How to Write a Manifestation List: Tips & Techniques That Can Help -

How to Write a Manifestation List: Tips & Techniques That Can Help

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The law of attraction is neither simple nor complicated. It is simply unique and, shall I say, beautiful. It does not suck the life out of you by requiring much. It is also maintained and should be cared for to let its power stay.

It’s not pushing as well as it’s not neutral. It’s easy for us to identify our desires and what we want in our lives. However, the challenging part is assessing and pointing out the mistakes in that specific goal.

There is power in writing and listing. Writing is like creating a tangible representation of your thoughts. If thoughts are powerful enough, imagine making tangible representations of something as powerful.

Writing is like that, and it gives life to your thoughts. What is a list, then? How is listing relevant in manifestation? Our thoughts can come in bulk and sometimes, just individually. Every day we come to have different dreams and goals.

It’s easy for us to lose count and lose track of these dreams. We may sometimes reduce them into unimportant things as they change and go. Yet, these are essential things whatever small goal you have is vital in figuring out what you want.

There’s a lot of figuring out to do, and that’s totally okay. There’s no need to rush at all. Before starting your manifestation list, you need to assess and cement your reason for doing so. Why do you have a manifestation list?

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You have to know its relevance in your life. You need to know as well how it will help you throughout your journey. Here are some tips, guides, and steps that may propel you forward.

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How To Write Your Manifestation List?: Steps and Tips

Get your Notebook or Journal

 As you will need to list your manifestations and affirmations, you need something to write it on. It can be a new notebook or a new one, and it’s really up to you. Choose something that connects with you on a different level.

Of course, the connection is of excellent value in the law of attraction. You need to connect to things with a higher vibrational frequency. The same goes for choosing your tools and materials. The items you choose should exude positivity, so they help your atmosphere.

Being organized helps a lot as well. You might want to have a different journal for this specific activity. Cramping this activity into another journal might confuse you along the way.

Find a good space conducive to meditation

 Selecting your room is as important as picking up your notebook. A good space invites good things according to the energy they release. An area could be a small and calm room that helps you concentrate. It can be a desk where you feel most comfortable. 

You can decorate your space according to your liking. Putting some candles and essential oils or some crystals. You can have fun like this as you design your space. Just make sure you don’t get overwhelmed with planning and still focus on the activity.

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Set aside time for your activity

It’s always great to be consistent about your time of manifesting. Setting time not only helps you be more organized but also shows your commitment. Since you can customize your time and space, it’s easier, and sometimes we take it for granted.

A gentle reminder to be committed to whatever you do. Commitment grows from love, and it is a good thing to have. Your passion for achieving your goals can be measured by how committed you are to the particular activity you chose.

To do this step, you just need to find a time slot that you are usually free. For example, you chose every seven o’clock on Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday. Okay, great! You now have a sort of “schedule.”

Now you must follow this schedule as much as you can. There might be slight changes due to something unexpected and urgent. That’s okay, as long as you think it’s valid. Skipping your schedule because you’re lazy is not a good excuse, though.

Be careful and clarify your intention. Make sure you are skipping for the right reasons. On the other hand, do not stress yourself too much. If the activity feels like a burden, then maybe it’s not for you. Again, do not give up so quickly but do not force yourself as well. 

Clear your mind, sweep away the unhelpful

A clear mind invites new thoughts and creates more space for growth. You can do this by meditating for 5 minutes before starting your activity. Eliminate any extra thoughts that do not do you any good.

As you find the peace and quiet in your environment, you begin to feel yourself find theirs. As you slowly make your way to your calmer state, you will find it more accessible and easier to focus on. Release every emotion and negative energy that resists you from going further into your most tranquil state.

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Your open mind is now more ready to receive all the positivity it can. Open your mind to incredible possibilities and don’t restrict them by putting limitations. Just let the energy flow as you breathe.

Visualize your wish fulfilled

Visualization and imagination are huge contributors to manifesting as well. As your mind clears, you can now visualize a specific goal. As you go on with this step, you begin to picture a more precise image.

You begin to see more details and visualize more details. As you imagine and with more information, you can feel yourself get excited. As you go deeper, you will feel a strong sense of excitement and ecstatic of the endless possibility in front of you.

Again, Do not rush. You may feel disappointed that you don’t get to picture the things you want clearly. Not everyone can do it in one shot. You can take your time and wait until you are perfectly ready. Take your time and do not worry so much.

Write down every detail of your vision

The more detailed it is, the better! It’s just like reading a novel. We sometimes get a little bit disappointed when the details are not conveyed as we expected. 

You can put it that way. Put your feet in the shoes of a famous novelist and let the universe be your reader. I’m not telling you to write your list like a novel or create a full-blown story out of it. I’m just telling you to be as detailed as you can.

After imagining and fantasizing about your goal, you can now actually start to write. You can call it automatic writing as your hand is powered by the stream of thoughts flowing from your mind. It uses the stream of conscious thought to write down the details of your vision.

Wait till your ready and start writing your vision and its details. Again, do not rush and just let your thoughts flow freely. Do not force words to come out and just focus on the stream of thought.

However, there could be an inevitable situation when your thoughts are suddenly cut off. In these cases, do not panic. Do a breathing exercise and breathe. Take a moment and breathe, relax. Try to get back the energy you had before the interruption. When you sense that you are once more ready, continue writing.

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Revisit your thoughts

You can revisit your journal and your list after the session. Do this every now and then and change any details that you want to.

During the course of a week, there might be considerable changes that occur to you. You can go back to your journal and change whatever it is. You might have had a change in priorities or some variables you forgot to consider. 

Refrain from judging the things in your mind (goals, desires, wants)

Allow yourself to think freely first. Before assessing who gets to stay, you need to open your mind to possibilities. You will be able to know more about yourself by doing this too.

There are no limitations in whatever it is you want to manifest. As you clear your mind and start to invite your goals, do not draw a line. Let the ideas flow freely as you go—no need to force yourself to think as much as you can too. Just relax and be yourself.

As you do this, you get to discover sides of yourself that may have been unknown to you. Don’t judge your thoughts yet and overthink. When you think you’ve captured them all, try to think of the reason why you have the idea.

Think about how you would feel and the roots of it. But a solid reminder to not do this “during” your brainstorming. Do your assessment after this activity and refrain from judging them as you do the exercise.

This can be tricky, but once you get your mind to it, I'm sure you’ll get it.

Check your Resonance

 How did your dream resonate with you? Does it resonate strongly with you? Be sure to maintain your connection to your energy and inspiration. This is why it’s crucial to establish a clear intention to make sure the things you want resonates with you. Make sure that it’s rooted in something good rather than the negative.

How do I check my resonance? This sounds like a different step and a difficult one. But trust me, it’s easier than you think. The way things resonate with us is very much connected to our feelings. How we feel about certain things is exactly how they resonate with us.

As you write, try to assess whatever it is that you are feeling while writing. Write the thoughts you feel good thinking about. These thoughts and words that make you feel good are the ones that resonate with you positively. Choose words that will raise your vibrations higher.

Appreciate and be thankful for the things you have

 A grateful heart is a blessing and a magnet for good things. You need to appreciate and show gratitude for the gifts you received.

As you expectantly wait, it is essential to establish deeper trust with the universe. A more profound connection will help you develop more vital confidence with each other. A lot of people may not emphasize this step. However, it’s as essential as the other ones.

Take time to list the things you are thankful for in your life every after your session. This activity will help in solidifying your faith in your ability to manifest. You can use your time to go on a trip down memory lane.

You can recall all the past manifestations already manifested in your life. You can also show your gratitude for the things that came unexpectedly. The more you exercise this, the more you build your faith up and strengthen your belief. There are a lot of things to be thankful for. Take some time and acknowledge them today.

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Go Ahead and Explore!

Of course, there is no generic answer to all of our problems. In the same way, some steps and techniques are not compatible with you, or you might not like them. It’s totally up to you. Choose whatever it is that resonates with you and try doing it.

You can mix and match as you make your manifestation list. There is still a lot to explore. Be personal with what you are doing. As individuals, we are unique and different. It’s good to add something personal to your journal writing routine.

This way, you will have a more profound connection with what you’re doing. Do not be afraid to explore new and fresh steps! Learning is endless, indeed. As you explore, you will be able to learn a lot from them.

An essential point of all this is your heart and how much you believe. Acting upon your goal is a step closer to it. Strike a balance and make a sound decision. Make sure your choices are rooted in positivity and avoid regretting them. Think twice and assess. Do something to help yourself grow today. You can do it!

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