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9 Ways To Attract A Taurus Man With Texting: The Proper Way!

Do you want to maximize flirting with a Taurus man even if he's not with you physically? Then, flirt with him through text!

If you still don't know, a man born under the Taurus sign loves to flirt, so flirting with him as much as you can, attracts him. Nonetheless, you can't flirt with him right away. You have to build something with him to start low-key flirting with him.

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If you like a Taurus guy who's not-so-close to you, you may consider being friends with him. This way, you can learn his likes and dislikes, which can be beneficial to you. It will also help if you show him that you care before starting to flirt.

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Thus, it's essential to know the Taurus man's personality traits first to get his attention.

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Taurus Man Personality Traits

Before you can go on flirt-texting, you will need to attract him physically before going into the next. You have to understand that everything is a process for a Taurus man, so long patience is necessary.

Taurus people can be hard-headed most of the time and don't listen well to others. He's also the type that has a plan for everything and doesn't bend for anyone or anything. On the flip side, a Taurus man is loyal, grounded, and will do everything to make his woman happy.

So, it's pretty quintessential to attract a Bull well to have a blissful relationship with him. However, don't get disappointed when he doesn't open up to you right away. You have to know that it's innate for a Taurus man not to open up right there and then, as he wants to see if you two are a match.

After you get his attention, you may now start attracting him more through texts. How to do that? Let's find out!

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9 Ways to Attract a Taurus Man with Texting

#1 Start the conversation.

There are times when a Taurus man tends to think a lot before doing anything, including texting. Thus, you must have the guts to text him first and ask simple things first like how he is and what he's been up to. Remember to keep things light first before starting to low-key flirt.

If he responded to you, respond to him accordingly. There are times when a Taurus man flirts first, especially if he likes you a lot. So, be observant and read between his lines if he's up for any flirty conversations.

Make sure that he's into flirty text mode to avoid rejection and losing his interest in you. You also have to remember to be subtle in your flirty texts and not vulgar.

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#2 Don't forget to add lol to your texts.

One way to flirt with a Taurus man through text is by adding a lol or ‘haha' to your messages. This way, your words will not sound too formal or dull and it's like you're giving him the reason to engage more.

Texts without the ‘lol' or ‘haha' can be a bit dry for a Taurus guy. Thus consider putting some of it in your lines to keep the conversation exchange light and fun.

#3 Check how he is doing.

Another way to start flirting with a Taurus man is to check how he is doing. Ensure to make him feel cared for even when you two are not together physically. Ask him if everything is okay with him.

If you knew that he's sick, you could offer to make some foods or soup that will make him feel better. You may also text him that you want to take care of him if that's okay with him. This way, he will likely appreciate your efforts and you'll be able to penetrate his heart.

#4 Send him some fresh pics.

One way to cling to the Taurus mind is to send him some fresh pics when you're about to go out. You may also send him cute pics about the things that you are doing to let him know that you will be busy in the meantime. Ensure to send smiling pics or cute ones to make sure you linger on his mind.

#5 Be subtle when you flirt.

When you flirt, don't go all-in. It will help if you're subtle in all your texts and only strike when the male Taurus flirts with you first. When it comes to a Taurus man, you always need to find the balance that makes him want to invest his emotions with you.

To make things clear, you only need to flirt with him when he flirts with you first. Give the same flirting intensity that he gives and avoid topping his flirting level. Know that it's always best to let the Taurus man do the chase.

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#6 Don't overwhelm him with texts.

Overtexting to a Taurus man is a no-no. Thus, avoid texting this man too much to prevent you from being a nuisance to him and him from stop texting you. You need to pull back a little instead and don't respond to his texts right away always.

Leave a little mystery and don't always accommodate him if it isn't that important. This way, he will likely think about you more as each day passes.

#7 Be friendly.

To have a good start with a Taurus man, you need to show him that you're friendly and approachable. When he sees that you are easy to get along with, you will likely have an excellent conversation exchange.

You may also text him and ask if he wants to hang out and start a meaningful bond from there. You have to know that the key to dealing with a Taurus guy is to take things slow with him and wait for them to build up. Everything might be sluggish with him but have the patience to wait.

#8 Flirt with him little by little.

When it comes to a Taurus man, flirting full-mode won't do it. Talking dirty to him and sending naughty pics will only disappoint him, so it's not ideal if you two aren't an item yet. You have to be discreet in your ways and text him in a way that's not lewd.

Texting him that he looks good in his recently uploaded photo will do the trick. You may also send him a picture of you with a cute dress that he will likely appreciate.

The same thing with texting a cancer man, consider not going overboard with a Taurus man when it comes to flirting through texts.. Know that he isn't the type that will go for a one-night stand and disrespect a woman. Thus, keep yourself respectable and the Taurus you like will be the one to chase you.

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#9 Compliment with him.

Nobody is immune to compliments, including Taurus. So, consider not holding back your praises and tell him how smart he is or how his physique looks excellent. From there, you can start building up a bond with him and flirt subtly.

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