Mars Square Mars Synastry: Is Truce Possible To This Fiery Couple? -

Mars Square Mars Synastry: Is Truce Possible To This Fiery Couple?

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Mars Traits

Roman mythology designates Mars as the god of war. It describes the god as hot-headed, brutal, and aggressive. Because of his godly combative skills, the military hails him as their icon as well. But some peace-loving mortals do not favor Mars' attitude. If anything, they despise him. One thing good about this god is that he is persistent and driven.

The god and the planet's dominion in astrology are not far from each other. Bear in mind that Mars is a personal planet. We can infer that this planet governs a specific part of our personality. In Mars' scenario, it governs our character when we get mad. It rules aggression and wrath. How do we contain our anger? Do we ever hold it, or we release it in an unhealthy way?

But Mars is not all about aggressive things. This planet represents persistence, motivation, drive, and ambition. Do we aim to dream high, or are we contented with our status right now? Do we maximize the resources available to us when we reach our dreams? Mars knows the answer to these questions.

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Mars also concerns itself with lust, albeit not as passionate as Venus. Venus concerns itself with passionate lovemaking, while Mars is concerned with your deepest desires. What makes you deeply enjoy sexual activities? The planet symbolizes the bold, masculine energy in us. Mars reminds us to take charge and lead the way. Don't be afraid to assert yourself. For this reason, Mars also represents dominance and authority.

Hence, it is not surprising that Mars people are dominant. They always like to take the wheel, and rightfully so! They have innate leadership skills, and they wield them well. However, when these people lead, expect that they expect nothing but perfection from their team. They are bossy and stern; they want to execute things to perfection.

Therefore, it is not surprising that these people gain a lot of enemies. With their ambitious and bold aura, they intimidate those people around them. Mars people are hot-headed and impatient. You can see this person bursting in anger without provocation. Sometimes, they get mad over the silliest thing. They can be challenging to handle.

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However, people still admire them despite their negative traits. These people are ambitious because they know that they will achieve anything. Oh yes, they are confident about reaching their goals. They strongly strategize to reach their goals. It seems like they are always motivated to achieve their dreams.

But despite all these positive things, we can never deny that Mars people are not someone you want to cross. They tend to be violent when they are mad. Although they would not resort to violence, expect that their tongues would inflict hurtful words towards you.

Mars Square Mars Synastry

We all know that Mars is an intense planet. But what happens if this extreme planet will be under the influence of the square? Many view the square as the bringer of tension and pressure. When this aspect is in the air, expect that there would be difficult times to go through within yourself or the relationship. In this synastry chart, will the couple get past the pointy corners of the square?

Here's the answer: they can, but they need to work for it.

At first, there seems to be a magnetic pull from each other. These people cannot help but get near this other Mars person, like a moth to a flame. Mars square Mars synastry assures that it will be a smooth-sailing relationship. But of course, there will come a time where the square will manifest.

Problems will plague this couple. They are both intense in their way. Because of this intensity, they may find themselves in need of time out from each other. They do have passionate feelings for each other. But they cannot help but feel burnt out from all the sneaking and fighting.

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If this couple does not take their time apart, the relationship may go downhill. The couple will feel suffocated from all the fights. And take note that these fights may involve violence and words you wouldn't even dare to hear. It is possible that the couple will quickly get irritated with each other. These people's mannerisms are a nuance, and they can't help but want to get away from their partner. Some behaviors will turn out to be damaging. And while these behaviors have not affected the relationship, it is best to manage them early.

Similar to the Mars-Pluto aspects, this couple should first learn how to manage their anger. Mars square Mars couple should learn how to sit down, calmly talk to each other, and discuss the issues. Fights will get worse when it happens with violence and heated arguments. A healthy relationship starts with good communication and coolly tackling what seems to be the problem.

These couples have different goals. It is not surprising that they will also have different needs and wants. It will be hard for them to reach a common ground. Worse, no one will give way, and compromise seems to be a foreign word to this couple. Hence, the couple should also learn how to compromise. Learning how to compromise will be beneficial to the relationship. After all, the relationship is “give and take,” and it follows that there should be a compromise.

It is also crucial for this couple to learn patience. Being tolerant of each other will come a long way. With patience, everything follows smoothly. The couple should accept that they both have different aspirations. Furthermore, they should both accept that they view life in another way. One should not treat differences as a big deal.

Sure, the couple's different perceptions will affect the relationship. But the couple should not highlight these differences. Instead, they should find a way to work around these differences. And one way to work around this is patience and acceptance. Be patient with your partner when their needs do not align with yours. Accept that your partner might not see things the same way as you.

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