How to Use the 369 Manifestation to Manifest What You Desire -

How to Use the 369 Manifestation to Manifest What You Desire

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It has been seen all over social media, especially on TikTok, but many people might not know exactly how the 369 Manifestation Technique actually works. Many people might not know a lot about manifestation in general other than this new TikTok trend! Dubbed the Nikola Tesla 369 Manifestation Technique, here's all you need to know about the technique.

Who created the 369 manifestation Technique? 

Named after Tesla, Nikola Tesla was famous for inventing several items, such as the remote control and the Tesla coil. However, he was also known for his spiritual beliefs and how he said that 3, 6, and 9 were essential and divine numbers. In the world of manifestation, Tesla is a key individual. 

Tesla believed that each number is connected to a particular part of the world. The number 3 had a unique connection to the universe, while the number 6 represented the strength people had within them. He also believed that 9 was associated with letting go of negative energy.

Nikola Tesla also spoke heavily that these numbers would help people find the best frequency, energy, and vibration to match their desires when used together. The key to achieving your desires was finding the best combination to connect with the universe. With manifestation, matching these elements is essential to achieving what you desire!

The 369 Manifestation Technique recently became popularized on TikTok after users like Clark Kegley posted a short video about the theory. He had no idea it would become so popular, yet it has made many people aware of this unique technique's power. While he's not the only one, his approach has resulted in many TikTok users' success.

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How does the 369 manifestation Technique work?

The 369 Manifestation Technique relies on the importance of the numbers 3, 6, and 9. There are several different ways to use this method, but Clark Kegley posted his own ideas. Kegley shared his version of the technique on the Tik Tok platform to millions of followers.

Kegley proposes that you find what you want to manifest and think of three affirmations that relate to this topic. For instance, if you're going to manifest a new job opportunity, perhaps your affirmations are the following:

“I attract abundant opportunities for my career.

I am open to new opportunities and advances in my current profession.

I have a great career with more benefits than I have ever had. “

After finding your affirmations, Kegley suggests that you say the specific affirmations a total of six times every single day. This helps you manifest and remain in vibration with what you desire to find its way to you eventually.

Finally, the last part of the technique that Kegley shared is to focus and meditate on what you desire for a total of nine seconds. This is meant to increase your vibration and allow you to visualize what you truly desire.

The recommended practice for this technique is for a duration of twenty-one days. Kegley states that people should start to see signs of their dreams and their affirmations manifesting in their own lives after this time.

Are there any other techniques for the 369 Manifestation?

Other than Kegley's technique, there are different ways that you can use the power of these numbers to your advantage. One of the most popular ways people have used this technique is by writing out affirmations three times a day.

Another TikTok user who used this technique to write their affirmations three times a day was Karin Lee. As a follower of the Law of Attraction, she shared her thoughts on best using the technique to your advantage. 

Lee's technique is based on writing affirmations three times a day. When you wake up, she says to write down your affirmations three times. By midday, you write down your affirmations again six times. 

Before you sleep, you finish out the day writing the affirmations out nine more times. There is no set amount of things that you have to write it down, but we recommend writing it down until you begin to see the manifestations in your own life.

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Do I have to write down my affirmations?

Writing down your affirmations is definitely not necessary! There are other ways that you can achieve manifestation. One of Lee's other popular methods for the 369 Manifestation is saying the affirmations out loud.

Just as with the writing method, be sure to say your affirmations out loud in the same frequency. It is important to say them three times in the first part of your day, six times in the middle, and nine times before you lay down to sleep. People have still been receiving results from this method rather than writing down their manifestations.

Can I manifest anything?

Well, yes and no. Some TikTok users have been claiming that they have been manifesting their crush texting them or receiving money in the mail the next day. Manifestations should be more than just more minor actions and often should include larger goals.

For example, manifesting an extraordinary encounter with a romantic interest is possible but often is more difficult because it involves other people. Manifesting job promotions and traveling opportunities are more likely to yield results, even if they do take time.

What if I don't manifest my desires in twenty-one days? 

If you don't manifest what you want in three weeks, don't worry! It doesn't mean that you'll never be able to manifest that, but perhaps it might take more time. Maybe trying one more round of manifesting with the 369 Manifestation will do the trick!

For larger manifestations, it will take more than one round of 369 Manifestations. If you find yourself stuck after one round of this technique, try another three weeks and see if it works.

Some manifestation websites and experts say that completing the 369 Manifestation Technique for 33 to 45 days in a row will do the trick. After that point, don't do any more manifesting. Make sure to let go of your desires, as the universe usually responds at this point and allows them to enter your life.

Can I manifest several desires at once? 

Because the universe responds to vibrations, it's important to only focus on one desire at a time. Putting multiple manifestations at once might seem like a time-saving activity, but it can actually lead to more confusion and less success in your manifestation practices.

If you want to manifest multiple items, do some reflection and understand what order they might have to go in. If they're related, it is essential to make sure that they lead to what you desire. If they're not related, then you can skip this step.

Be sure to manifest one idea at a time, giving each manifestation the applicable 21 to 45 days that are needed. After this point, you can switch to the next desire, and you will likely see similar results as you are already vibrating at a pleasant frequency with the universe.

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How do I overcome the struggle with letting go after completing the 369 Manifestation Technique? 

It can be challenging to let go of something that you've been working on for three weeks, especially a desire as deep as some people do manifest in their own lives. There are many ways to let go when you have completed the technique. Here are some ways to let go and let the universe do its work.

Manifestation Boxes

Creating a manifestation box is one way people can let go and allow the universe to step in and do its job. Your manifestation box can be the place where you put all of your written affirmations. It's not uncommon to return to these statements after some time, but once you have finished your manifestation techniques, put the slip of paper into the box and let it be for a while.

Burning Rituals

Another way the people that go their affirmations is by burning them. Burning them in what people call a burning ritual has to be done safely in a bowl. People should not try this without adult supervision if they are minors, but most people can achieve a safe burning for their affirmations at home.

The belief with burning to let go is that once you burn the manifestation, you do let go of it, and the universe receives your calling. This can help you to have a physical representation of letting go, especially if the presence of a manifestation box might cause you some consideration for whether or not your desire will arrive.


Meditating on the subject or other subjects also allows you to let go. Many people meditate to relieve their stress, but other people can meditate to let go of their manifestations. For anyone who struggles with anxiety and stress, meditation can be a great tool. It can help you live in the now and let go of your worries.

Be Present in Your Life

Another way to let go is by focusing on presence. Being present in the moment sounds really difficult, and it takes a lot of practice. After some practice and meditation, most people can become more present in their own lives, which allows them to forget about their manifestation practices' goals.

Don't worry if letting go seems frustrating! As humans, we always want to have control of a situation. When we let go of a situation, especially a manifestation so deep and desirable, we can feel extremely frustrated, but letting go is the only way to receive it.

When manifesting, the most important thing is not to worry about when the universe always works its magic. You have to stop obsessing and stressing and allow the universe to do its work. If you don't, you will spend too much time worrying about what happens after completing the manifestation ritual.

What signs can I see that tell me my manifestation ritual is working? 

Many people report after completing a manifestation ritual that they see peculiar things in their life. Whether it's repeated numbers or predicting small events, people begin to see different coincidences happen. Spoiler: they are no coincidences!

If you see numbers repeating, such as 555 or 888, that means that your manifestation is on the way. Seeing these numbers is the universe communicating with you as you are in vibration and matching the environment's vibrational frequency around you.

Another way that people can tell if your manifestation is working is if they can predict small events. Not everybody is psychic, but if you are in vibration with the universe, you definitely will begin to see more minor things happening that you seemingly “predict” like never before.

You also might feel more excited about life. There's definitely a reason to be excited! Your manifestation is on the way in the universe to help you achieve what you desire. Don't be surprised if people comment on your radiance and your positivity.

Finally, the last time a manifestation ritual is working is to receive what you have meditated on. All the work you completed with the 369 Technique eventually comes to you and into your life, but it does take time. No matter how long it takes, don't stress!

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Is the 369 Manifestation Technique worth it? 

We can't tell you whether or not it's worth it for you, but with all the people on TikTok talking about their success, you can decide for yourself. If you want to bring more abundance into your life and finally receive what you desire, maybe you should try the 369 Manifestation Technique. Even if it doesn't work right away, you can guess that you will see some results in the future if you've done the manifestation ritual correctly.

It is worth trying to see if you can manifest something new in your own life. If you believe in it enough, anything is possible, even your wildest dreams! After all, if you don't do it now, when will you ever receive those desires that you've been waiting your whole life for? 

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