How to Text a Gemini Man: Be Flirty with Him! -

How to Text a Gemini Man: Be Flirty with Him!

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Are you texting a Gemini man? Or do you have plans on texting him? Well, here are some tips that you could use in texting him.

In texting a Gemini man, you need to give him compliments, ask things about himself, be flirty with him, surprise him, ask for his opinion, be funny and tell him something about yourself.

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And after doing those tips, he will get attracted to you through text messages. And that is what you want to happen, right?

So, if you want to understand how you should text him deeply, this would help you immensely.

How to Text your Gemini Man?

Ask him questions about himself

Of course, all the conversations will always start with getting to know each other.

If you are planning on texting a Gemini man and do not know what to say, asking him questions about himself would be the best option.

Aside from making an exciting topic, you will also get to know him more, and you can have this little bond thru texting.

Also, Gemini men always love to talk about themselves; they love to share their hobbies and the things that can make them happy.

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Asking him questions can make them open more and engage in your conversation.

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Give him genuine compliments

Gemini man loves to hear compliments, so take advantage of this, and send him compliments about his work, hobbies, and personality.

You may also give comments about his new posts or anything you love about him, and trust me; he loves to hear that.

Giving compliments may be easy, but make sure that you are giving him genuine compliments and that you are saying it because it is true.

Avoid giving compliments just because he loves to hear them. Instead, make sure that it came from your heart.

Be flirty

One of the things that you should do when texting a guy is to be flirty. In that way, you can catch his attention and can make him hook you.

However, you have to know the different levels of being flirty you have to show; it depends on what type of guy he is.

And for a Gemini man, he wants a woman who is bold and witty. So you can go all the way in flirting with him and not be shy about it.

A Gemini man does not want subtle flirting, and it is good if you are flirting with him.

Keep a light conversation.

Now, you need to take note of this, especially if you are starting things with your Gemini man. Keep it light and avoid having an emotional conversation.

Since the two of you are still in the flirting stage, you have to keep it that way, avoid flirting with him, and talk about his emotions and feelings.

It would not work.

Aside from that, you also need to avoid asking personal questions if you are in a getting to know each other stage. 

Avoid doing that.

Do not worry because you can talk about anything to your Gemini man. They are not open to talking about his feelings and answering personal questions.

Always match the energy he gives

This one also applies when you are talking to anyone. 

The key to making the conversation going and making them interested in you is always to match their energy.

You cannot expect someone to have the energy to talk to you if you seem uninterested and you respond dryly to their text messages.

And since we are talking about Gemini men here, giving the same energy will always be needed.

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Gemini men’s texting style would always be like he is energetic and talkative. So, try your best and always make him feel that you are interested.

Also, always go with the flow of his text messages. If he is being flirty, then try to be flirty. If he is being serious, then be serious.

Avoid sending him dry texts, especially if he is sending long paragraphs. He might end the conversation and lose interest in talking to you again.

Surprise your Gemini man

This is not about giving him gifts or taking him out on a date. Instead, what you need to do is to send him a text message that will make him caught off guard.

You can surprise him by telling him things that he is not expecting.

Ask for his opinion in some situations

As you know, Gemini men are good at solving problems, and he would love to give you advice if you ask for one.

So, you can rant to him and tell him some things that make you feel annoyed or anything, and he would love to listen to it.

He will also give some suggestions on how to make things better.

Just ensure you will thank him and show him that you appreciate his effort to help you fix your problem.

Tell something about yourself

Telling him things about yourself will also be an excellent way to keep the conversation going. 

And also, while talking to your Gemini man, take note if he is always asking questions about you because if he does, he likes you.

Aside from that, you can also flirt with your Gemini man by telling things about you, so it is good that you are sharing something personal with him.

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How to know if a Gemini man likes you through text?

Knowing if a Gemini man likes you through text can be challenging, especially if you have not met yet.

You might get confused in this part since you may think it is not that deep. However, there is a chance that a Gemini man can fall for you through text.

And here are some signs that he likes you.

He will text you too often

Since you are only texting, one way to know if he is interested and likes you is if he always sends you text messages.

If he does this, he wants your attention and could get it by texting you more often.

Aside from texting you very often, he will also find ways to make time for you and talk to you. And if he will have a busy day, he will let you know.

And if he does this, then he likes you.

He replies quickly

Generally, people would respond quickly if they were interested. They are always excited to reply and to know things about you.

And Gemini men are one of them. So you can observe your Gemini man. If he likes you, then he will reply faster to your messages.

Ensure that you are also replying quickly so that he would not think you are interested.

However, you must be aware that sometimes people reply quickly because they have nothing to do.

So, when you are talking to your Gemini man, make sure to check his energy.

A strong energy is a Gemini man and Gemini woman compatibility. As a Gemini man, you match the energy of your soulmate.

He will know things about you

As mentioned above, Gemini man would want to know things about you, and he will ask you personal questions if he likes you.

It means that he wants to get to know you more, is curious, and wants to learn more about you.

You may not know about this, but sometimes Gemini man does not listen and only wants to talk about himself and the things they love to do.

So, if he frequently asks questions about you and always wants to ask how your day was, he is into you and likes you.

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What to do when a Gemini man stops texting?

You may come to the point where your Gemini man stops responding and may not know what to do or how to react to that situation.

But first, you need to know that whatever his reason why he stopped texting, it has nothing to do with you and is not worth thinking about.

Let him have his alone time

The first thing you can do if he acts distant towards you is to let him be. No matter how hard it is, please let him have this time.

In that way, he can think about you and might decide to come back to you. 

Aries men might be impulsive and may have decisions like that, and you do not need to react negatively about it.

Give him the taste of his medicine

Another reason why your Gemini man has stopped texting you is that he is playing you; there will be times that he will block you.

The best thing you could do if you are in this situation is to do the same thing.

If you saw that he unblocked you and started messaging you, do the same thing to him.

He is not worth your time, and he is not the type of guy you should invest your time and feelings.

So, block him and never message him.

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Concentrate on making yourself happy

Now, you may feel sad about it, and you might think it is your fault or that you are the one to blame.

You may feel down and not have the energy to do the things you love.

But, try to lift yourself. Try your best to make yourself happy, and make it your priority.

If a Gemini man suddenly stopped texting you without conflicts, he is not the one. You are just wasting your time on him. 

Do the things that can make you feel happy.

You may try going out with your friends, and avoid sulking in your bedroom. Making yourself happy will always be worth it.

Ignore him back

The last thing you should do is not to react and let him be. He is old enough to make decisions, which is not your responsibility.

He knows precisely the consequences of his actions and does not care about them.

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