How to make a Capricorn man regret losing you: Hit restart! -

How to make a Capricorn man regret losing you: Hit restart!

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Do you wish for your Capricorn man to want you back after a breakup? Don’t wish, do!

Here, I outlined the steps you can do to make your calm and reserved Capricorn man go crazy for you again. Pretty soon, you’ll have him begging for you to take him back and restart your relationship.

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You can convince him that he is not done with you yet and make him regret that he ever gave up on you. Yes, you can make him chase you, no matter how long he’s disappeared from your life.

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Not convinced yet? Then keep reading, and you will be.

Getting to know the Capricorn man

But first, you need to know who the Capricorn man is.

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As an Earth sign, the Capricorn man has a solid and dependable personality; but having the Sun as its ruler also makes him a loving and warm person.  The Capricorn man is often seen as boring, but inside him lives an exciting person waiting for the right woman to bring it out.

When things fall apart, the uber-responsible Capricorn man always blames himself regardless of who is at fault. He is your I’ll-do-anything-for-you kind of guy who will always work hard to keep you happy and satisfied.

But Capricorn man has his limits, including hating being ignored and taken for granted. He doesn’t want to be the center of attention, but he would love it if he is appreciated and paid a compliment once in a while.  

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What went wrong?  

To make a Capricorn man want to come back, you need to learn how you lost your Capricorn man. What were the reasons that made this faithful and loyal man slip off your fingers?

You were too critical of him

The Capricorn man looks tough and cold on the outside, but he has a sensitive side that is not bulletproofed from criticisms. He quickly takes harsh words to heart and never forgets them.

You will lose the Capricorn man if you look down on him all the time and don’t give him the respect he deserves. He doesn’t get angry often, so you might think he’s ok with how you treat him, but these things do pile up inside him, and he’ll have enough sooner or later.

You asked too much

The Capricorn man is a career man above anything else, and he needs a woman who would understand his priorities in life. His time, effort, money, and other resources will be allotted accordingly to his priorities. Sometimes, a Capricorn man also just wants casual friends with benefits.

If you asked too much of those things from your Capricorn man, then he will have a hard time balancing his life. The logical thing for him is to cut off the things that take too much of his resources, which can mean letting go of you.

You broke his trust

The Capricorn man values trust in all his relationships, and once you break that trust, you will have a hard time gaining it back. This is because, first and foremost, he will have to forgive himself for trusting you before he can forgive you for breaking that trust.

He has a very controlling nature, so he has a hard time accepting that there are things that he can’t control, like the hearts and minds of those he loves. It will be easier for him to let you go entirely than let you hurt him again.

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Make your Capricorn man regret losing you   

The great news is that the Capricorn man is not as stubborn as you think. You can still convince him that you are the one for him, and here are the ways how:

Keep your distance

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The Capricorn man prefers solitude to constant company. Let him be alone with his thoughts to allow him to make up his mind independently.

But keeping your distance doesn’t mean not talking to him. You can show you still care for him by responding to his messages and checking up on him once in a while.

Make him feel needed

The Capricorn man has some form of a savior complex that makes him want to solve problems for his loved ones. Appeal to this instinct by occasionally asking him small favors that will make him feel you still need him in your life.

The keywords here are ‘occasionally’ and ‘small.’ You can’t keep asking your Capricorn man all the time, or he’ll think you’re independent, and asking major favors would make him think you’re taking advantage of him.

Stay in the friend zone

Keeping the Capricorn man in the friend zone is the best way to restart your relationship. He will love the no-pressure and relaxed form of this relationship.

This way, you and your man can rediscover your connection without forcing it to form. He will be reminded of how you were before you parted, making him consider getting back together with you.

Up your social media game

The Capricorn man will not admit it, but he still wants to be updated about your life even when you’re no longer together. He will keep tabs on you by casually asking your friends and checking your social media updates.

Keep a constant flow of social media posts showing events in your life and activities with your friends. Don’t forget to post those cute selfies that will make him miss you more.

Focus on your own goals

The Capricorn man admires people who are as hard-working and determined as he is. Casually mention how your career is going the next time you see or talk to him.

Seeing how you strive and work for your personal goals will make the Capricorn man miss being with you. But you have to keep it real; be genuinely focused on achieving your dreams, or he’ll know that you’re just doing it to show him.

Pretentious and irresponsible women tick off the Capricorn man, so you should be the exact opposite of those and a lot more in Capricorn Man Secrets to make him realize your value. 

Practice self-care and wellness

The Capricorn man is drawn to a woman who takes care of her health and wellness. Living a healthy lifestyle is something he will want to do and would feel sorry that he can’t do it with you.

You can start a new diet, learn meditation, or even start with something as simple as taking care of your skin. You can invite him to do some of these things with you, but do it casually, of course.

Widen your horizons

Taking care of yourself doesn’t mean just physically; it can also mean improving your mental and emotional self. You can do this by seeking new experiences to expand your understanding and view of the world.

Go on adventures, try your hand at gourmet cooking, learn a new language, do whatever you want to do. The Capricorn man will wish he was beside you to watch you transform and develop into a complex woman.

Keep in touch with his family

The Capricorn man’s family is essential to him. If you were close with his family before, don’t break up with them even if you broke up with your man.

Keeping in touch and staying friends with your Capricorn man’s family will mean that you made a real connection with them, and he’ll love that. It will also be an excellent way for you to be updated with the goings-on in his life, but be careful, or he’ll think you’re stalking him.

To further understand the influence of Capricorn in the house of familial relationships, you may read about Capricorn in 4th house to guide you. 

Reassure him

The Capricorn man will consider breaking up with you as a failure, so do your best to help him deal with it. Reassure him that your relationship was a shared responsibility and that you also have a share of the blame.

Make your Capricorn man feel at ease with you again and maybe see what happens from there. Be patient with him and trust that he will get to grips with his feelings for you in time.

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What to do next?

Now that you’ve got your Capricorn man regretting your break up, what’s next? The next step is to have honest and open communication with him.

You and your man should be clear about what you want from your relationship before you give it another try. Lying to each other at this early stage will not be a good start and will only repeat what happened the last time.

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You can also consider following these tips:

Don’t rush him to settle down

Rebuilding your and your man’s trust in one another will take time, so don’t rush the process. Commitment will need a lot of work, but you can trust your Capricorn man to keep your relationship going in the right direction.

Treat him with respect

Your Capricorn man deserves respect as much as anyone, and he wants the respect he needs to come from you, his potential life companion. Make sure you consider his thoughts, feelings, and opinions as valid even when you disagree on something.

Make him happy

Remember that the Capricorn man always has a lot on his plate and sometimes forgets to be happy. Be that source of happiness for him, make him do fun and exciting things to give him a break from all the pressures and stress he’s constantly facing.

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