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Octile in Astrology: A Challenging Energy!

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In astrology, the octile is a structure in which two planets are separated by 45 degrees. Connecting to the square aspect makes up one-half of the angle.

An Octile is a crucial minor aspect of Astrology. It suggests complex or stimulating energy. 

It resembles a Square but is less powerful and more reflective.

The octile exposes psychological obstacles that you must overcome. Uncovering these obstacles is through occurrences or relationships.

Octile in Astrology Overview

The octile is an extra intriguing little feature. Here, the angle or angle between the planets is 45 degrees. The orb should be, at most, a few degrees; most astrologers use 1 or 2.

Nonetheless, this influence is less powerful. Its influence is not consistent, but it can be not easy to have when it is felt.

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They could be unexpected, unforeseen developments. Thus, it is a difficult but crucial decision you must make.

These are the results of brushing minor difficulties under the rug. But, if you don't run away from it, the octile can be a valuable component that aids your development.

The symbol for this minor astrological aspect is ∠.

Astrological Aspect Defined

An aspect is an angle that planets create to each other in the horoscope. Aspects can also lead to astrological places of interest.

Traditions within the field of astrology suggest that they provide information about it. During events on Earth will experience transitions and stages of growth.

Octile Aspect

When two planets of an individual's psyche make a square aspect, the energy flow is restrained. Because of the octile element, this energy seems to be obstructed even further.

As a result, it forces you to address the issues within yourself. Due to this feature, octile can direct you toward tremendous accomplishments, like the 14th degrees in Astrology.

So it is your efforts to control and reconcile your challenging energy combinations.

Octile Harmonic Aspect

Sun octile on Moon

You are trying to find yourself as you are restless, active, tense, and anxious. Also, you are often unhappy with the way things are now.

Sun octile on Mercury

On a quest for self-understanding, you are seeking intellectual inquiry about yourself. But, unfortunately, one's nature confuses you.

You are unsure of one's own opinions and looking for ways to express yourself. Thus, you give strong opinions to hide uncertainty.

Sun octile on Venus

You are aware of a lack of self-love and trying to fix it. You need the approval, admiration, and love of other people to feel better.

You are trying to charm and attract other people in an “edgy” way.

Sun octile on Mars

You are trying to show the world how strong and energetic you are. You are trying to get others to do what you want.

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Sun octile on Jupiter

You are trying to overcome problems and difficulties on the path to self-development. You break free from limitations, reach one's full potential, and try to become a leader of men.

Sun octile on Saturn

You end useless ambition. But, you tend to avoid things that make you happy. 

So, instead, you work hard for something complex, growing suspicious of others.

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Sun octile on Uranus

You are trying to stand out as a unique person. You reject mediocrity and shocking and disturbing people out of your comfort zones.

A trait that all dictators and weird people have in common.

Sun octile on Neptune

You lose one's individuality and focus on a shared identity with larger groups of people. You are trying to care about others and feel like one's own problems are yours.

Sun octile on Pluto

You are trying to be hard on yourself and never resting on your level because you always feel like you can do better. As a result, you are taking life with a severe attitude.

Sun octile on angles

You are trying to get more involved in what you're doing and getting more engaged in yourself.

Moon octile on Mercury

You are trying to talk about and explain one's feelings and thoughts. You are trying to make sense of one's environment.

But, most of all, these things have to do with finding a way to say what seems impossible.

Moon octile on Venus

You are trying to find beauty, love, tenderness, and grace in a world that doesn't seem to have these things. You are developing the feminine side of yourself and getting love and appreciation.

Moon octile on Mars

Your effort to overcome the laziness that surrounds you and get others to act. You find actions that express your feelings.

Moon octile on Jupiter

You are trying to respond to people and events in an open, impressive, and expressive way. You are trying to rise above the evident smallness of one's environment.

Moon octile on Saturn

You are trying to respond to events governed and disciplined. But, you are limiting one's liberty of response and following the path of duty.

Moon octile on Uranus

You are trying to respond to events in a vivid, clear, and unique way. You are trying to make the environment less dull.

Moon octile on Neptune

You are trying to respond to events in a caring and optimistic way. But, unfortunately, you are going beyond your limits.

You are getting closer to other people and feeling like you belong in your environment.

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Moon octile on Pluto

You are trying to respond to events and dig deep into one's emotions.

Moon octile in an angle

You are trying to be more sensitive to the environment and other people.

Mercury octile on Venus

You are trying to communicate. You are trying to close the gap between what you think and feel.

Mercury octile on Mars

You struggle with mental forcefulness and decisiveness. You try to close the gap between thought and action.

Mercury octile on Jupiter

You exert effort to communicate. You want an uplifting and impressive way to be admired for having an open and curious mind.

Mercury octile on Saturn

You struggle to gain mental discipline. Instead, you try to channel the mind and tie it down into restrictive thought patterns.

You try to direct the mind to practical levels and communicate. You want to be admired for common sense and realism.

Mercury octile on Uranus

You strive to have a clear mind and be original. You are trying to communicate in new, engaging, and striking ways.

It shows what makes you unique.

Mercury octile on Neptune

You are trying to close the mental gap between yourself and others to communicate with you. You are trying to think and say things that are important to everyone.

Mercury octile on Pluto

You struggle to follow one's thoughts to your logical end. Yet, you make an effort to communicate.

You struggle to overcome mental flabbiness and inconsistency. It is to be admired for the power of your intellect; you work to reveal everything about yourself.

Mercury octile in an angle

You are trying to be more logical, reasonable, and communicative.

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