muddled feelings of confusion, depression, and destructive tendencies.

Citrine teaches you to let go of all the stuff that no longer makes you feel like you're soaking up the bright radiance of the sun. It will help you overcome phobias by allowing a gentle flow of calming energy to stream through you. Citrine is reminding you that no matter what happened, you are capable of taking charge of your security and that you will not fail.

  • Mental Healing

Citrine also emits light of creative energy, making it an excellent gemstone if you need to re-energize your creative vision. It invites a sense of manner and versatility. As you go forward with this optimistic outlook, you'll find that you're able to attract things that bring you great joy. Citrine's energy can assist you in analyzing circumstances and digesting details. It will help you find solutions to your issues, accept constructive feedback, and bravely act on them.

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  • Manifesting Prosperity

Citrine stone is a helpful tool to have on hand, either in your bag or pocket. It helps you attach luck with your business ventures, particularly new marketing initiatives with new clients or partners. Citrine increases the flow of money-based energy from one hand to another. It protects money and keeps its energetic qualities pure. You may position the stone in areas of your home where you keep your assets.

  • Relationship Healing

Citrine stone suggests that stillness allows you to hear and sense your thoughts and feelings. You will become understandable to your partner. With Citrine stone, you will know what you need to do to keep the negativity away from ruining your connections. You will attract good things if your aura is light and positive, which is why the Citrine stone is suitable for you.

Citrine does not only would benefit you, but it will also serve your partner and your relationship. When you feel like your relationship is lacking in love and warmth, Citrine's caring light will help. It acts as the power of hope and forgiveness. It's also helpful in bringing your mind and heart into alignment when they appear to take different things.

Citrine will motivate you to be open to new opportunities and keep a positive outlook. It will encourage you to stay positive in any situation, no matter how difficult or frightening it may be.

The Metaphysical Benefits Of Citrine

Citrine stone is a fitting companion with the Solar Plexus Chakra and the Sacral Chakra. These are both located in the middle or lower part of the body. These are elemental chakras that assist you in remaining grounded and brilliant in your capability. If there is a clog in your Solar Plexus Chakra, you can find it difficult to feel grounded.

Citrine makes your boundaries from negativity tougher so that it wouldn't enter your auric region. The Sacral Chakra is where you find your enthusiasm, imagination, and intimacy.

It is also the location you want to manifest if you want to connect with spiritual beings. If the Sacral Chakra has a blockage, you may feel exhausted, as if you're spinning out of control.  This may lead to feelings of detachment or emotional withdrawal.

Citrine helps balance all these chakras, so it's a perfect option if you need a little extra support. It will start keeping you grounded without feeling like something is forcing you. With this solely positive stone, you can ward off negative spirits, bring your inner strength to the surface.


Citrine stone brings you a bright and sunny mood. It is all about positive feelings, excitations, and not letting go of personal influence, which should come as no surprise. Citrine is here to remind you that if you ever feel like you've lost your grip, take your happiness back.

A therapeutic bath with Citrine can help you feel more awake and in good spirits. To find out how, you might want to read this post on spiritual bath.

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