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Taurus Man Doesn’t Initiate Contact: No Big Deal! 

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Are you worried your Taurus man is losing interest? Are you always the first to text or call?

The Taurus man not initiating contact is no cause for alarm because it’s never a direct sign of his disinterest. It’s okay if he can’t be bothered to contact you first because what’s important is how to keep him interested in you.

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You can always say hello first if the Taurus man can’t initiate contact because of his busy schedule or stubborn personality. Make sure not to send multiple messages if he is unresponsive; it’s a waiting game most of the time with him.

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The Taurus man never makes the first move, even on a woman he has deep feelings for. He lacks the self-confidence and social skills needed to break the ice, so he will wait for you to show interest to reassure him of success.

Not used to following his emotions, the Taurus man relies on observation and reasoning before making his move. He trusts his senses and intellect, not his feelings.

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This article will help you understand the Taurus man’s personality and learn his reasons to initiate contact. It will also show how to earn and keep your man’s interest to form a happy and lasting relationship with him.

The stubbornness of the Taurus man

Being a Fixed Earth sign makes the Taurus man the Zodiac's most stable and unchanging personality. He can appear severe and intimidating, so people’s common first impression is that he is snobbish or proud. 

Although most often seen as unfeeling and unsociable, the Taurus man is warm and affectionate when you get to know him. His sign is ruled by the planet of love, Venus, and that makes him a sensitive and loving man deep inside.

The Taurus man is practical and makes decisions based on cold logic and hard facts. He will need a long time and careful deliberation before coming up with his decisions, all while keeping his emotions from getting in the way of this process.

Setting up walls and keeping his distance is the Taurus man’s modus operandi. He uses this to protect himself from disappointment, anger, and pain.

The way to get through the Taurus man’s stubbornness is to take your time chipping away at his walls by showing him kindness, honesty, and patience. He will not see you as worthy of the chase unless you can accept and endure his cold and harsh exterior.

Reasons for him to initiate contact

The Taurus man can’t be bothered to look away from his work and life routine for unimportant things like going out or meeting new people.  You have to give him a reason to drop everything and make you his top priority.

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The following are some of the reasons for the Taurus man to initiate contact:

You caught his eye

The Taurus man is a visual guy, and he is attracted to something he sees in you, whether it’s your eyes, lips, hair, or the way you move. He is drawn to fiery and extroverted personalities because they have something that is lacking in his own.

Being confident and friendly to him when you see each other never fails to make him feel at ease. He is more likely to think of you when you are gone if he feels comfortable and can be himself when he’s around you.

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You are interested in him

The Taurus man is not into chasing someone who he thinks is playing hard-to-get. It doesn’t mean that he wants someone easy to win over; he only wants someone who can make clear and definite goals like him.

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Honesty and directness will get your Taurus man to initiate texting and contacting you. Let him know that you are interested in him; be honest with your reasons and plans, and you’ll have him hooked on you without even trying.

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You stay at a safe distance

The Taurus man wants you to be honest and direct with him but not clingy and always available. There’s a big difference between showing him you like him and hanging around him like a lap dog waiting for his bidding.

Make the Taurus man decide at his own pace; in the meantime, get busy with your own life for your own sake and earn his respect. It should be enough that he knows you like him; if he is into you, he will make time for you when he can.

He is curious about you

It will take a lot of curiosity for the Taurus man to initiate contact with you without knowing how you feel about him. Some women are lucky enough to make him curious without doing anything.

But curiosity doesn’t mean interest or attraction, so the Taurus man may drop you once his curiosity is satisfied. If you want to gain his long-term interest, you must take advantage of this curiosity and make a lasting impression on his mind.

A Taurus man and Taurus woman compatibility seems promising. A Taurus man can admire someone who's almost like him.

He thinks you are perfect for him

It will take a lot of partners before the Taurus man decides on the perfect person for him. If he decides that you are the one for him, nothing will keep him from initiating contact with you.

The Taurus man is an organized person, and he will not take action without thinking it through at least a hundred times. Once he knows what he wants, he will do anything and everything to get it.

Ways for you to keep your Taurus man

Making the Taurus man initiate contact with you is only the first step. Keeping him interested and committed to you is a far more difficult step.

Initiating contact with anyone is a big deal for the Taurus man, so don’t waste it. Below are some of the ways to react so you can keep him interested and connected with you. 

Don’t play him

The Taurus man knows a player when he sees one, don’t make him guess at your feelings or intentions, or he will get tired and lose his interest and will not text you back. Be honest from the start, and if you are unsure of your feelings, admit it and open up to him instead of leading him on.

It’s also better for the Taurus man to know that you are still on the fence about him because if he is into you, he will work harder to earn your affection. But don’t fake it so you can make him chase you; the Taurus sign is a notorious truth-seeker, so he will know the truth sooner or later.

Be independent

The Taurus man values stability in his life, so he needs a partner who will not disrupt his life by demanding a significant part of his time and attention. Being independent also means that you also have other areas in your life to focus on, not limiting yourself to your relationship.

A relationship with the Taurus man tends to get boring after some time, and that’s normal, and he will enjoy and thrive in this state. Being independent will be helpful for you to find other activities and hobbies outside the relationship that can help you escape boredom.

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Respect his silence

The Taurus man may initiate contact with you, but there will be instances when he will ignore or not respond to your texts. During these instances, it helps to remember that you are not the only thing going on in his life; he has his career and life goals to think about.

Respecting the Taurus man’s silence means letting him get back to you when he is ready. If you can’t accept this career-centered part of his personality, he may not be the man for you.

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Keep it friendly

Taking things slow is the only way the Taurus man does his relationships. Don’t rush him into forming a definite plan for your future if he is not even sure of his feelings for you.

Enjoy the state of your relationship for now, whatever stage that may be. Developing a strong bond of friendship is always a healthy start to any relationship; it keeps you from taking advantage of each other and helps develop mutual respect.

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When the Taurus man doesn’t initiate contact

So, is it a big deal when your Taurus man doesn’t initiate contact? Of course not!

Trust him if your Taurus man swears that he loves you and is committed to you. Not initiating contact only means he is relaxed and content that you are always there to support him as he goes after his goals and dreams.

If the Taurus man you’re seeing says he’s interested in making things work with you, then doubting him this early into your relationship is not a good move. Be honest with your feelings and let him know what you want; he will know what to do from here, and all you have to do now is wait.

The Taurus man initiating contact is not the be-all and end-all of starting a lasting relationship with him. Don’t worry if he doesn’t contact you first as long as he cares and respects you; think twice if he initiates contact for the wrong reasons, like a booty call or to keep you on the hook without being clear of his intentions with you.

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