Manifestation Journal (Your Companion): Make It A Habit! -

Manifestation Journal (Your Companion): Make It A Habit!

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Journals may not be a new concept for you. It has been around for a long time. I bet you even encountered them when you were kids. I remember some of our teachers requiring us to write in our diaries every day. It was fun, right?

Well, journals are used in a lot of ways and for various reasons nowadays. It can be for venting your feelings through writing, recording memories, and so much more. Journals are also a massive help for manifestation! We can incorporate the power of words and an even more beneficial act of writing it.

Think about when you have a lesson, and you’re listening to the teacher’s discussion. Without taking notes, you will end up forgetting the details. Unless you have an extraordinary ability, you can’t possibly remember everything even if you wanted to.

You need to take notes for you to study in the future. Journaling for manifestation is quite similar. When you just think about the things around you, your mind can easily be bothered. However, the moment you start writing them, they become more evident.

In simpler terms, journaling helps give your mind the clarity it needs. When you write about what you want, you can be clear and concise about your goals. Writing is also a very therapeutic activity to relieve stress.

When you write, it’s like having someone to talk to, and you feel like you’re not alone. There are things we choose not to say, especially if it’s pretty sensitive. We need to tune the people around us.

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You may get frustrated because you can’t tell anybody at all. However, having a journal is like having someone to talk to. The journal is also good at keeping secrets, haha!

Manifestation Journal: the “Whats” and “Hows”


A journal notebook for manifestation is a particular journal you set aside for your manifestation. It is a focused journal that helps you shape your dreams and goals in life.

It is like a record of good things and dreams. As you write positive affirmations, this creates an effect on your entire life. You intentionally create your reality.

A manifestation journal is also a recording of some sort. It’s a record of your manifestation journey, and It’s also a sort of a wake-up call. It reminds you of your goals and keeps you grounded.

A manifestation journal also tracks the changes that have happened in your life so far. This jogs your memory. You also develop a more grateful heart by remembering these changes.


For starters, you can start journaling by following these basic steps. When you get the hang of it, you can incorporate many different techniques, prompts, and styles! You will grow a lot as you continue on your journey.

Specify what you want

First of all, you need to specify and be clear about what you really want. Specificity is also essential as you don’t want to confuse all these energies. What I mean about being specific is precisely what you’re thinking. Avoid being vague and be as straightforward as possible.

For example, do not just say, “I have high grades this semester.” This line itself is okay, but it’s not specific enough, don’t you think? To make it more specific, you can say, “My grades are all more than 90%.”

Right, that’s quite specific. Now, there is a more particular approach to this. You can say an exact number. For example, “This semester, I’m going to get 95% on all my subjects.” Now, that’s specific and brief.

You can ask yourself some questions to clarify and cut your affirmation short.

  • What do I really want?
  • Can I quantify it?
  • When will I have it?
  • What would I feel after receiving it?
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Clear Intentions

When you write, you want your heart to be joyous. Your desire has roots. Now, be careful of desires that are rooted negatively. Writing wishes that do not stem from the good vine will, of course, attract negativity.

According to the law of attraction, likes attract likes, right? That is why you need to clarify your intention. If you want this and that and your intentions are pure and good, I’m sure good things will come your way.

However, if you assess and think that your intentions can be muddy or impure, best shrug it off. Don’t let a negative thought or desire stay on your mind or heart. It’s precisely like mud. Your body is a stream of clear water. When you throw in some dirt, it affects the whole stream.

Like streams, it would take some time before all this mud settles in. Why wait when you can avoid this? Whenever you feel like you're having evil thoughts, make time and release them immediately.

Be Thankful!

A thankful heart is a magnet for good things! Give thanks for everything you have in your life. You might have affirmations that you already receive. Don’t forget to practice gratitude every day.

You can write at least five things you’re thankful for today. You don’t need something huge to happen to be able to write something. You can write about the little things or the big things. All that matters is that you have something to be thankful for.

  • Thank you for another good day today!
  • I’m grateful for being able to eat my favorite food today, chicken curry
  • Thank you for my dog, boo for being so sweet.
  • I am pleased that I’m able to express my gratitude like this.

Gratitude raises your vibrational frequency. The higher the frequency, the more you attract positive things and situations to you. Have time to be grateful today.

Meditate on the feeling

Another powerful step is to meditate. Now that you’ve written and given thanks, you should find a place and time to meditate. In this step, you will visualize your manifestations as if it’s already happening.

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Acknowledge all the emotions that come with it. Take deep breaths. Breathe in positivity and as you exhale, release all the blockages and negative things. All the things that may have limit you from growing.

Manifestation Journal: Framework and Prompts

Appreciation List

Appreciation is a powerful theme in manifestation. Whatever struggle you are going through, it gets better if you appreciate it. A shift happens when you shift your negative mind to thinking positively!

As I’ve said, being thankful helps you raise your vibration. The higher your vibration is, the more positivity you attract.

In this framework, you are to list things that you’re thankful for. You can set a time to when you would do this framework. It is best to do this early in the morning. Here are some prompts to start you off with.

  • I appreciate…
  • I am grateful for…
  • I love…
  • I am thankful for experiencing…
  • I am thankful for learning …. Through this experience

55×5 Manifestation Method

This method requires you to write affirmations 55 times in 5 consecutive days. These numbers are not random and possess special meanings in numerology. Generally, 555 is a number that symbolizes extreme transformations.

Clear your mind and set your intentions straight. Now, device and create your affirmation to write. Make sure to make it clear and brief. It’s essential to be specific about what you want as well.

Once you are done, select the affirmation that resonates most with your goal or desire. Write this affirmation while concentrating on your writings. Here are some prompts to start with:

  • I am happy and contented with my grades this semester
  • I will have a pay raise next month
  • Thank you for the friendship I will create this week
  • I will see the love of my life next month
  • I will be able to travel in the summer
  • I will get my dream job next week

Manifestation List

Like what its name means, it’s indeed a list of your dreams and goals. In your manifestation list, you can put at least five goals you want to achieve every day. Release all the doubts you have about yourself achieving this goal. This framework is as simple as it is.

Relationship Mender

Since humans are sociable beings, we can’t live without connections. Everywhere we go, we establish relationships. It’s how we are! Now, these relationships are not perfect, and that is why we sometimes argue and fight.

These issues in our lives can strengthen or break a relationship altogether. it all boils down to how much the relationship means to you

In this framework, you are going to write about the person you're having problems with. I agree that it’s not you who can change someone; you just help them rebuild themselves.

First, write the person’s name in your journal. Then, it’s time to appreciate them. As I have said and will continue saying, appreciation is a powerful tool to shift your life! Write at least ten things about them that you love and adore. Do this for several days.

This activity will help you reconnect with the person by realizing their good qualities. It may be challenging at first, but you’ll get used to it. Then, you will slowly feel the shift and change in your relationship.

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See the good in somebody! Here are some prompts to help you start.

  • I love his smile.
  • I love how he’s so patient with me.
  • I love his attitude, especially when he’s working.
  • I love his sense of humor, and he’s hilarious.
  • I love how he comforts me when I have rough days.
  • I love his energy.
  • I love how we get along and easily connect.
  • I love how he’s so understanding.
  • I love how he loves me so.

Morning Intentions

Writing every morning is very beneficial for your everyday life and your well-being. It helps you navigate effectively throughout your day. You will be able to consider the feelings and emotions that you want to have throughout the day

When you set your positive intentions starting in the morning, you can wait expectantly in positive emotions! Journaling early in the morning also helps you build a firm grounding. The peace and quiet calm and clear your mind, making room for all the positive thoughts.

Start your day right by journaling! Here is some journal prompts you can start with. You can, of course, make your own or edit these into a stronger and more effective one!

  • Three positive things I want to achieve or feel today…
  • Ten things I appreciate….
  • Actions I want to achieve with inspiration…
  • Emotions I am avoiding today….
  • Things I will do to get closer to my goals today…

Evening Reflections

In the evening, it’s time for reflection. The calm and quiet of the night is one of the times you have time for yourself. Spend your time wisely, reflecting and assessing yourself and the happenings throughout your day.

This activity aims to exude positivity, appreciate and release all negative feelings before going to sleep. Sleeping with a happy heart and clear mind will give you a good night’s rest indeed! A sound mind and a sound body are essential to living your life to the fullest!

Here are some prompts and sample manifestations to help you start your journey.

  • Things I love about this day…
  • Exciting experiences I’ve experienced today…
  • Emotions that I’ve felt and helped me grow today…
  • I release these negative emotions (specify), I let it go…
  • I want tomorrow to feel…

Dream Log

There is more to dreams than what we give them credit for. Dreams can either be from us or a message for us. If it is a message, then it will reveal itself at the right time. When we search for these meanings, we reconnect to a deeper level with ourselves.

When you have a vivid dream, you can meditate and ask for inspiration. List your dreams in your dream log. Don’t force yourself too much to decode it, and it will come naturally in the future.

Here are some points to fill in to categorize and keep your writings organized.

  • Who is involved in the dream?
  • Where is the setting of the dream? Try to remember when and where.
  • Is the dream colored or not? Is there any color that stood out in your dream?
  • What are the significant happenings?
  • What is the most vivid detail you remember?
  • What did you feel during the dream?
  • Write down things you can decode through stocked knowledge or past messages.

These are some of the things you can list. You can ask for guidance to help you unravel your dream. Don’t rush, and at the same time, open your mind to new messages and possibilities.

Future Scripting

This framework is exactly what you assumed it is. You write a script about your future. The main goal is to write your goal or your future as if it is already existent. Write about how you would want your life to be in the PRESENT TENSE.

For example, you want to keep your body healthy. You can write:

My body is continuously growing and regenerating. I am growing healthier and maintaining it well. My body helps me do what I want to do and have fun with my life. The things I intake partake in nourishing my body.

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Making Journaling a Habit

As we live our busy lives, we might fail to have time for ourselves, let alone for journaling. That’s completely understandable. However, there is a way to combat this. You just need to, first of all, have the determination to start.

When you start, it will give you a feeling of accomplishment. Then, as you grow in your journey, you will forget about the hassle and just enjoy it. You will then think of it as your breather every day.

Of course, you must find the right time. We all have those vacant times in our days we can spare. At these times, we burn our time out by using our gadgets. You can change that through journaling!

After work or your daily activities, you can get your journal instead of your gadgets. This is a great way to relieve stress. Social media sites sometimes contribute to your anxiety, so it’s not your best choice to relax.

Make sure to pick a calm and quiet place. Extra or unnecessary noises can just block and cloud your thoughts. You can also customize and set your mood. Put in scented candles, manipulate your lighting or play soothing music.

A quick meditation before you start writing is also very beneficial. It will calm your nerves and clear your mind. This way, you will begin your journal session with a peaceful and quiet mind.

You might think that writing every day might be a bore. It’s more fun than you give it credit for! It’s not some notes that you take monotonously. You can add helpful things that make it fun! You can do some art in your journal, decorate it!

You can also try different things every day. Devising a framework out of journal techniques and prompts that resonate with you is a great idea! Mix and matching will make your journaling even more exciting. Do something that helps you live your best life today! You can do it!

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